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5000 Three Forms of Verb

Forms of Verb starting with Letter I
S.No Base Form or 1st Form or Present or Infinitive Urdu Meaning Past Form or 2nd Form Past Participle or 3rd Form Third Person Singular or S/ES Form Progressive Form or ing Form or Present Participle
2155 Ice برف ہوجانا Iced Iced Ices Icing
2156 Idealize مثالی سمجھنا Idealized Idealized Idealizes Idealizing
2157 Ideate ذہن میں لانا Ideated Ideated Ideates Ideating
2158 Identify شناخت کرنا Identified Identified Identifies Identifying
2159 Idolize معبودبنانا Idolized Idolized Idolizes Idolizing
2160 Ignite آگ لگانا Ignited Ignited Ignites Igniting
2161 Ignore نظراندازکرنا Ignored Ignored Ignores Ignoring
2162 Illuminate روشنی ڈالنا Illuminated Illuminated Illuminates Illuminating
2163 Illumine جگمادینا Illumined Illumined Illumines Illumining
2164 Illustrate مثالیں دے کر سمجھنا Illustrated Illustrated Illustrates Illustrating
2165 Imagine تصور کرنا Imagined Imagined Imagines Imagining
2166 Imbibe قبول یا جذب کرنا Imbibed Imbibed Imbibes Imbibing
2167 Imbrue خون سے رنگنا Imbrued Imbrued Imbrues Imbruing
2168 Imbue رنگ چڑھانا Imbued Imbued Imbues Imbuing
2169 Imitate نقل یاتقلید کرنا Imitated Imitated Imitates Imitating
2170 Immerse ڈبونا Immersed Immersed Immerses Immersing
2171 Immigrate ہجرت کرنا Immigrated Immigrated Immigrates Immigrating
2172 Immolate قربان کرنا Immolated Immolated Immolates Immolating
2173 Immortalize ابدی بنانا Immortalized Immortalized Immortalizes Immortalizing
2174 Impair نقصان پہچانا Impaired Impaired Impairs Impairing
2175 Impale جنگلا لگانا Impaled Impaled Impales Impaling
2176 Impark سیرگاہ بنانا Imparked Imparked Imparks Imparking
2177 Impart حصہ دینا Imparted Imparted Imparts Imparting
2178 Impassion جوش دلانا Impassioned Impassioned Impassions Impassioning
2179 Impaste گوندسےچپکانا Impasted Impasteed Impastes Impasting
2180 Impawn ضمانت دینا Impawned Impawned Impawns Impawning
2181 Impeach الزام لگانا Impeached Impeached Impeaches Impeaching
2182 Impearl موتی کی شکل میں بنانا Impearled Impearled Impearls Impearling
2183 Impede روکنا Impeded Impeded Impedes Impeding
2184 Impel ابھارنا Impelled Impelled Impels Impelling
2185 Impend نزدیک آنا Impended Impended Impends Impending
2186 Imperil خطرے میں ڈالنا Imperiled Imperiled Imperils Imperiling
2187 Impersonate شخصیت گیری کرنا Impersonated Impersonated Impersonates Impersonating
2188 Impinge ٹکرانا Impinged Impinged Impinges Impinging
2189 Implant پودالگانا Implanted Implanted Implants Implanting
2190 Implement عمل میں لانا Implemented Implemented Implements Implementing
2191 Implicate نتیجہ نکالنا Implicated Implicated Implicates Implicating
2192 Implore منت سماجت کرنا Implored Implored Implores Imploring
2193 Imply دلالت دینا Implied Implied Implies Implying
2194 Import درآمدکرنا Imported Imported Imports Importing
2195 Impose عائدیامسلط کرنا Imposed Imposed Imposes Imposing
2196 Impound قبضہ کرلینا Impounded Impounded Impounds Impounding
2197 Impoverish مُفلس کردینا Impoverished Impoverished Impoverishes Impoverishing
2198 Imprecate بددعادینا Imprecated Imprecated Imprecates Imprecating
2199 Impress متاثرکرنا Impressed Impressed Impresses Impressing
2200 Imprint چھاپنا/ذہن نشین کرنا Imprinted Imprinted Imprints Imprinting
2201 Imprison قیدکرنا Imprisoned Imprisoned Imprisons Imprisoning
2202 Improve اصلاح کرنا Improved Improved Improves Improving
2203 Improvise بروقت مہیا کرنا Improvised Improvised Improvises Improvising
2204 Impugn اعتراض کرنا Impugned Impugned Impugns Impugning
2205 Impute تہمت لگانا Imputed Imputed Imputes Imputing
2206 Inaugurate افتتاح کرنا Inaugurated Inaugurated Inaugurates Inaugurating
2207 Inbreed ایک ہی خاندان میں شادی کرنا Inbreeded Inbreeded Inbreeds Inbreeding
2208 Incapacitate معذور کر دینا Incapacitated Incapacitated Incapacitates Incapacitating
2209 Incarcerate قید میں ڈالنا Incarcerated Incarcerated Incarcerates Incarcerating
2210 Incarnate مجسم کرنا Incarnate Incarnate Incarnate Incarnate
2211 Incase بند کرنا Incased Incased Incases Incasing
2212 Incense بھڑکانا/ غصہ دلانا Incensed Incensed Incenses Incensing
2213 Incept احاطہ میں لینا Incepted Incepted Incepts Incepting
2214 Inch رفتہ رفتہ بڑھنا Inched Inched Inches Inching
2215 Incinerate خاک کر ڈالنا Incinerated Incinerated Incinerates Incinerating
2216 Incise کنندہ کرنا Incised Incised Incises Incising
2217 Incite اکسانا Incited Incited Incites Inciting
2218 Incline مائل کرنا Inclined Inclined Inclines Inclining
2219 Include شامل کرنا Included Included Includes Including
2220 Incommode زحمت دینا Incommoded Incommoded Incommodes Incommoding
2221 Incorporate ضم ہو جانا Incorporated Incorporated Incorporates Incorporating
2222 Incrassate گاڑھا کرنا Incrassated Incrassated Incrassates Incrassating
2223 Increase بڑھانا Increased Increased Increases Increasing
2224 Incriminate الزام لگانا Incriminated Incriminated Incriminates Incriminating
2225 Incrust تہہ چڑھانا Incrusted Incrusted Incrusts Incrusting
2226 Incubate انڈے سینا Incubated Incubated Incubates Incubating
2227 Inculcate خوب ذہن نشین کرنا Inculcated Inculcated Inculcates Inculcating
2228 Inculpate بدنام کرنا Inculpated Inculpated Inculpates Inculpating
2229 Incur خرچ اُٹھانا Incurred Incurred Incurs Incurring
2230 Indemnify ہرجانہ دینا Indemnified Indemnified Indemnifies Indemnifying
2231 Indent دندانے ڈالنا Indented Indented Indents Indenting
2232 Index اشاریہ میں شامل کرنا Indexed Indexed Indexes Indexing
2233 Indicate نشاندہی کرنا Indicated Indicated Indicates Indicating
2234 Indict الزام لگانا Indicted Indicted Indicts Indicting
2235 Invite تصنیف کرنا Invited Invited Invites Inviting
2236 Individualize فرد بنانا Individualized Individualized Individualizes Individualizing
2237 Individuate شخصیت کی تعمیر کرنا Individuated Individuated Individuates Individuating
2238 Indorse ظہری تصدیق کرنا Indorsed Indorsed Indorses Indorsing
2239 Induce ترغیب دینا Induced Induced Induces Inducing
2240 Indulge جی بھر کے کرنا Indulged Indulged Indulges Indulging
2241 Industrialize صنعتیں لگانا Industrialized Industrialized Industrializes Industrializing
2242 Indwell اندر رہنا Indwelled Indwelled Indwells Indwelling
2243 Infatuate فریفتہ کرنا Infatuated Infatuated Infatuates Infatuating
2244 Infect جراثیم پھیلانا Infected Infected Infects Infecting
2245 Infer نتیجہ اخذ کرنا Inferred Inferred Infers Inferring
2246 Infest کثرت سے ہونا Infested Infested Infests Infesting
2247 Infiltrate اندر سےگزرنا Infiltrated Infiltrated Infiltrates Infiltrating
2248 Inflame آگ لگانا Inflamed Inflamed Inflames Inflaming
2249 Inflate ہوابھرنا Inflated Inflated Inflates Inflating
2250 Inflict تکلیف پہچانا Inflicted Inflicted Inflicts Inflicting
2251 Influence اثرانداز ہونا Influenced Influenced Influences Influencing
2252 Influx امڈکر آنا Influxed Influxed Influxes Influxing
2253 Inform اطلاع دینا Informed Informed Informs Informing
2254 Infringe خلاف ورزی کرنا Infringed Infringed Infringes Infringing
2255 Infuriate طیش میں لانا Infuriated Infuriated Infuriates Infuriating
2256 Infuse انڈیلنا/پھونکنا Infused Infused Infuses Infusing
2257 Ingest پیٹ میں ڈالنا Ingested Ingested Ingests Ingesting
2258 Ingraft عقیدہ بیٹھانا Ingrafted Ingrafted Ingrafts Ingrafting
2259 Ingrain بھرنا/بارآورکرنا Ingrained Ingrained Ingrains Ingraining
2260 Inhabit سکونت رکھنا Inhabited Inhabited Inhabits Inhabiting
2261 Inhale سانس اندر کو کھینچنا Inhaled Inhaled Inhales Inhaling
2262 Inhere مل جانا Inhered Inhered Inheres Inhering
2263 Inherit ورثے میں پانا Inherited Inherited Inherits Inheriting
2264 Inhibit منانعت کرنا Inhibited Inhibited Inhibits Inhibiting
2265 Inhume دفن کرنا Inhumed Inhumed Inhumes Inhuming
2266 Initial مختصر دستخط کرنا Initialed Initialed Initials Initialing
2267 Initiate باضابطہ شامل کرنا Initiated Initiated Initiates Initiating
2268 Inject ٹیکہ لگانا Injected Injected Injects Injecting
2269 Injure نقصان پہچانا Injured Injured Injures Injuring
2270 Inlay جڑنا Inlaid Inlaid Inlays Inlaying
2271 Innovate جدت پیدا کرنا Innovated Innovated Innovates Innovating
2272 Innuendo طنزیہ اشارہ کرنا Innuendoed Innuendoed Innuendoes Innuendoing
2273 Inquire تفتیش کرنا Inquired Inquired Inquires Inquiring
2274 Inscribe کندہ کرنا Inscribed Inscribed Inscribes Inscribing
2275 Insert ڈالنا/داخل کرنا Inserted Inserted Inserts Inserting
2276 Inset گاڑھنا Inset Inset Insets Insetting
2277 Insinuate داخل کرنا Insinuated Insinuated Insinuates Insinuating
2278 Insist اصرارکرنا Insisted Insisted Insists Insisting
2279 Inspect معائنہ کرنا Inspected Inspected Inspects Inspecting
2280 Inspire جوش پیداکرنا Inspired Inspired Inspires Inspiring
2281 Install نصب کرنا Installed Installed Installs Installing
2282 Instigate شہ دینا /اکسانا Instigated Instigated Instigates Instigating
2283 Instill ٹپکانا Instilled Instilled Instills Instilling
2284 Institute رائج یا قائم کرنا Instituted Instituted Institutes Instituting
2285 Instruct ہدایت دینا Instructed Instructed Instructs Instructing
2286 Insulate جدا کرنا Insulated Insulated Insulates Insulating
2287 Insult توہین کرنا Insulted Insulted Insults Insulting
2288 Insure بیمہ کرنا Insured Insured Insures Insuring
2289 Integrate وحدت بنا دینا Integrated Integrated Integrates Integrating
2290 Intend ارادہ کرنا Intended Intended Intends Intending
2291 Intensify شدت پیدا کرنا Intensified Intensified Intensifies Intensifying
2292 Inter دفن کرنا Interred Interred Inters Interring
2293 Interact ایک دوسرے پر اثر ڈالنا Interacted Interacted Interacts Interacting
2294 Interblend امتزاج کرنا Interblended Interblended Interblends Interblending
2295 Intercede سفارش کرنا Interceded Interceded Intercedes Interceding
2296 Intercept حائل کرنا Intercepted Intercepted Intercepts Intercepting
2297 Interchange ادل بدل کرنا Interchanged Interchanged Interchanges Interchanging
2298 Interconnect باہم ملانا Interconnected Interconnected Interconnects Interconnecting
2299 Interdict محروم کردینا Interdicted Interdicted Interdicts Interdicting
2300 Interest دلچسپی لینا Interested Interested Interests Interesting
2301 Interfere مداخلت کرنا Interfered Interfered Interferes Interfering
2302 Interfuse مخلوط کرنا Interfused Interfused Interfuses Interfusing
2303 Interject دَخل دینا Interjected Interjected Interjects Interjecting
2304 Interlace ملاجلا دینا Interlaced Interlaced Interlaces Interlacing
2305 Interlink مربوط کرنا Interlinked Interlinked Interlinks Interlinking
2306 Intermingle باہمی میل جول رکھنا Intermingled Intermingled Intermingles Intermingling
2307 Intermit معطل یاملتوی کرنا Intermitted Intermitted Intermits Intermitting
2308 Intern نظربندکرنا Interned Interned Interns Interning
2309 Internalize اندرونی معاملہ بنانا Internalized Internalized Internalizes Internalizing
2310 Interpellate کاروائی کو ملتوی کرنا Interpellated Interpellated Interpellates Interpellating
2311 Interpolate ملاوٹ کرنا Interpolated Interpolated Interpolates Interpolating
2312 Interpret ترجمانی کرنا Interpreted Interpreted Interprets Interpreting
2313 Interrelate باہمی تعلق پیدا کرنا Interrelated Interrelated Interrelates Interrelating
2314 Interrogate پوچھ گچھ کرنا Interrogated Interrogated Interrogates Interrogating
2315 Interrupt مداخلت کرنا Interrupted Interrupted Interrupts Interrupting
2316 Intersect قطع کرنا Intersected Intersected Intersects Intersecting
2317 Intersperse بکھیرنا Interspersed Interspersed Intersperses Interspersing
2318 Intertwine گوندھنا Intertwined Intertwined Intertwines Intertwining
2319 Intervene درمیان میں آنا Intervened Intervened Intervenes Intervening
2320 Intimate مطلع کرنا Intimated Intimated Intimates Intimating
2321 Intimidate دھمکانا Intimidated Intimidated Intimidates Intimidating
2322 Intoxicate نشہ چڑھانا Intoxicated Intoxicated Intoxicates Intoxicating
2323 Intrigue سازش کرنا Intrigued Intrigued Intrigues Intriguing
2324 Introduce تعارف کرانا Introduced Introduced Introduces Introducing
2325 Intrude گھسنا Intruded Intruded Intrudes Intruding
2326 Intuit براہ راست ادراک کرنا Intuited Intuited Intuits Intuiting
2327 Inundate غرق کرنا Inundated Inundated Inundates Inundating
2328 Inure عادی بنانا Inured Inured Inures Inuring
2329 Invade حملہ کرنا Invaded Invaded Invades Invading
2330 Invalidate کالعدم قرار دینا Invalidated Invalidated Invalidates Invalidating
2331 Invent ایجادکرنا Invented Invented Invents Inventing
2332 Invert الٹاکرنا Inverted Inverted Inverts Inverting
2333 Invest خرچ کرنا Invested Invested Invests Investing
2334 Investigate تحقیقات کرنا Investigated Investigated Investigates Investigating
2335 Invigilate نگرانی کرنا Invigilated Invigilated Invigilates Invigilating
2336 Invigorate تقویت پہچانا Invigorated Invigorated Invigorates Invigorating
2337 Invite دعوت دینا Invited Invited Invites Inviting
2338 Invoke التجاکرنا Invoked Invoked Invokes Invoking
2339 Involve ملوث کرنا Involved Involved Involves Involving
2340 Irk اکتادینا Irked Irked Irks Irking
2341 Iron استری کرنا Ironed Ironed Irons Ironing
2342 Irradiate چمکنا Irradiated Irradiated Irradiates Irradiating
2343 Irrigate آبیاری کرنا Irrigated Irrigated Irrigates Irrigating
2344 Irritate دق/تنگ کرنا Irritated Irritated Irritates Irritating
2345 Isolate علیحدہ کرنا Isolated Isolated Isolates Isolating
2346 Issue جاری کرنا Issued Issued Issues Issuing
2347 Itch خارش ہونا Itched Itched Itches Itching
2348 Itemize فہرست میں ترتیب دینا Itemized Itemized Itemizes Itemizing
2349 Iterate بار بار کہنا Iterated Iterated Iterates Iterating
2350 Itinerate گشت کرنا Itinerated Itinerated Itinerates Itinerating