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Role of Higher Education in nation building

Higher education is the right of every individual, man should get some education till his last breath. As we know early, primary and intermediate education is commonly available to everyone, wholly it is the responsibility of parents as we grow younger over time it becomes the responsibility of individual himself. At this stage, students have to study along with a job to manage their studies. It becomes tough to continue studying at a higher level therefore some scholarship programs must be provided to students by the government so that they may get higher education. Higher education is necessary for national development and individuals themselves. Higher education should be provided to all in society as it will create more choices, career opportunities with high salaries, and a healthier environment.

Everyone can play strong, constructive, and positive role in higher education as the present age is an age of higher education. Low education can pay you nothing in this modern age of advanced technology. In computer sciences, biology, physics, linguistics, space sciences, environmental sciences even in arts lowly educated people are worthless. With low education, one can only make both ends meet and cannot get a job more than a watchman, driver, clerk, office boy, factory worker, etc. So higher education gains you a handsome amount of respect, money, and high social status and also prospers one and one's family. It should be available to all in society on a priority basis with easy access. It must not be a financial burden for students. It is the duty of the government and the right of every individual in society.