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5000 Three Forms of Verb

Forms of Verb starting with Letter C
S.No Base Form or 1st Form or Present or Infinitive Urdu Meaning Past Form or 2nd Form Past Participle or 3rd Form Third Person Singular or S/ES Form Progressive Form or ing Form or Present Participle
581 Cackle کڑکڑانا Cackled Cackled Cackles Cackling
582 Cage پنجرے میں بندکرنا Caged Caged Cages Caging
583 Cajole چاپلوسی کرنا Cajoled Cajoled Cajoles Cajoling
584 Cake کیک بنانا Caked Caked Cakes Caking
585 Calculate حساب کرنا Calculated Calculated Calculates Calculating
586 Calender استری کرنا Calendered Calendered Calenders Calendering
587 Calibrate پیمانہ بندی کرنا Calibrated Calibrated Calibrates Calibrating
588 Call پکارنا Called Called Calls Calling
589 Calm تسلی دینا Calmed Calmed Calms Calming
590 Calumniate بہتان باندھنا Calumniated Calumniated Calumniates Calumniating
591 Camouflage مسخ کرنا Camouflaged Camouflaged Camouflages Camouflaging
592 Camp پڑاؤ ڈالنا Camped Camped Camps Camping
593 Campaign مہم میں حصہ لینا Campaigned Campaigned Campaigns Campaigning
594 Can ٹین کےڈبہ میں بندکرنا Canned Canned Cans Canning
595 Cancel ردکرنا Cancelled Cancelled Cancels Cancelling
596 Cane بیدسےبنانا Caned Caned Canes Caning
597 Cannonade گولہ باری کرنا Cannonaded Cannonaded Cannonades Cannonading
598 Canonize ولی یاپیرقراردینا Canonized Canonized Canonizes Canonizing
599 Cant اصطلاحی الفاظ استعمال کرنا Canted Canted Cants Canting
600 Canton چھاؤنی ڈالنا Cantoned Cantoned Cantons Cantoning
601 Canvass کلام کرنا Canvassed Canvassed Canvasses Canvassing
602 Capacitate گنجائش نکالنا Capacitated Capacitated Capacitates Capacitating
603 Caparison جھول دینا Caparisoned Caparisoned Caparisons Caparisoning
604 Caper کودنا Capered Capered Capers Capering
605 Capitalize بَڑےحروف میں لکھنا Capitalized Capitalized Capitalizes Capitalizing
606 Capitulate ہتھارڈالنا Capitulated Capitulated Capitulates Capitulating
607 Capitulate شرائط پر ہتھیار ڈالنا Capitulated Capitulated Capitulates Capitulating
608 Capsize اوندھا ہونا Capsized Capsized Capsizes Capsizing
609 Captain رہنمائی کرنا Captained Captained Captains Captaining
610 Captivate موہ لینا Captivated Captivated Captivates Captivating
611 Capture قید کرنا Captured Captured Captures Capturing
612 Carbonize جلا کر کوئلہ بنانا Carbonized Carbonized Carbonizes Carbonizing
613 Card کنگھا کرنا Carded Carded Cards Carding
614 Care خیال کرن Cared Cared Cares Caring
615 Caress پچکارنا Caressed Caressed Caresses Caressing
616 Carol ترانہ گانا Caroled Caroled Carols Caroling
617 Carp عیب نکالنا Carped Carped Carps Carping
618 Carpet فرش بچھانا Carpeted Carpeted Carpets Carpeting
619 Carry اُٹھانا Carried Carried Carries Carrying
620 Cart چھکڑے میں ڈال کر لے جانا Carted Carted Carts Carting
621 Carve تراشنا Carved Carved Carves Carving
622 Cascade جھرنا Cascaded Cascaded Cascades Cascading
623 Cash زرنقدکاتبادلہ کرنا Cashed Cashed Cashes Cashing
624 Cast پیھینکنا Cast Cast Casts Casting
625 Castigate سزا دینا Castigated Castigated Castigates Castigating
626 Castrate کتاب کی اصلاح کرنا Castrated Castrated Castrates Castrating
627 Catalog فہرست سازی کرنا Cataloged Cataloged Catalogs Cataloging
628 Catapult غلیل سے پھینکنا Catapulted Catapulted Catapults Catapulting
629 Catch پکڑنا Caught Caught Catches Catching
630 Catechize سوال جواب کے ذریعے سے تعلیم دینا Catechized Catechized Catechizes Catechizing
631 Categorize تقسیم کرنا Categorized Categorized Categorizes Categorizing
632 Cater کھانےکابندوبست کرنا Catered Catered Caters Catering
633 Cause باعث ہونا Caused Caused Causes Causing
634 Cauterize داغنا Cauterized Cauterized Cauterizes Cauterizing
635 Caution انتباہ کرنا Cautioned Cautioned Cautions Cautioning
636 Cave نیچے گرنا Caved Caved Caves Caving
637 Cavil عیب گیری کرنا Caviled Caviled Cavils Caviling
638 Caw کوےکی آواز نکالنا Cawed Cawed Caws Cawing
639 Cease ترک کرنا Ceased Ceased Ceases Ceasing
640 Ceil چھت کےنیچےلکڑی لگانا Ceiled Ceiled Ceils Ceiling
641 Celebrate منانا Celebrated Celebrated Celebrates Celebrating
642 Cement سیمنٹ لگانا Cemented Cemented Cements Cementing
643 Cense اگربتیاں لگانا Censed Censed Censes Censing
644 Censor نامنظورکرنا Censored Censored Censors Censoring
645 Censure ملامت کرنا Censured Censured Censures Censuring
646 Center مرکز کرنا Centered Centered Centers Centering
647 Centralize مرکز میں لانا Centralized Centralized Centralizes Centralizing
648 Centuple سوگناکرنا Centupled Centupled Centuples Centupling
649 Centuplicate سونقلیں کرنا Centuplicated Centuplicated Centuplicates Centuplicating
650 Certify تصدیق کرنا Certified Certified Certifies Certifying
651 Certify چونےسے بھر دینا Certified Certified Certifies Certifying
652 Chafe مالش کرنا Chafed Chafed Chafes Chafing
653 Challenge للکارنا Challenged Challenged Challenges Challenging
654 Champion حمایت لینا Championed Championed Champions Championing
655 Chance وقو ع میں آنا Chanced Chanced Chances Chancing
656 Change تبدیل کرنا Changed Changed Changes Changing
657 Channel نالی بنانا Channeled Channeled Channels Channeling
658 Chant گنگانانا Chanted Chanted Chants Chanting
659 Char جھلسانا Charred Charred Chars Charring
660 Characterize خصلت پیدا کرنا Characterized Characterized Characterizes Characterizing
661 Charge الزام لگانا Charged Charged Charges Charging
662 Charm مسرور کرنا Charmed Charmed Charms Charming
663 Chart جدول/نقشہ بنانا Charted Charted Charts Charting
664 Charter سنددینا Chartered Chartered Charters Chartering
665 Chase پیچھاکرنا Chased Chased Chases Chasing
666 Chasten تزکیہ کرنا Chastened Chastened Chastens Chastening
667 Chat گپ شپ لگانا Chatted Chatted Chats Chatting
668 Chatter دانت بجنا Chattered Chattered Chatters Chattering
669 Chaw تمباکو چبانا Chawed Chawed Chaws Chawing
670 Cheat دھوکہ دینا Cheated Cheated Cheats Cheating
671 Check پڑتال کرنا Checked Checked Checks Checking
672 Cheep چیں چیں کرنا Cheeped Cheeped Cheeps Cheeping
673 Cheer دلجمعی کرنا Cheered Cheered Cheers Cheering
674 Cherish پرورش کرنا Cherished Cherished Cherishes Cherishing
675 Chew چبانا Chewed Chewed Chews Chewing
676 Chide ڈاٹنا / سرزنش کرنا Chided Chided Chides Chiding
677 Chill سرد کرنا Chilled Chilled Chills Chilling
678 Chime رٹ لگانا Chimed Chimed Chimes Chiming
679 Chip چھیلنا /نقش تراشنا Chipped Chipped Chips Chipping
680 Chirp چہچہانا Chirped Chirped Chirps Chirping
681 Chirr ٹڈے کی سی آواز نکالنا Chirred Chirred Chirrs Chirring
682 Choke دم گھٹنا Choked Choked Chokes Choking
683 Choose انتخاب کرنا Chose Chose Chooses Choosing
684 Chop ٹکڑے کرنا Chopped Chopped Chops Chopping
685 Choreograph رقص ترتیب دینا Choreographed Choreographed Choreographs Choreographing
686 Christen عیسائی بنانا Christened Christened Christens Christening
687 Chronicle روزنامچہ لکھنا Chronicled Chronicled Chronicles Chronicling
688 Chronologize واقعات کو تاریخ میں لکھنا Chronologized Chronologized Chronologizes Chronologizing
689 Chuck حقارت سے پھینکنا Chucked Chucked Chucks Chucking
690 Chuckle خاموشی سےہنسنا Chuckled Chuckled Chuckles Chuckling
691 Churn مکھن نکالنا Churned Churned Churns Churning
692 Cicatrize زخم بھرنا Cicatrized Cicatrized Cicatrizes Cicatrizing
693 Cincture پٹکاباندھنا Cinctured Cinctured Cinctures Cincturing
694 Circle گھیرنا Circled Circled Circles Circling
695 Circularize اعلان جاری کرنا Circularized Circularized Circularizes Circularizing
696 Circulate گھمانا Circulated Circulated Circulates Circulating
697 Circumambulate طواف کرنا Circumambulated Circumambulated Circumambulates Circumambulating
698 Circumcise کاٹ کرپاک کرنا Circumcised Circumcised Circumcises Circumcising
699 Circumfuse منتشرکرنا Circumfused Circumfused Circumfuses Circumfusing
700 Circumnavigate بحری کرنا Circumnavigated Circumnavigated Circumnavigates Circumnavigating
701 Circumscribe محدودکرنا Circumscribed Circumscribed Circumscribes Circumscribing
702 Circumvallate چاردیواری بنانا Circumvallated Circumvallated Circumvallates Circumvallating
703 Circumvent دھوکہ دینا Circumvented Circumvented Circumvents Circumventing
704 Cite حوالہ دینا Cited Cited Cites Citing
705 Civilize تعلیم وتربیت دینا Civilized Civilized Civilizes Civilizing
706 Clack بڑبڑاہت کرنا Clacked Clacked Clacks Clacking
707 Claim دعوی کرنا Claimed Claimed Claims Claiming
708 Clamber چاروں ہاتھ پاؤں سے چڑھنا Clambered Clambered Clambers Clambering
709 Clamp لوہے کی پٹی لگانا Clamped Clamped Clamps Clamping
710 Clank جھنکار پیدا کرنا Clanked Clanked Clanks Clanking
711 Clap تالی بجانا Clapped Clapped Claps Clapping
712 Clarify واضح کرنا Clarified Clarified Clarifies Clarifying
713 Clash ٹکرانا Clashed Clashed Clashes Clashing
714 Clasp لپٹنا Clasped Clasped Clasps Clasping
715 Classify درجہ بندی کرنا Classified Classified Classifies Classifying
716 Clatter کھڑکھڑانا Clattered Clattered Clatters Clattering
717 Claw پنجہ مارنا Clawed Clawed Claws Clawing
718 Clean صاف کرنا Cleaned Cleaned Cleans Cleaning
719 Cleanse مانجھنا Cleansed Cleansed Cleanses Cleansing
720 Clear عیاں کرنا Cleared Cleared Clears Clearing
721 Cleave پھاڑنا Cleaved Cleaved Cleaves Cleaving
722 Clem فاقے کرنا Clemmed Clemmed Clems Cleming
723 Clench سختی سےبندکرنا Clenched Clenched Clenches Clenching
724 Click ٹک ٹک کرنا Clicked Clicked Clicks Clicking
725 Climb چڑھنا Climbed Climbed Climbs Climbing
726 Clinch سِراموڑدینا Clinched Clinched Clinches Clinching
727 Cling چمٹ جانا Clung Clung Clings Clinging
728 Clink چھن چھن کرنا Clinked Clinked Clinks Clinking
729 Clip کاٹنا Clipped Clipped Clips Clipping
730 Cloak پردہ کرنا Cloaked Cloaked Cloaks Cloaking
731 Clock وقت کاپتہ لگانا Clocked Clocked Clocks Clocking
732 Clog بندہوجانا Clogged Clogged Clogs Clogging
733 Close بندکرنا Closed Closed Closes Closing
734 Closet خلوت میں لےجانا Closeted Closeted Closets Closeting
735 Clot جم جانا Clotted Clotted Clots Clotting
736 Clothe لباس پہننا Clothed Clothed Clothes Clothing
737 Cloud ابر آلودہ ہونا Clouded Clouded Clouds Clouding
738 Club ڈنڈے سےماڑنا Clubbed Clubbed Clubs Clubbing
739 Cluck کڑکڑکرنا Clucked Clucked Clucks Clucking
740 Cluster جمع ہونا Clustered Clustered Clusters Clustering
741 Clutch چنگل میں لینا Clutched Clutched Clutches Clutching
742 Clutter بوکھلا جانا Cluttered Cluttered Clutters Cluttering
743 Coach تربیت دینا Coached Coached Coaches Coaching
744 Coagulate منجمندہونا Coagulated Coagulated Coagulates Coagulating
745 Coarsen بدتمیزی کرنا Coarsened Coarsened Coarsens Coarsening
746 Coat تہہ چڑھانا Coated Coated Coats Coating
747 Coax خوشامد سے منانا Coaxed Coaxed Coaxes Coaxing
748 Cobble یوندلگانا Cobbled Cobbled Cobbles Cobbling
749 Code رمز بندی کرنا Coded Coded Codes Coding
750 Codify قانون کی تدوین کرنا Codified Codified Codifies Codifying
751 Coerce دباؤ ڈالنا Coerced Coerced Coerces Coercing
752 Coexist ایک ساتھ ہونا Coexisted Coexisted Coexists Coexisting
753 Cog دھوکہ دینا Cogged Cogged Cogs Cogging
754 Cogitate غورکرنا Cogitated Cogitated Cogitates Cogitating
755 Cohere متحدرہنا Cohered Cohered Coheres Cohering
756 Coil گو لائی میں لپٹنا Coiled Coiled Coils Coiling
757 Coin سکے ڈھالنا/گھڑنا Coined Coined Coins Coining
758 Coincide بیک وقت ہونا Coincided Coincided Coincides Coinciding
759 Collaborate ساتھ مل کر کام کرنا Collaborated Collaborated Collaborates Collaborating
760 Collapse ٹکرے ٹکرے ہو جانا Collapsed Collapsed Collapses Collapsing
761 Collate دستاویزات کا مقابلہ کرنا Collated Collated Collates Collating
762 Collect اکٹھا کرنا Collected Collected Collects Collecting
763 Collide ٹکرانا Collided Collided Collides Colliding
764 Collocate نصب کرنا Collocated Collocated Collocates Collocating
765 Collude گٹھ جوڑ کرنا Colluded Colluded Colludes Colluding
766 Colonize آبادکاری کرنا Colonized Colonized Colonizes Colonizing
767 Color رنگنا Colored Colored Colors Coloring
768 Comb بالوں میں کنگھی کرنا Combed Combed Combs Combing
769 Combine یکجا کرنا Combined Combined Combines Combining
770 Come آنا Came Come Comes Coming
771 Comfort آرام دینا Comforted Comforted Comforts Comforting
772 Command کسی کو حکم دینا Commanded Commanded Commands Commanding
773 Commemorate یاد گار منانا Commemorated Commemorated Commemorates Commemorating
774 Commence شروع کرنا Commenced Commenced Commences Commencing
775 Commend تعریف یا سفارش کرنا Commended Commended Commends Commending
776 Comment تبصرہ کرنا Commented Commented Comments Commenting
777 Commingle باہم ملنا Commingled Commingled Commingles Commingling
778 Commiserate غمگساری کرنا Commiserated Commiserated Commiserates Commiserating
779 Commission پٹہ پر کام کرنا Commissioned Commissioned Commissions Commissioning
780 Commit ارتکاب کرنا Committed Committed Commits Committing
781 Commune دل کی بات کہنا Communed Communed Communes Communing
782 Communicate خبردار کرنا Communicated Communicated Communicates Communicating
783 Commute بدل کرنا Commuted Commuted Commutes Commuting
784 Compact پیوستہ کرنا Compacted Compacted Compacts Compacting
785 Compare موازنہ کرنا Compared Compared Compares Comparing
786 Compass گھیرنا Compassed Compassed Compasses Compassing
787 Compel مجبور کرنا Compelled Compelled Compels Compelling
788 Compensate کفارہ ادا کرنا Compensated Compensated Compensates Compensating
789 Compete مقابلے میں حصہ لینا Competed Competed Competes Competing
790 Compile مرتب کرنا Compiled Compiled Compiles Compiling
791 Complain شکایت کرنا Complained Complained Complains Complaining
792 Complete مکمل کرنا Completed Completed Completes Completing
793 Complicate پچیدہ بنانا Complicated Complicated Complicates Complicating
794 Compliment تعریف کرنا Complimented Complimented Compliments Complimenting
795 Comply حسب قانون کام کرنا Complied Complied Complies Complying
796 Comport اختیار کرنا Comported Comported Comports Comporting
797 Compose نظم لکھنا یا ترتیب دینا Composed Composed Composes Composing
798 Compose سڑے پتوں کی کھاد بنانا Composed Composed Composes Composing
799 Compound مرکب بنانا Compounded Compounded Compounds Compounding
800 Comprehend پوری طرح سمجھنا Comprehended Comprehended Comprehends Comprehending
801 Compress سکیڑنا Compressed Compressed Compresses Compressing
802 Comprise مشتمل ہونا Comprised Comprised Comprises Comprising
803 Compromise سمجھوتاکرنا Compromised Compromised Compromises Compromising
804 Compute حساب لگانا Computed Computed Computes Computing
805 Computerize کمپوٹر سے کام کرنا Computerized Computerized Computerizes Computerizing
806 Con خاص سمت چلانا Conned Conned Cons Conning
807 Conceal چُھپانا Concealed Concealed Conceals Concealing
808 Concede مراعات دینا Conceded Conceded Concedes Conceding
809 Conceive سوچنا/ حاملہ ہونا Conceived Conceived Conceives Conceiving
810 Concentrate توجہ سےکام کرنا Concentrated Concentrated Concentrates Concentrating
811 Conceptualize تصور میں لانا Conceptualized Conceptualized Conceptualizes Conceptualizing
812 Concern تعلق رکھنا Concerned Concerned Concerns Concerning
813 Concert طےکرنا Concerted Concerted Concerts Concerting
814 Conciliate راضی کرنا Conciliated Conciliated Conciliates Conciliating
815 Conclude نتیجہ اخذ کرنا Concluded Concluded Concludes Concluding
816 Concoct قصہ گھڑنا Concocted Concocted Concocts Concocting
817 Concur متفق ہونا Concurred Concurred Concurs Concurring
818 Condemn مذمت کرنا Condemned Condemned Condemns Condemning
819 Condense گاڑھاکرنا Condensed Condensed Condenses Condensing
820 Condition شرط مقرر کرنا Conditioned Conditioned Conditions Conditioning
821 Condole تعزیت کرنا Condoled Condoled Condoles Condoling
822 Condone معاف کرنا Condoned Condoned Condones Condoning
823 Conduce باعث بننا Conduced Conduced Conduces Conducing
824 Conduct انتظام کرنا Conducted Conducted Conducts Conducting
825 Confabulate آپس میں باتیں کرنا Confabulated Confabulated Confabulates Confabulating
826 Confederate منسلک کرنا Confederated Confederated Confederates Confederating
827 Confer صلاح مشورہ کرنا Conferred Conferred Confers Conferring
828 Confess اعتراف کرنا Confessed Confessed Confesses Confessing
829 Confide سپردکرنا Confided Confided Confides Confiding
830 Configure تشکیل کرنا Configured Configured Configures Configuring
831 Confine قیدکرنا Confined Confined Confines Confining
832 Confirm پکاکرنا Confirmed Confirmed Confirms Confirming
833 Confiscate ضبط کرنا Confiscated Confiscated Confiscates Confiscating
834 Conflict متصادم ہونا Conflicted Conflicted Conflicts Conflicting
835 Conform کے مطابق ہونا Conformed Conformed Conforms Conforming
836 Confound گڈمڈکرنا Confounded Confounded Confounds Confounding
837 Confront سامناکرنا Confronted Confronted Confronts Confronting
838 Confuse پریشان کرنا Confused Confused Confuses Confusing
839 Confute تردید کرنا Confuted Confuted Confutes Confuting
840 Congeal خون کاجم جانا Congealed Congealed Congeals Congealing
841 Congest جمع کرنا Congested Congested Congests Congesting
842 Conglomerate ڈھیرکرنا Conglomerated Conglomerated Conglomerates Conglomerating
843 Conglutinate چپک جانا Conglutinated Conglutinated Conglutinates Conglutinating
844 Congratulate مبارک بادکہنا Congratulated Congratulated Congratulates Congratulating
845 Congregate جمع کرنا Congregated Congregated Congregates Congregating
846 Conjoin جوڑنا Conjoined Conjoined Conjoins Conjoining
847 Conjugate گردان کرنا Conjugated Conjugated Conjugates Conjugating
848 Conjure شعبدہ بازی کرنا Conjured Conjured Conjures Conjuring
849 Connect تعلق پیداکرنا Connected Connected Connects Connecting
850 Connive چشم پوشی کرنا Connived Connived Connives Conniving
851 Connote پوشیدہ مفہوم رکھنا Connoted Connoted Connotes Connoting
852 Conquer فتح پانا Conquered Conquered Conquers Conquering
853 Consecrate وقف کرنا Consecrated Consecrated Consecrates Consecrating
854 Consent منظوری دینا Consented Consented Consents Consenting
855 Conserve حفاظت کرنا Conserved Conserved Conserves Conserving
856 Consider غورکرنا Considered Considered Considers Considering
857 Consign حوالےکرنا Consigned Consigned Consigns Consigning
858 Consist مشتمل ہونا Consisted Consisted Consists Consisting
859 Console دلاسادینا Consoled Consoled Consoles Consoling
860 Consolidate مستحکم کرنا Consolidated Consolidated Consolidates Consolidating
861 Conspire سازش کرنا Conspired Conspired Conspires Conspiring
862 Constitute مقررکرنا Constituted Constituted Constitutes Constituting
863 Constrain مجبورکرنا Constrained Constrained Constrains Constraining
864 Constrict سمیٹنا Constricted Constricted Constricts Constricting
865 Constringe سکیڑنا Constringed Constringed Constringes Constringing
866 Construct تعمیر کرنا Constructed Constructed Constructs Constructing
867 Construe تاویل کرنا Construed Construed Construes Construing
868 Consubstantiate ایک ذات کرنا Consubstantiated Consubstantiated Consubstantiates Consubstantiating
869 Consult مشورہ کرنا Consulted Consulted Consults Consulting
870 Consume صرف کرنا Consumed Consumed Consumes Consuming
871 Consummate مکمل کرنا Consummated Consummated Consummates Consummating
872 Contain اپنےاندرسمانا Contained Contained Contains Containing
873 Contaminate آلودہ Contaminated Contaminated Contaminates Contaminating
874 Contemn تحقیر کرنا Contemned Contemned Contemns Contemning
875 Contemplate سوچنا Contemplated Contemplated Contemplates Contemplating
876 Contend جھگڑا کرنا Contended Contended Contends Contending
877 Contest مقابلے میں حصہ لینا Contested Contested Contests Contesting
878 Continue جاری کرنا Continued Continued Continues Continuing
879 Contort بل دینا Contorted Contorted Contorts Contorting
880 Contract معاہدہ کرنا Contracted Contracted Contracts Contracting
881 Contradict تردید کرنا Contradicted Contradicted Contradicts Contradicting
882 Contrast موازنہ کرنا Contrasted Contrasted Contrasts Contrasting
883 Contravene خلاف ورزی کرنا Contravened Contravened Contravenes Contravening
884 Contribute حصہ ڈالنا Contributed Contributed Contributes Contribute
885 Contrive اختراح کرنا Contrived Contrived Contrives Contriving
886 Control روکنا Controlled Controlled Controls Controlling
887 Controvert تکرار کرنا Controverted Controverted Controverts Controverting
888 Contuse کچلنا Contused Contused Contuses Contusing
889 Convene اجلاس بلانا Convened Convened Convenes Convening
890 Converge مائل ہونا Converged Converged Converges Converging
891 Converse گفتگو کرنا Conversed Conversed Converses Conversing
892 Convert تبدیل کرنا Converted Converted Converts Converting
893 Convey پہچانا Conveyed Conveyed Conveys Conveying
894 Convict مجرم قرار دینا Convicted Convicted Convicts Convicting
895 Convince یقین دلانا Convinced Convinced Convinces Convincing
896 Convoke منعقد کرنا Convoked Convoked Convokes Convoking
897 Convolve گولا بنانا Convolved Convolved Convolves Convolving
898 Convoy رہنمائی کرنا Convoyed Convoyed Convoys Convoying
899 Convulse زور سے ہلنا Convulsed Convulsed Convulses Convulsing
900 Cook پکانا Cooked Cooked Cooks Cooking
901 Cool ٹھنڈا کرنا Cooled Cooled Cools Cooling
902 Cooperate تعاون کرنا Cooperated Cooperated Cooperates Cooperating
903 Coordinate مربوط کرنا Coordinated Coordinated Coordinates Coordinating
904 Cope قابو پانا Coped Coped Copes Coping
905 Copulate جوڑنا Copulated Copulated Copulates Copulating
909 Copy نقل کرنا Copied Copied Copies Copying
907 Copyright حق اشاعت محفوظ کرانا Copyrighted Copyrighted Copyrights Copyrighting
908 Coquette ناز نخرے کرنا Coquetted Coquetted Coquettes Coquetting
909 Cork ضبط سے کام لینا Corked Corked Corks Corking
910 Corner کونے بنانا Cornered Cornered Corners Cornering
911 Correct درست کرنا Corrected Corrected Corrects Correcting
912 Correlate باہمی رشتہ ہونا Correlated Correlated Correlates Correlating
913 Correspond مراسلت کرنا Corresponded Corresponded Corresponds Corresponding
914 Corroborate تصدیق کرنا Corroborated Corroborated Corroborates Corroborating
915 Corrode گھل جانا Corroded Corroded Corrodes Corroding
916 Corrugate شکن ڈالنا Corrugated Corrugated Corrugates Corrugating
917 Corrupt رشوت لینا Corrupted Corrupted Corrupts Corrupting
918 Cost لاگت آنا Cost Cost Costs Costing
919 Couch لیٹنا Couched Couched Couches Couching
920 Cough کھانسنا Coughed Coughed Coughs Coughing
921 Counsel کھانسنا Counseled Counseled Counsels Counseling
922 Count گنتی کرنا Counted Counted Counts Counting
923 Counter مخالفت کرنا Countered Countered Counters Countering
924 Counteract جوابی کاروائی کرنا Counteracted Counteracted Counteracts Counteracting
925 Counterbalance وزن کا مقابلہ کرنا Counterbalanced Counterbalanced Counterbalances Counterbalancing
926 Counterfeit جعلسازی کرنا Counterfeited Counterfeited Counterfeits Counterfeiting
927 Counterpoise توازن کرنا Counterpoised Counterpoised Counterpoises Counterpoising
928 Countersign اثبات کرنا Countersigned Countersigned Countersigns Countersigning
929 Couple جوڑنا Coupled Coupled Couples Coupling
930 Court شادی کاپیغام دینا Courted Courted Courts Courting
931 Covenant پکاعہدکرنا Covenanted Covenanted Covenants Covenanting
932 Cover ڈھکنا Covered Covered Covers Covering
933 Covet لا لچ کرنا Coveted Coveted Covets Coveting
934 Cower دبنا/جھکنا Cowered Cowered Cowers Cowering
935 Crack شگاف ڈالنا Cracked Cracked Cracks Cracking
936 Crackle چٹخنا Crackled Crackled Crackles Crackling
937 Cradle جھولے میں ڈالنا Cradled Cradled Cradles Cradling
938 Craft چالاکی کرنا Crafted Crafted Crafts Crafting
939 Cram ٹھونسنا Crammed Crammed Crams Cramming
940 Cramp ازرکھنا Cramped Cramped Cramps Cramping
941 Crane جھکنا Craned Craned Cranes Craning
942 Crankle مڑوری لینا Crankled Crankled Crankles Crankling
943 Crash دھماکےسےتوڑنا Crashed Crashed Crashes Crashing
944 Craunch ہڑپ کرکےکھانا Craunched Craunched Craunches Craunching
945 Crave التجا کرنا Craved Craved Craves Craving
946 Crawl پیٹ کے بل چلنا Crawled Crawled Crawls Crawling
947 Craze پاگل کردینا Crazed Crazed Crazes Crazing
948 Creak چوں چوں کرنا Creaked Creaked Creaks Creaking
949 Crease سلوٹ ڈالنا Creased Creased Creases Creasing
950 Create تخلیق کرنا Created Created Creates Creating
951 Credence باورکرنا Credenced Credenced Credences Credencing
952 Credit یقین کرنا Credited Credited Credits Crediting
953 Creep رینگنا Crept Crept Creeps Creeping
954 Cremate مُردےکوجلانا Cremated Cremated Cremates Cremating
955 Crepitate چرچرانا Crepitated Crepitated Crepitates Crepitating
956 Crest ظغرا بنانا Crested Crested Crests Cresting
957 Crimp گھنگریالے بنانا Crimped Crimped Crimps Crimping
958 Cringe دبکنا Cringed Cringed Cringes Cringing
959 Crinkle بل ڈالنا Crinkled Crinkled Crinkles Crinkling
960 Cripple لنگڑاکردینا Crippled Crippled Cripples Crippling
961 Crisp خستہ بنانا Crisped Crisped Crisps Crisping
962 Criticize نقیدکرنا Criticized Criticized Criticizes Criticizing
963 Critique رائےدینا Critiqued Critiqued Critiques Critiquing
964 Croak بُری فال نکالنا Croaked Croaked Croaks Croaking
965 Crochet کروشیاکاری کرنا Crocheted Crocheted Crochets Crocheting
966 Crock مٹی کے برتن میں رکھنا Crocked Crocked Crocks Crocking
967 Crook موڑنا Crooked Crooked Crooks Crooking
968 Crop کاٹنا/چھانٹنا Cropped Cropped Crops Cropping
969 Cross عبورکرنا Crossed Crossed Crosses Crossing
970 Cross-examine جراح کرنا Cross-examined Cross-examined Cross-examines Cross-examining
971 Crouch جھکنا Crouched Crouched Crouches Crouching
972 Crowd ہجوم کرنا Crowded Crowded Crowds Crowding
973 Crown تاجپوشی کرنا Crowned Crowned Crowns Crowning
974 Crucify سولی پر لٹکانا Crucified Crucified Crucifies Crucifying
975 Cruise بحری گشت کرنا Cruised Cruised Cruises Cruising
976 Crumble ریزہ ریزہ کردینا Crumbled Crumbled Crumbles Crumbling
977 Crump ضرب لگانا Crumped Crumped Crumps Crumping
978 Crumple مروڑنا Crumpled Crumpled Crumples Crumpling
979 Crunch دانتوں سےتوڑنا Crunched Crunched Crunches Crunching
980 Crusade جہادمیں حصہ لینا Crusaded Crusaded Crusades Crusading
981 Crush کچل ڈالنا Crushed Crushed Crushes Crushing
982 Cry چلانا Cried Cried Cries Crying
983 Crystallize قلم بنانا Crystallized Crystallized Crystallizes Crystallizing
984 Cuddle ہم آغوش ہونا Cuddled Cuddled Cuddles Cuddling
985 Cull انتخاب کرنا Culled Culled Culls Culling
986 Culminate انتہاپرپہنچنا Culminated Culminated Culminates Culminating
987 Cultivate کاشت کرنا Cultivated Cultivated Cultivates Cultivating
988 Cumber بیکاربوجھ ڈالنا Cumbered Cumbered Cumbers Cumbering
989 Cumulate ڈھیرلگانا Cumulated Cumulated Cumulates Cumulating
990 Curb پابندی لگانا Curbed Curbed Curbs Curbing
991 Curd دودھ جمانا Curded Curded Curds Curding
992 Curdle جمانا دہی Curdled Curdled Curdles Curdling
993 Cure علاج کرنا Cured Cured Cures Curing
994 Curl بنانا گھنگریالے بال Curled Curled Curls Curling
995 Curry رگڑنا Curried Curried Curries Currying
996 Curse بدعادینا Cursed Cursed Curses Cursing
997 Curtail کانٹ چھانٹ کرنا Curtailed Curtailed Curtails Curtailing
998 Curve جھکانا Curved Curved Curves Curving
999 Cushion گدے لگانا Cushioned Cushioned Cushions Cushioning
1000 Customize ترمیم کرنا Customized Customized Customizes Customizing
1001 Cut کاٹنا/دانت نکالنا Cut Cut Cuts Cutting
1002 Cycle گھومنایاسائیکل چلانا Cycled Cycled Cycles Cycling