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How to write an Essay

Steps of Writing an Essay

There are several steps of writing an essay which one should follow.

  • Decide a topic, subject or prompt
  • Create background information about the topic (conduct different researches and readings)
  • Craft a thesis statement
  • Prepare a topic sentence
  • Adopt writing style - a smooth and commentator's style to describe information
  • Order or outline your information
  • Write your essay
  • Present examples, incidents, stats and draw comparisons on both sides of your topic
  • Proofread your essay
  • Correct spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes if any

To write a good essay all steps mentioned above and basic elements of the essay must be kept in mind. If one is successful in writing introduction, body, conclusion, outlines and paragraphs with above mentioned procedure and technical perfection one must succeed in his objective of writing a good essay.