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Assertive Sentences
Practice exercise for change of pronouns

Definition:-Such sentences in which a news, some declaration or a fact is stated are called Assertive Sentences.

Model Sentences
Direct Speech Indirect Speech
He says to me,"I am ill." He tells me that he is ill.
He says,"I was absent yesterday." He tells that he was absent previous day.
Eman will say to me,"I had been ill." Eman will tell me that she had been ill.
The student says to me,"We were reading your books." The student tells me that they were reading my books.
He will say to me,"You have eaten rice." He will tell me that I have eaten rice.
Zahid says to me,"They are going to your school with my parents." Zahid tells me that they are going to my school with his parents.

Rules of Conversion:-  To convert these sentences into indirect narration following instructions must be observed.

  • Change say to tell, says to tells and said to told.
  • Use conjunction that in the place of inverted commas.
  • Change pronouns of reported speech according to rules stated in change of pronouns lesson.
  • Do not change tense of reported speech as reporting speech is in present and future tense.
Exercise for the change of pronouns
Change the voice.
  • Teacher says to boys,"You do not indulge in bad habits."
  • Grandfather will say to them,"We do not look down upon the needy."
  • Father says to me,"You will not go to cinema with your friends."
  • Principal will say to peon,"We should not leave anything incomplete."
  • I shall say to Saleem,"We speak so loudly in our class."
  • Scientists say,"The earth revolves around the sun."
  • The old man says to the boys,"The eagle is a bird of prey."
  • We say to her,"She plays hockey every evening with you"
  • Engineer says to me,"I should complete your project on time."
  • I say to Ali,"Your friend has gifted you a husky on your birthday."
  • Teacher says to the students,"Trees depend on sunlight."
  • My brother says to me,"You visit my village and my friends every Friday."
  • Principal says to the boys,"I shall write to his father about his failure in exams"
  • The farmer says to his servant,"You have cut my tree from my field with your axe without my faher's permission."
  • Ahmad says to his teacher,"Your visit will be a great source of pleasure for all of us. We shall look forward to your visit to our village eagerly."
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