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Should Teenagers Work

Should teenagers work is a question for parents to ponder over. There is nothing wrong with the job they are going, to start if their study grades and academic performances are not negatively affected. If everything is alright, then parents should check the local laws for the teenagers regarding their job and let them shatter their shyness and gain confidence. While doing the job kids can mature their sense of responsibility and can develop a sense of self-reorganization. A study shows that kids who work for fifteen or less than fifteen hours get higher grades than those who do not work. By doing a job teenagers can learn the importance of money and remain careful in their spending, and also learn how to manage money and personal account. By doing a job they will also go through a transition from youth to adulthood and they will be able to make decisions before their maturity.

On the other hand, if there are advantages to the job for teenagers, there are also some disadvantages. The job can create stress for the child and put him in a situation where kids are not ready to go or face. Another disadvantage is, the childhood of the teens perishes too soon and, if they more than fifteen hours, their job must affect their studies. Sometimes job proves a transfusion of blood for students and, overwork destroys their health. Without health, they cannot pay full attention to their study. So a job for teenagers has both effects, well and bad it depends on the situation, circumstances, and their sense of responsibility if they are fit for a job at this age of their life.