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Change of Adverbs of Time and Place in Direct and Indirect Narration

Following adverbs of time and place will change when converting into indirect narration.

This changes into That
These changes into Those
Now changes into Then
Thus changes into So
Hence changes into Thence
Here changes into There
Ago changes into Before
Today changes into That day
Tomorrow changes into Next day
Yesterday changes into Previous day
Last night changes into Previous night
Last week changes into Previous week
Tonight changes into That night
Next day changes into Following day

Above stated time expressions will change accordingly when converting direct speech into indirect speech.

Model Sentences
Direct Speech Indirect Speech
She said to me,"I see you in this village." She told me that she saw me in that village.
The students said,"Our team won yesterday." The students told that their team had won previous day .
He said to me,"You are going to my village today." He told me that I was going to his village that day.
You said to me,"I am meeting him tonight." You told me that you were meeting him that night.
Aroosh said to Zaniha,"She can take part in the final rehearsal now ." Aroosh told Zaniha that she could take part in the final rehearsal then .
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