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5000 Three Forms of Verb

Forms of Verb starting with Letter D
S.No Base Form or 1st Form or Present or Infinitive Urdu Meaning Past Form or 2nd Form Past Participle or 3rd Form Third Person Singular or S/ES Form Progressive Form or ing Form or Present Participle
1003 Dab تھپتھپانا Dabbed Dabbed Dabs Dabbing
1004 Dabble چھینٹےاڑانا Dabbled Dabbled Dabbles Dabbling
1005 Daggle گیلا کرنا Daggled Daggled Daggles Daggling
1006 Damage نقصان پہچانا Damaged Damaged Damages Damaging
1007 Damn لعنت بھیجنا Damned Damned Damns Damning
1008 Dampen ہمت شکنی کرنا Dampened Dampened Dampens Dampening
1009 Dance ناچنا Danced Danced Dances Dancing
1010 Dandle لاڈ کرنا/اچھالنا Dandled Dandled Dandles Dandling
1011 Dangle لٹکانا Dangled Dangled Dangles Dangling
1012 Dapple دھبےڈالنا Dappled Dappled Dapples Dappling
1013 Dare جرات کرنا Dared Dared Dares Daring
1014 Darken اندھیراکرنا Darkened Darkened Darkenes Darkenig
1015 Darn رفوکرنا Darned Darned Darns Darning
1016 Dart بڑھانا Darted Darted Dartes Darting
1017 Dash پاش پاش ہونا Dashed Dashed Dashes Dashing
1018 Date تاریخ ڈالنا Dated Dated Dates Dating
1019 Daub رنگ آمیزی کرنا Daubed Daubed Daubes Daubing
1020 Daunt حوصلہ شکنی کرنا Daunted Daunted Dauntes Daunting
1021 Dawdle وقت ضائع کرنا Dawdled Dawdled Dawdles Dawdling
1022 Dawn ظاہرہونا Dawned Dawned Dawns Dawning
1023 Daze بدحواس کرنا Dazed Dazed Dazes Dazing
1024 Dazzle چندھانا Dazzled Dazzled Dazzles Dazzling
1025 Deaden بےحس کرنا Deadened Deadened Deadens Deadening
1026 Deadlock روک دینا Deadlocked Deadlocked Deadlocks Deadlocking
1027 Deafen بہراکرنا Deafened Deafened Deafens Deafening
1028 Deal کاروبار کرنا/برتاؤ کرنا Dealt Dealt Deals Dealing
1029 Debar خارج کرنا Debarred Debarred Debars Debaring
1030 Debase ملاوٹ کرنا Debased Debased Debases Debasing
1031 Debate بحث کرنا Debated Debated Debates Debating
1032 Debauch عیاش بنانا Debauched Debauched Debauches Debauching
1033 Debilitate ناتواں بنادینا Debilitated Debilitated Debilitates Debilitating
1034 Debit نام لگانا Debited Debited Debits Debiting
1035 Debouch گھاٹی سےنکالنا Debouched Debouched Debouches Debouching
1036 Decamp فرار ہوجانا Decamped Decamped Decamps Decamping
1037 Decant نتھارنا Decanted Decanted Decants Decanting
1038 Decapitate سرقلم کرنا Decapitated Decapitated Decapitates Decapitating
1039 Decay زوال پزیر ہونا Decayed Decayed Decays Decaying
1040 Decease فوت ہونا Deceased Deceased Deceases Deceasing
1041 Deceive دھوکہ دینا Deceived Deceived Deceives Deceiving
1042 Decentralize مقامی حکومت بنانا Decentralized Decentralized Decentralizes Decentralizing
1043 Decide فیصلہ کرنا Decided Decided Decides Deciding
1044 Decimate دسواں حصہ لینا Decimated Decimated Decimates Decimating
1045 Decipher ناقابل فہم عبارت پڑھنا Deciphered Deciphered Deciphers Deciphering
1046 Deck آراستہ کرنا Decked Decked Decks Decking
1047 Declaim جوشیلی تقریر کرنا Declaimed Declaimed Declaims Declaiming
1048 Declare اعلان کرنا Declared Declared Declares Declaring
1049 Decline انکارکرنا /مائل ہونا Declined Declined Declines Declining
1050 Decoct عرق نکالنا Decocted Decocted Decocts Decocting
1051 Decompose خراب ہونا Decomposed Decomposed Decomposes Decomposing
1052 Decontrol پابندیوں کوختم کردینا Decontrolled Decontrolled Decontrols Decontrolling
1053 Decorate سجانا Decorated Decorated Decorates Decorating
1054 Decorticate چھلکااتارنا Decorticated Decorticated Decorticates Decorticating
1055 Decoy ورغلانا Decoyed Decoyed Decoys Decoying
1056 Decrease کم کرنا Decreased Decreased Decreases Decreasing
1057 Decree حکم جاری کرنا Decreed Decreed Decrees Decreeing
1058 Decrepitate آگ میٰں تڑکانا Decrepitated Decrepitated Decrepitates Decrepitating
1059 Decry مذمت کرنا Decried Decried Decries Decrying
1060 Decussate چیرنا Decussated Decussated Decussates Decussating
1061 Dedicate نذر کرنا/وقف کرنا Dedicated Dedicated Dedicates Dedicating
1062 Deduce اخذکرنا Deduced Deduced Deduces Deducing
1063 Deduct کم کرنا Deducted Deducted Deducts Deducting
1064 Deem خیال کرنا Deemed Deemed Deems Deeming
1065 Deepen گہرابنانا Deepened Deepened Deepens Deepening
1066 Deface ہیئت بگاڑنا Defaced Defaced Defaces Defacing
1067 Defalcate رقم کھاجانا Defalcated Defalcated Defalcates Defalcating
1068 Defame بدنام کرنا Defamed Defamed Defames Defaming
1069 Default کوتاہی کرنا Defaulted Defaulted Defaults Defaulting
1070 Defeat شکست دینا Defeated Defeated Defeats Defeating
1071 Defecate پاک کرنا Defecated Defecated Defecates Defecating
1072 Defect روگردائی کرنا Defected Defected Defects Defecting
1073 Defend دفاع کرنا Defended Defended Defends Defending
1074 Defer تاخیر کرنا/تسلیم کرنا Deferred Deferred Defers Deferring
1075 Defile آلودہ کرنا Defiled Defiled Defiles Defiling
1076 Define واضح کرنا Defined Defined Defines Defining
1077 Deflate سکےکی قیمت چڑھانا Deflated Deflated Deflates Deflating
1078 Deflect منحرف ہونا Deflected Deflected Deflects Deflecting
1079 Deflower پھول توڑنا/عزت لوٹنا Deflowered Deflowered Deflowers Deflowering
1080 Deform شکل بگاڑنا Deformed Deformed Deforms Deforming
1081 Defraud ٹھگنا Defrauded Defrauded Defrauds Defrauding
1082 Defray خرچ چکانا Defrayed Defrayed Defrays Defraying
1083 Defuse دورکرنا Defused Defused Defuses Defusing
1084 Defy حکم عدولی کرنا Defied Defied Defies Defying
1085 Degenerate بگڑجانا Degenerated Degenerated Degenerates Degenerating
1086 Deglutinate الگ کرنا Deglutinated Deglutinated Deglutinates Deglutinating
1087 Degrade عہدےسےگرانا Degraded Degraded Degrades Degrading
1088 Dehydrate پانی خارج کرنا Dehydrated Dehydrated Dehydrates Dehydrating
1089 Deify پوجنا Deified Deified Deifies Deifying
1090 Deign نوازش کرنا Deigned Deigned Deigns Deigning
1091 Deject افسردہ کرنا Dejected Dejected Dejects Dejecting
1092 Delate مخبری کرنا Delated Delated Delates Delating
1093 Delay تاخیر کرنا Delayed Delayed Delays Delaying
1094 Delegate نمائندہ بھیجنا Delegated Delegated Delegates Delegating
1095 Delete خارج کرنا Deleted Deleted Deletes Deleting
1096 Deliberate غوروعوض کرنا Deliberated Deliberated Deliberates Deliberating
1097 Delight خوش کرنا Delighted Delighted Delights Delighting
1098 Delimit حدبندی کرنا Delimited Delimited Delimits Delimiting
1099 Delineate خاکہ بنانا Delineated Delineated Delineates Delineating
1100 Deliquate تحلیل ہونا Deliquated Deliquated Deliquates Deliquating
1101 Deliver تقسیم کرنا Delivered Delivered Delivers Delivering
1102 Delude سبزباغ دکھانا Deluded Deluded Deludes Deluding
1103 Delve چھان بین کرنا Delved Delved Delves Delving
1104 Demand طلب کرنا Demanded Demanded Demands Demanding
1105 Demarcate حدیں لگانا Demarcated Demarcated Demarcates Demarcating
1106 Demean ذلیل کرنا Demeaned Demeaned Demeans Demeaning
1107 Dement پاگل کرنا Demented Demented Dements Dementing
1108 Demise وصیت سےجائیدادمنتقل کرنا Demised Demised Demises Demising
1109 Demit دستبردار ہونا Demitted Demitted Demits Demiting
1110 Demolish مسمارکرنا Demolished Demolished Demolishes Demolishing
1111 Demonstrate مظاہرہ کرنا Demonstrated Demonstrated Demonstrates Demonstrating
1112 Demoralize اخلاق بگاڑنا Demoralized Demoralized Demoralizes Demoralizing
1113 Demote عہدہ گھٹانا Demoted Demoted Demotes Demoting
1114 Demur اعتراض کرنا Demurred Demurred Demurs Demurring
1115 Denationalize قومیت سےخارج کرنا Denationalized Denationalized Denationalizes Denationalizing
1116 Denaturalize فطرت تبدیل کرنا Denaturalized Denaturalized Denaturalizes Denaturalizing
1117 Denominate موسوم کرنا Denominated Denominated Denominates Denominating
1118 Denote ظاہرکرنا Denoted Denoted Denotes Denoting
1119 Denounce ملامت کرنا Denounced Denounced Denounces Denouncing
1120 Dent نشان ڈالنا Dented Dented Dents Denting
1121 Denude مٹی ہٹانا Denuded Denuded Denudes Denuding
1122 Denunciate الزام لگانا Denunciated Denunciated Denunciates Denunciating
1123 Deny تردیدکرنا Denied Denied Denies Denying
1124 Depart رخصت ہونا Departed Departed Departs Departing
1125 Depasture مویشیوں کاچرانا Depastured Depastured Depastures Depasturing
1125 Depauperize ناداری سے نجات دلانا Depauperized Depauperized Depauperizes Depauperizing
1127 Depend انحصارکرنا Depended Depended Depends Depending
1128 Depict بیان کرنا Depicted Depicted Depicts Depicting
1129 Depicture تصویرکھیچنا Depictured Depictured Depictures Depicturing
1130 Depilate بال دورکرنا Depilated Depilated Depilates Depilating
1131 Deplete صرف کر ڈالنا Depleted Depleted Depletes Depleting
1132 Deplore افسوس کرنا Deplored Deplored Deplores Deploring
1133 Deploy صف بندی کرنا Deployed Deployed Deploys Deploying
1134 Deplume نوچنا Deplumed Deplumed Deplumes Depluming
1135 Depone شہادت دینا Deponed Deponed Depones Deponing
1136 Depopulate آبادی گھٹانا Depopulated Depopulated Depopulates Depopulating
1137 Deport جلا وطن کرنا Deported Deported Deports Deporting
1138 Depose عہدےیامنصب سےمعزول کرنا Deposed Deposed Deposes Deposing
1139 Deposit جمع کرانا Deposited Deposited Deposits Depositing
1140 Deprave عادتیں بگاڑنا Depraved Depraved Depraves Depraving
1141 Deprecate ناپسندگی کااظہارکرنا Deprecated Deprecated Deprecates Deprecate
1142 Depreciate قیمت گھٹانا Depreciated Depreciated Depreciated Depreciating
1143 Depress افسردہ کرنا Depressed Depressed Depresses Depressing
1144 Deprive Deprived Deprived Deprives Depriving
1145 Depurate پاک کرنا Depurated Depurated Depurates Depurating
1146 Depute وکیل مقررکرنا Deputed Deputed Deputes Deputing
1147 Deracinate جڑسےاکھاڑپھینکنا Deracinated Deracinated Deracinates Deracinating
1148 Derail پٹری سےاترجانا Derailed Derailed Derails Derailing
1149 Derange بے ترتیب کرنا Deranged Deranged Deranges Deranging
1150 Deride ہنسی اُڑانا Derided Derided Derides Deriding
1151 Derive حاصل کرنا Derived Derived Derives Deriving
1152 Derogate توہین کرنا Derogated Derogated Derogates Derogating
1153 Descant آزادانہ گفتگو کرنا Descanted Descanted Descants Descanting
1154 Descend ورثےمیں ملنا Descended Descended Descends Descending
1155 Describe بیان کرنا Described Described Describes Describing
1156 Descry دورسے نظرآجانا Descried Descried Descries Descrying
1157 Desecrate بےادبی کرنا Desecrated Desecrated Desecrates Desecrating
1158 Desert ساتھ چھوڑدینا Deserted Deserted Deserts Deserting
1159 Deserve مستحق ہونا Deserved Deserved Deserves Deserving
1160 Desiccate خشک کرنا Desiccated Desiccated Desiccates Desiccating
1161 Desiderate کمی محسوس کرنا Desiderated Desiderated Desiderates Desiderating
1162 Design منصوبہ بنانا Designed Designed Designs Designing
1163 Designate متعٰین کرنا Designated Designated Designates Designating
1164 Desilverize چاندی کاجزوالگ کرنا Desilverized Desilverized Desilverizes Desilverizing
1165 Desire خواہش ہونا Desired Desired Desires Desiring
1166 Desist علیحدہ ہوجانا Desisted Desisted Desists Desisting
1167 Desolate اجاڑنا Desolated Desolated Desolates Desolating
1168 Despair مایوس ہونا Despaired Despaired Despairs Despairing
1169 Despatch بھیجنا Despatched Despatched Despatches Despatching
1170 Despise نفرت کرنا Despised Despised Despises Despising
1171 Despoil لوٹ لینا Despoiled Despoiled Despoils Despoiling
1172 Despond ہمت ہارنا Desponded Desponded Desponds Desponding
1173 Destine مامورکرنا Destined Destined Destines Destining
1174 Destroy ہلاک کرنا Destroyed Destroyed Destroys Destroying
1175 Detach الگ کرنا Detached Detached Detaches Detaching
1176 Detail مفصل بیان کرنا Detailed Detailed Details Detailing
1177 Detain حراست میں لینا Detained Detained Detains Detaining
1178 Detect سراغ لگانا Detected Detected Detects Detecting
1179 Deter باز رکھنا Deterred Deterred Deters Detering
1180 Deteriorate معیارکا گرانا Deteriorated Deteriorated Deteriorates Deteriorating
1181 Determine تعین کرنا /تہیہ کرنا Determined Determined Determines Determining
1182 Detest سخت نفرت کرنا Detested Detested Detests Detesting
1183 Dethrone تخت سےاُتارنا Dethroned Dethroned Dethrones Dethroning
1184 Detonate دھماکہ ہونا Detonated Detonated Detonates Detonating
1185 Detort مروڑنا Detorted Detorted Detorts Detorting
1186 Detract مزاکِرکراکرنا/کھینچ لینا Detracted Detracted Detracts Detracting
1187 Detrain ریل سےاترنا Detrained Detrained Detrains Detraining
1188 Devalue قدرکم کرنا Devalued Devalued Devalues Devaluing
1189 Devastate بربادکرنا Devastated Devastated Devastates Devastating
1190 Develop ترقی کرنا Developed Developed Develops Developing
1191 Deviate منحرف ہونا Deviated Deviated Deviates Deviating
1192 Devise تدبیرکرنا Devised Devised Devises Devising
1193 Devolute منتقل کرنا Devoluted Devoluted Devolutes Devoluting
1194 Devolve سپردکرنا Devolved Devolved Devolves Devolving
1195 Devote وقف کرنا Devoted Devoted Devotes Devoting
1196 Devour بےتحاشاکھانا Devoured Devoured Devours Devouring
1197 Diagnose تشخیص کرنا Diagnosed Diagnosed Diagnoses Diagnosing
1198 Dial نمبرڈائل کرنا Dialed Dialed Dials Dialing
1199 Diarize اندراج کرنا Diarized Diarized Diarizes Diarizing
1200 Dice ٹکرے کرنا Diced Diced Dices Dicing
1201 Dictate حُکم دینا / املا کرانا Dictated Dictated Dictates Dictating
1202 Diddle فریب دینا Diddled Diddled Diddles Diddling
1203 Die مرجانا Died Died Dies Dying
1204 Differ اختلاف کرنا Differed Differed Differs Differing
1205 Differentiate فرق کرنا Differentiated Differentiated Differentiates Differentiating
1206 Diffuse پھیلانا Diffused Diffused Diffuses Diffusing
1207 Dig کھودنا Dug Dug Digs Digging
1208 Digest ہضم کرنا Digested Digested Digests Digesting
1209 Dight تیار کرنا Dight Dight Dights Dighting
1210 Dignify سرفراز کرنا Dignified Dignified Dignifies Dignifying
1211 Digress موضوع سے ہٹ جانا Digressed Digressed Digresses Digressing
1212 Dilapidate ٹوٹ پھوٹ جانا Dilapidated Dilapidated Dilapidates Dilapidating
1213 Dilate تفصیل کرنا Dilated Dilated Dilates Dilating
1214 Dilute پانی ملا کر ہلکا کرنا Diluted Diluted Dilutes Diluting
1215 Dim مدہم کرنا Dimed Dimed Dims Diming
1216 Diminish گھٹانا Diminished Diminished Diminishes Diminishing
1217 Dine کھانا کھانا Dined Dined Dines Dining
1218 Ding گھنٹی بجانا/دہرانا Dinged Dinged Dings Dinging
1219 Dip ڈبو دینا Dipped Dipped Dips Dipping
1220 Direct ہدایت کرنا Directed Directed Directs Directing
1221 Disable ناکارہ بنا دینا Disabled Disabled Disables Disabling
1222 Disabuse ذہن صاف کرنا Disabused Disabused Disabuses Disabusing
1223 Disaccord اختلاف کرنا Disaccorded Disaccorded Disaccords Disaccording
1224 Disaccustomed عادت چھوڑانا Disaccustomed Disaccustomed Disaccustoms Disaccustoming
1225 Disadvantage نقصان پہچانا Disadvantaged Disadvantaged Disadvantages Disadvantaging
1226 Disadvise بازرکھنا Disadvised Disadvised Disadvises Disadvising
1227 Disaffect بدخواہ بننا Disaffected Disaffected Disaffects Disaffecting
1228 Disaffirm ماننے سے انکار کرنا Disaffirmed Disaffirmed Disaffirms Disaffirming
1229 Disaggregate جدا کرنا Disaggregated Disaggregated Disaggregates Disaggregating
1230 Disagree اختلاف رکھنا Disagreed Disagreed Disagrees Disagring
1231 Disallow اجازت نہ دینا Disallowed Disallowed Disallows Disallowing
1232 Disambiguate ابہام دورکرنا Disambiguated Disambiguated Disambiguates Disambiguating
1233 Disanimate زندہ دلی سےمحروم کرنا Disanimated Disanimated Disanimates Disanimating
1234 Disannex علیحدہ کرنا Disannexed Disannexed Disannexs Disannexing
1235 Disanoint معزول کرنا Disanointed Disanointed Disanoints Disanointing
1236 Disapparel لباس اتارنا Disapparelled Disapparelled Disapparels Disapparelling
1237 Disappear غائب ہو جانا Disappeared Disappeared Disappears Disappearing
1238 Disappoint امید توڑنا Disappointed Disappointed Disappoints Disappointing
1239 Disappreciate ناچیزسمجھنا Disappreciated Disappreciated Disappreciates Disappreciating
1240 Disapprove ناپسند کرنا Disapproved Disapproved Disapproves Disapproving
1241 Disarm فوجی قوت کم کرنا Disarmed Disarmed Disarms Disarming
1242 Disarrange الٹ پلٹ کرنا Disarranged Disarranged Disarranges Disarranging
1243 Disarray ابتر کرنا Disarrayed Disarrayed Disarrays Disarraying
1244 Disarticulate جوڑوں سےالگ کرنا Disarticulated Disarticulated Disarticulates Disarticulating
1245 Disassemble الگ الگ کر دینا Disassembled Disassembled Disassembles Disassembling
1246 Disassociate میل جول نہ رکھنا Disassociated Disassociated Disassociates Disassociating
1247 Disavow انکارکرنا Disavowed Disavowed Disavows Disavowing
1248 Disband منتشرکرنا Disbanded Disbanded Disbands Disbanding
1249 Disbar حقوق سے محروم کرنا Disbarred Disbarred Disbars Disbarring
1250 Disbelieve یقین نہ کرنا Disbelieved Disbelieved Disbelieves Disbelieving
1251 Disbud کلیاں چھانٹننا Disbudded Disbudded Disbuds Disbudding
1252 Disburden بوجھ اتارنا Disburdened Disburdened Disburdens Disburdening
1253 Disburse رقم ادا کرنا Disbursed Disbursed Disburses Disbursing
1254 Discard پھینک دینا Discarded Discarded Discards Discarding
1255 Discern فرق پہچاننا Discerned Discerned Discerns Discerning
1256 Discharge برخاست کرنا Discharged Discharged Discharges Discharging
1257 Discharm سحرربائی کرنا Discharmed Discharmed Discharms Discharming
1258 Discipline ضبط سکھانا Disciplined Disciplined Disciplines Disciplining
1259 Disclaim دستبردار ہونا Disclaimed Disclaimed Disclaims Disclaiming
1260 Disclose ظاہرکرنا Disclosed Disclosed Discloses Disclosing
1261 Discomfit شکست دینا Discomfited Discomfited Discomfits Discomfiting
1262 Discomfort بےآرام کرنا Discomforted Discomforted Discomforts Discomforting
1263 Discompose بدحواس کرنا Discomposed Discomposed Discomposes Discomposing
1264 Disconcert کام بگاڑدینا Disconcerted Disconcerted Disconcerts Disconcerting
1265 Disconfirm جھوٹاثابت کرنا Disconfirmed Disconfirmed Disconfirms Disconfirming
1266 Disconnect جداکرنا Disconnected Disconnected Disconnects Disconnecting
1267 Discontent غیرمطمئن کرنا Discontented Discontented Discontents Discontenting
1268 Discontinue ترک کرنا Discontinued Discontinued Discontinues Discontinuing
1269 Discord اختلاف ہونا Discorded Discorded Discords Discording
1270 Discount چھوٹ دینا Discounted Discounted Discounts Discounting
1271 Discourage حوصلہ توڑنا Discouraged Discouraged Discourages Discouraging
1272 Discourse گفتگو کرنا Discoursed Discoursed Discourses Discoursing
1273 Discover دریافت کرنا Discovered Discovered Discovers Discovering
1274 Discredit ماننے سےانکارکرنا Discredited Discredited Discredits Discrediting
1275 Discriminate فرق کرنا Discriminated Discriminated Discriminates Discriminating
1276 Disculpate بےقصورٹھہرانا Disculpated Disculpated Disculpates Disculpating
1277 Discuss بات چیت کرنا Discussed Discussed Discusses Discussing
1278 Disdain حقیر جاننا Disdained Disdained Disdains Disdaining
1279 Disease مرض میں مبتلاکرنا Diseased Diseased Diseases Diseasing
1280 Disembark جہاز سےاترنا Disembarked Disembarked Disembarks Disembarking
1281 Disembarrass اُلجھن دورکرنا Disembarrassed Disembarrassed Disembarrasses Disembarrassing
1282 Disembody سبکدوش کرنا Disembodied Disembodied Disembodies Disembodying
1283 Disemploy بیکارکرنا Disemployed Disemployed Disemploys Disemploying
1284 Disempower بے طاقت کرنا Disempowered Disempowered Disempowers Disempowering
1285 Disenable ناکارہ بنانا Disenabled Disenabled Disenables Disenabling
1286 Disengage فارغ کرنا Disengaged Disengaged Disengages Disengaging
1287 Disenroll فہرست سےنام خارج کرنا Disenrolled Disenrolled Disenrolls Disenrolling
1288 Disentail شرط پرخلاف ورزی کرنا Disentailed Disentailed Disentails Disentailing
1289 Disentangle سلجھانا Disentangled Disentangled Disentangles Disentangling
1290 Disenthrall نجات دینا Disenthralled Disenthralled Disenthralls Disenthralling
1291 Disenthrone تخت سےاتاردینا Disenthroned Disenthroned Disenthrones Disenthroning
1292 Disentitle حق چھین لینا Disentitled Disentitled Disentitles Disentitling
1293 Disequilibrate عدم توزان پیدا کرنا Disequilibrated Disequilibrated Disequilibrates Disequilibrating
1294 Disestablish کسی نظام کوختم کرنا Disestablished Disestablished Disestablishes Disestablishing
1295 Disfavour ناپسند کرنا Disfavoured Disfavoured Disfavours Disfavouring
1296 Disfigure شکل بگاڑنا Disfigured Disfigured Disfigures Disfiguring
1297 Disfurnish سازوسامان سےمحروم کردینا Disfurnished Disfurnished Disfurnishes Disfurnishing
1298 Disgavel موروثی اجارہ داری سےہٹالینا Disgavelled Disgavelled Disgavels Disgavelling
1299 Disgorge اُگلنا Disgorged Disgorged Disgorges Disgorging
1300 Disgrace ذلیل کرنا Disgraced Disgraced Disgraces Disgracing
1301 Disgregate منتشرہونا Disgregated Disgregated Disgregates Disgregating
1302 Disguise بھیس بدلنا Disguised Disguised Disguises Disguising
1303 Disgust متنفر/کراہیت پیداکرنا Disgusted Disgusted Disgusts Disgusting
1304 Dishearten دل توڑنا Disheartened Disheartened Disheartens Disheartening
1305 Dishevel بال نوچنا Disheveled Disheveled Dishevels Disheveling
1306 Dishonour رسواکرنا Dishonoured Dishonoured Dishonours Dishonouring
1307 Dishouse گھرچھین لینا Dishoused Dishoused Dishouses Dishousing
1308 Disillusion وہم دورکرنا Disillusioned Disillusioned Disillusions Disillusioning
1309 Disimprove خراب کرنا Disimproved Disimproved Disimproves Disimproving
1310 Disincline رجوع نہ کرنا Disinclined Disinclined Disinclines Disinclining
1311 Disinfect جراثیم سے پاک کرنا Disinfected Disinfected Disinfects Disinfecting
1312 Disinherit عاق کرنا Disinherited Disinherited Disinherits Disinheriting
1313 Disintegrate ٹکرے ٹکرے کرنا Disintegrated Disintegrated Disintegrates Disintegrating
1314 Disinter کھود کر نکالنا Disintered Disintered Disinters Disintering
1315 Disinvolve الجھن دورکرنا Disinvolved Disinvolved Disinvolves Disinvolving
1316 Disject توڑنا Disjected Disjected Disjects Disjecting
1317 Disjoin الگ الگ کرنا Disjoined Disjoined Disjoins Disjoining
1318 Disjoint خلل ڈالنا Disjointed Disjointed Disjoints Disjointing
1319 Dislike ناپسندکرنا Disliked Disliked Dislikes Disliking
1320 Dislink منفصل کرنا Dislinked Dislinked Dislinkes Dislinking
1321 Disload بوجھ اتارنا Disloaded Disloaded Disloads Disloading
1322 Dislocate جوڑالگ کرنا Dislocated Dislocated Dislocates Dislocating
1323 Dislodge نکال دینا Dislodged Dislodged Dislodges Dislodging
1324 Dismail زرہ چھین لینا Dismailed Dismailed Dismailes Dismailing
1325 Dismantle پرزےپرزےکرنا Dismantled Dismantled Dismantles Dismantling
1326 Dismast مستول گرادینا Dismasted Dismasted Dismasts Dismasting
1327 Dismay دہشت زدہ کرنا Dismayed Dismayed Dismays Dismaying
1328 Dismember ہر عضو کاٹ ڈالنا Dismembered Dismembered Dismembers Dismembering
1329 Dismiss برطرف کرنا Dismissed Dismissed Dismisses Dismissing
1330 Dismount گھوڑےسےاُترنا Dismounted Dismounted Dismounts Dismounting
1331 Disobey نافرمانی کرنا Disobeyed Disobeyed Disobeys Disobeying
1332 Disoblige لحاظ نہ کرنا Disobliged Disobliged Disobliges Disobliging
1333 Disorb مدارسےخارج کرنا Disorbed Disorbed Disorbs Disorbing
1334 Disorder گڑبڑکرنا Disordered Disordered Disorders Disordering
1335 Disorganize ابتری میں ڈالنا Disorganized Disorganized Disorganizes Disorganizing
1336 Disorientate بدحواس کرنا Disorientated Disorientated Disorientates Disorientating
1337 Disown دستبردار ہونا Disowned Disowned Disowns Disowning
1338 Disparage گھٹاکردکھانا Disparaged Disparaged Disparages Disparaging
1339 Dispark باغ کےزمرہ سےخارج کرنا Disparked Disparked Disparks Disparking
1340 Dispart مختلف سمتوں میں جانا Disparted Disparted Disparts Disparting
1341 Dispatch ارسال کرنا Dispatched Dispatched Dispatches Dispatching
1342 Dispel زائل کرنا Dispeled Dispeled Dispels Dispeling
1343 Dispense تقسیم کرنا Dispensed Dispensed Dispenses Dispensing
1344 Disperse منتشر کرنا Dispersed Dispersed Disperses Dispersing
1345 Dispirit دل شکستہ ہونا Dispirited Dispirited Dispirits Dispiriting
1346 Displace بےدخل کرنا Displaced Displaced Displaces Displacing
1347 Display نمائش کرنا Displayed Displayed Displays Displaying
1348 Displease ناراض کرنا Displeased Displeased Displeases Displeasing
1349 Displume بے رونق کر دینا Displumed Displumed Displumes Displuming
1350 Disport چہل کرنا Disported Disported Disports Disporting
1351 Dispose انجام دینا Disposed Disposed Disposes Disposing
1352 Dispossess بے دخل کرنا Dispossessed Dispossessed Dispossesses Dispossessing
1353 Dispost عہدہ چھین لینا Dispost Dispost Disposts Disposting
1354 Dispraise بدنام کرنا Dispraised Dispraised Dispraises Dispraising
1355 Disprepare غیرآمادہ بنانا Disprepared Disprepared Disprepares Dispreparing
1356 Disprison قید سےرہاکرنا Disprisoned Disprisoned Disprisons Disprisoning
1357 Disprove غلط ثابت کرنا Disproved Disproved Disproves Disproving
1358 Dispute جھگڑا کرنا Disputed Disputed Disputes Disputing
1359 Disqualify نااہل قرار دینا Disqualified Disqualified Disqualifies Disqualifying
1360 Disquiet تشویش میں ڈالنا Disquieted Disquieted Disquiets Disquieting
1361 Disrank رتبہ گھٹانا Disranked Disranked Disranks Disranking
1362 Disregard نظرانداز کرنا Disregarded Disregarded Disregards Disregarding
1363 Disregard لحاظ نہ کرنا Disregarded Disregarded Disregards Disregarding
1364 Disrelish نفرت کرنا Disrelished Disrelished Disrelishes Disrelishing
1365 Disrepute بدنام ہو جانا Disreputed Disreputed Disreputes Disreputing
1366 Disrespect بےعزتی کرنا Disrespected Disrespected Disrespects Disrespecting
1367 Disrobe بے لباس کرنا Disrobed Disrobed Disrobes Disrobing
1368 Disroot جڑسےاکھیڑنا Disrooted Disrooted Disroots Disrooting
1369 Disrupt انتشار پھیلانا Disrupted Disrupted Disrupts Disrupting
1370 Dissatisfy غیرمطمئن کرنا Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Dissatisfies Dissatisfying
1371 Dissect نامنظورکرنا Dissected Dissected Dissects Dissecting
1372 Dissemble منافقت کرنا Dissembled Dissembled Dissembles Dissembling
1373 Disseminate نشرواشاعت کرنا Disseminated Disseminated Disseminates Disseminating
1374 Dissent نامنظورکرنا Dissented Dissented Dissents Dissenting
1375 Dissimilate متفرق کرنا Dissimilated Dissimilated Dissimilates Dissimilating
1376 Dissimulate جذبےکوچھپانا Dissimulated Dissimulated Dissimulates Dissimulating
1377 Dissipate ضائع کرنا Dissipated Dissipated Dissipates Dissipating
1378 Dissociate قطع قطع کرنا Dissociated Dissociated Dissociates Dissociating
1379 Dissolve حل کرنا Dissolved Dissolved Dissolves Dissolving
1380 Dissuade روکنا Dissuaded Dissuaded Dissuades Dissuading
1381 Distain داغدارکرنا Distained Distained Distains Distaining
1382 Distance دوررکھنا Distanced Distanced Distances Distancing
1383 Distend اندرسےپھیلانا Distended Distended Distends Distending
1384 Distill کشید کرنا Distilled Distilled Distills Distilling
1385 Distinguish فرق کرنا Distinguished Distinguished Distinguishes Distinguishing
1386 Distort شکل بگاڑنا Distorted Distorted Distorts Distorting
1387 Distract توجہ ہٹانا Distracted Distracted Distracts Distracting
1388 Distrain ضبط کرنا Distrained Distrained Distrains Distraining
1389 Distress رنجیدہ کرنا Distressed Distressed Distresses Distressing
1390 Distribute تقسیم کرنا Distributed Distributed Distributes Distributing
1391 Distrust اعتبار نہ کرنا Distrusted Distrusted Distrusts Distrusting
1392 Disturb خلل ڈالنا Disturbed Disturbed Disturbs Disturbing
1393 Disunite الگ کرنا Disunited Disunited Disunites Disuniting
1394 Disuse متروک ہونا Disused Disused Disuses Disusing
1395 Disutilize افادہ سے محروم کرنا Disutilized Disutilized Disutilizes Disutilizing
1396 Disvalue قیمت گھٹانا Disvalued Disvalued Disvalues Disvaluing
1397 Diswarren خرگوش کےبھٹ کوخالی کردینا Diswarrened Diswarrened Diswarrens Diswarrening
1398 Ditch چھٹکاراحاصل کرنا Ditched Ditched Ditches Ditching
1399 Dither ہچکچانا Dithered Dithered Dithers Dithering
1400 Divagate بھٹکنا Divagated Divagated Divagates Divagating
1401 Divaricate پھٹنا Divaricated Divaricated Divaricates Divaricating
1402 Dive غوطہ لگانا Dived Dived Dives Diving
1403 Diverge جداہونا Diverged Diverged Diverges Diverging
1404 Diversify ترمیم کرنا Diversified Diversified Diversifies Diversifying
1405 Divert پھیرنا Diverted Diverted Diverts Diverting
1406 Divest محروم کرنا Divested Divested Divests Divesting
1407 Divide تقسیم کرنا Divided Divided Divides Dividing
1408 Divine غیب دانی کرنا Divined Divined Divines Divining
1409 Divorce طلاق دینا Divorced Divorced Divorces Divorcing
1410 Divulge فاش کرنا Divulged Divulged Divulges Divulging
1411 Dizen آراستہ کرنا Dizened Dizened Dizens Dizenig
1412 Do کرنا /فرض بجا لانا Did Done Does Doing
1413 Dock محدود کرنا Docked Docked Docks Docking
1414 Document تحریر میں لانا Documented Documented Documents Documenting
1415 Dodder ضعف سے کانپنا Doddered Doddered Dodders Doddering
1416 Dodge فریب دینا Dodged Dodged Dodges Dodging
1417 Doff ٹوپی یا کپڑے اُتارنا Doffed Doffed Doffs Doffing
1418 Dog دھن کا پکا ہونا Dogged Dogged Dogs Doging
1419 Dogmatize بے دلیل باتیں کرنا Dogmatized Dogmatized Dogmatizes Dogmatizing
1420 Dole خیرات کرنا Doled Doled Doles Doling
1421 Domesticate سدھانا Domesticated Domesticated Domesticates Domesticating
1422 Domicile آبادکرنا Domiciled Domiciled Domiciles Domiciling
1423 Dominate تسلط رکھنا Dominated Dominated Dominates Dominating
1424 Don لباس پہننا Donned Donned Dons Donning
1425 Donate عطیہ کرنا Donated Donated Donates Donating
1426 Doom سزاکاحکم سنانا Doomed Doomed Dooms Dooming
1427 Dope نشہ آوردواکھانا Doped Doped Dopes Doping
1428 Dot نقطےلگانا Doted Doted Dots Doting
1429 Dote کم عقل ہونا Doted Doted Dotes Doting
1430 Double دوگنا کرنا Doubled Doubled Doubles Doubling
1431 Doubt شک کرنا Doubted Doubted Doubts Doubting
1432 Douse پانی میں ڈبونا Doused Doused Douses Dousing
1433 Dower جہیزملنا Dowered Dowered Dowers Dowering
1434 Down اترنا Downed Downed Downs Downing
1435 Downgrade درجہ کم کرنا Downgraded Downgraded Downgrades Downgrading
1436 Download ذخیرہ کرنا/معلومات اتارنا Downloaded Downloaded Downloads Downloading
1437 Doze اونگھنا Dozed Dozed Dozes Dozing
1438 Drabble کیچڑ میں لتپت کرنا Drabbled Drabbled Drabbles Drabbling
1439 Draft مسودہ تیار کرنا Drafted Drafted Drafts Drafting
1440 Drag کھینچنا/گھسیٹنا Dragged Dragged Drags Dragging
1441 Draggle آہستہ چلنا Draggled Draggled Draggles Draggling
1442 Drain نچوڑنا Drained Drained Drains Draining
1443 Dramatize تمثیلی صورت بنانا Dramatized Dramatized Dramatizes Dramatizing
1444 Drape لٹکانا Draped Draped Drapes Draping
1445 Drat لعنت بھیجنا Dratted Dratted Drats Dratting
1446 Draught فوجی دستہ کوروانہ کرنا Draughted Draughted Draughts Draughting
1447 Draw تصویر کھینچنا Drew Drawn Draws Drawing
1448 Drawl ہکلانا Drawled Drawled Drawls Drawling
1449 Dread خوف کھانا Dreaded Dreaded Dreads Dreading
1450 Dream خیالوں میں گم رہنا Dreamed\Dreamt Dreamed\Dreamt Dreams Dreaming
1451 Dredge سفوف چھڑکنا Dredged Dredged Dredges Dredging
1452 Drench شرابور کرنا Drenched Drenched Drenches Drenching
1453 Dress لباس پہننا/مرہم پٹی کرنا Dressed Dressed Dresses Dressing
1454 Dribble قطرہ قطرہ ٹپکنا Dribbled Dribbled Dribbles Dribbling
1455 Drift بہے چلے جانا Drifted Drifted Drifts Drifting
1456 Drill مشق کرنا /سوراخ کران Drilled Drilled Drills Drilling
1457 Drink پینا Drank Drunk Drinks Drinking
1458 Drip ٹپکانا Dripped Dripped Drips Dripping
1459 Drive چلانا Drove Driven Drives Driving
1460 Drizzle بونداباندی ہونا Drizzled Drizzled Drizzles Drizzling
1461 Droop گر پڑنا Drooped Drooped Droops Drooping
1462 Drop قطرہ میں بھیجنا Dropped Dropped Drops Dropping
1463 Drown ڈوب جانا Drowned Drowned Drowns Drowning
1464 Drub ڈنڈے لگانا Drubbed Drubbed Drubs Drubbing
1465 Drum ڈھول بجانا Drummed Drummed Drums Drumming
1466 Dry خشک کرنا Dried Dried Dries Drying
1467 Dub نام رکھنا Dubbed Dubbed Dubs Dubbing
1468 Duck ڈبکی دینا Ducked Ducked Ducks Ducking
1469 Dulcify ملائم کرنا Dulcified Dulcified Dulcifies Dulcifying
1470 Dump چھٹکاراحاصل کرنا Dumped Dumped Dumps Dumping
1471 Dun تقاضوں سے پریشان کرنا Dunned Dunned Duns Dunning
1472 Dupe ٹھگ لینا Duped Duped Dupes Duping
1473 Duplicate نقل تیار کرنا Duplicated Duplicated Duplicates Duplicating
1474 Dust جھاڑنا Dusted Dusted Dusts Dusting
1475 Dwarf اٹھان رو Dwarfed Dwarfed Dwarfs Dwarfing
1476 Dwell سکونت رکھنا Dwelled Dwelled Dwells Dwelling
1477 Dwindle کم رہ جانا Dwindled Dwindled Dwindles Dwindling
1478 Dye رنگنا Dyed Dyed Dyes Dying