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5000 Three Forms of Verb

Forms of Verb starting with Letter E
S.No Base Form or 1st Form or Present or Infinitive Urdu Meaning Past Form or 2nd Form Past Participle or 3rd Form Third Person Singular or S/ES Form Progressive Form or ing Form or Present Participle
1479 Earn کمانا Earned Earned Earns Earning
1480 Ease شدت کم ہونا Eased Eased Eases Easing
1481 Eat کھانا Ate Eaten Eats Eating
1482 Ebb اِترنا/کم ہونا Ebbed Ebbed Ebbs Ebbing
1483 Eclipse ماندکرنا Eclipsed Eclipsed Eclipses Eclipsing
1484 Economize کم خرچ کرنا Economized Economized Economizes Economizing
1485 Edge تیزکرنا Edged Edged Edges Edging
1486 Edify بہتربنانا Edified Edified Edifies Edifying
1487 Edit خبرنویسی کرنا Edited Edited Edits Editing
1488 Educate تعلیم یاتربیت دینا Educated Educated Educates Educating
1489 Educe اخذکرنا Educed Educed Educes Educing
1490 Efface منانا/محوکرنا Effaced Effaced Effaces Effacing
1491 Effeminate بروئےکارلانا Effeminated Effeminated Effeminates Effeminating
1492 Effloresce بارآورہونا Effloresced Effloresced Effloresces Efflorescing
1493 Effulge چمکنا Effulged Effulged Effulges Effulging
1494 Effuse بکھیرنا Effused Effused Effuses Effusing
1495 Ejaculate بےساختہ کہنا Ejaculated Ejaculated Ejaculates Ejaculating
1496 Eject بےدخل کرنا Ejected Ejected Ejects Ejecting
1497 Eke کمی پوری کرنا Eked Eked Ekes Eking
1498 Elaborate تفصیل سےبیان کرنا Elaborated Elaborated Elaborates Elaborating
1499 Elapse گزرجانا Elapsed Elapsed Elapses Elapsing
1500 Elate مغرور بن جانا Elated Elated Elates Elating
1501 Elbow کہنی مارنا Elbowed Elbowed Elbows Elbowing
1502 Elect منتخب کرنا Elected Elected Elects Electing
1503 Electrify لہردوڑادینا Electrified Electrified Electrifies Electrifying
1504 Elegize دردانگیز اشعارلکھنا Elegized Elegized Elegizes Elegizing
1505 Elevate بلندکرنا Elevated Elevated Elevates Elevating
1506 Elicit استخراج کرنا Elicited Elicited Eliciting Eliciting
1507 Elide گِرنا Elided Elided Elides Eliding
1508 Eliminate نکال دینا Eliminated Eliminated Eliminates Eliminating
1509 Elongate طویل کرنا Elongated Elongated Elongates Elongating
1510 Elope کسی کے ساتھ بھاگ جانا Eloped Eloped Elopes Eloping
1511 Elucidate واضح کرنا Elucidated Elucidated Elucidates Elucidating
1512 Elude بچ نکلنا Eluded Eluded Eludes Eluding
1513 Emaciate لاغرکرنا Emaciated Emaciated Emaciates Emaciating
1514 Emanate نکلنا Emanated Emanated Emanates Emanating
1515 Emancipate نجات دلانا Emancipated Emancipated Emancipates Emancipating
1516 Emasculate خصی کرنا/کمزور کرنا Emasculated Emasculated Emasculates Emasculating
1517 Embalm نقصان سےمحفوظ کرنا Embalmed Embalmed Embalms Embalming
1518 Embank بندیاپشتہ بنانا Embanked Embanked Embanks Embanking
1519 Embargo بندش لگانا Embargoed Embargoed Embargoes Embargoing
1520 Embark جہازپرسوارہونا Embarked Embarked Embarks Embarking
1521 Embarrass مشکل میں ڈالنا Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrasses Embarrassing
1522 Embattle فوج کوصف آرا کرنا Embattled Embattled Embattles Embattling
1523 Embed مضبوطی سے لگانا Embedded Embedded Embeds Embedding
1524 Embellish سجادینا Embellished Embellished Embellishes Embellishing
1525 Embezzle خیانت کرنا Embezzled Embezzled Embezzles Embezzling
1526 Emblaze روشن کرنا Emblazed Emblazed Emblazes Emblazing
1527 Embody ٹھوس شکل دینا Embodied Embodied Embodies Embodying
1528 Embolden ہمت بندھانا Emboldened Emboldened Emboldens Emboldening
1529 Embosom آغوش میں لینا Embosomed Embosomed Embosoms Embosoming
1530 Emboss کندہ کاری کرنا Embossed Embossed Embosses Embossing
1531 Embow محراب دار ہونا Embowed Embowed Embows Embowing
1532 Embrace گلےلگانا Embraced vEmbraced Embraces Embracing
1533 Embrocate لیپ یامالش کرنا Embrocated Embrocated Embrocates Embrocating
1534 Embroider حاشیہ آرائی کرنا Embroidered Embroidered Embroiders Embroidering
1535 Embroil الجھانا Embroiled Embroiled Embroils Embroiliong
1536 Emend اصلاح کرنا Emended Emended Emends Emending
1537 Emerge ظہورمیں آنا Emerged Emerged Emerges Emerging
1538 Emigrate ترکِ وطن کرنا Emigrated Emigrated Emigrates Emigrating
1539 Emit نکالنا Emitted Emitted Emits Emitting
1540 Empale باڑہ سےگھیرنا Empaled Empaled Empales Empaling
1541 Empanel گرہ میں شامل ہونا Empaneled Empaneled Empanels Empaneling
1542 Emphazise تاکیدکرنا Emphazised Emphazised Emphazises Emphazising
1543 Emplane ہوائی جہازمیں سوار ہونا Emplaned Emplaned Emplanes Emplaning
1544 Employ ملازم رکھا Employed Employed Employs Employing
1545 Empower اختیاردینا Empowered Empowered Empowers Empowering
1546 Empty خالی کرنا Emptied Emptied Empties Emptying
1547 Emulate ہمسری کرنا Emulated Emulated Emulates Emulating
1548 Enable قابل بنانا Enabled Enabled Enables Enabling
1549 Enact قانون وضع کرنا Enacted Enacted Enacts Enacting
1550 Enamel میناکاری کرنا Enameled Enameled Enamels Enameling
1551 Enamour فریفتہ کرنا Enamoured Enamour ed Enamours Enamouring
1552 Encage پنجرے میں ڈالنا Encaged Encaged Encages Encaging
1553 Encamp پڑاؤڈالنا Encamped Encamped Encamps Encamping
1554 Encapsulate کیپسول میں بندکرنا Encapsulated Encapsulated Encapsulates Encapsulating
1555 Encase ڈبےمیں بندکرنا Encased Encased Encases Encasing
1556 Encash چیک کاروپیہ لینا Encashed Encashed Encashes Encashing
1557 Enchain جوڑنا Enchained Enchained Enchains Enchaining
1558 Enchant سحرکرنا Enchanted Enchanted Enchants Enchanting
1559 Encircle محاصرہ کرنا Encircled Encircled Encircles Encircling
1560 Enclose احاطہ کرنا Enclosed Enclosed Encloses Enclosing
1561 Encloud ابرمیں چھپ جانا Enclouded Enclouded Enclouds Enclouding
1562 Encode خفیہ الفاظ میں منتقل کرنا Encoded Encoded Encodes Encodeing
1563 Encompass حلقہ ڈالنا Encompassed Encompassed Encompasses Encompassing
1564 Encounter مقابلہ کرنا Encountered Encountered Encounters Encountering
1565 Encourage ہمت بڑھانا Encouraged Encouraged Encourages Encouraging
1566 Encroach تجاوزکرنا Encroached Encroached Encroaches Encroaching
1567 Encumber بوجھ ڈالنا Encumbered Encumbered Encumbers Encumbering
1568 End ختم کرنا Ended Ended Ends Ending
1569 Endanger خطرے میں ڈالنا Endangered Endangered Endangers Endangering
1570 Endear لاڈلا بنانا Endeared Endeared Endears Endearing
1571 Endeavor کوشش/جدوجہد کرنا Endeavored Endeavored Endeavors Endeavoring
1572 Endorse تصدیق کرنا Endorsed Endorsed Endorses Endorsing
1573 Endow وقف کرنا Endowed Endowed Endows Endowing
1574 Endue عنایت کرنا Endued Endued Endues Enduing
1575 Endure جھیلنا Endured Endured Endures Enduring
1576 Energize توانائی عطا کرنا Energized Energized Energizes Energizing
1577 Enervate کمزورکردینا Enervated Enervated Enervates Enervateing
1578 Enface چھاپنایامہر کرنا Enfaced Enfaced Enfaces Enfacing
1579 Enfeeble لاغر کر دینا Enfeebled Enfeebled Enfeebles Enfeebling
1580 Enfilade گولہ باری کرنا Enfiladed Enfiladed Enfilades Enfilading
1581 Enfold تہہ کرنا Enfolded Enfolded Enfolds Enfolding
1582 Enforce نافذ کرنا Enforced Enforced Enforces Enforcing
1583 Enframe تصویر کو چوکھٹے میں لگانا Enframed Enframed Enframes Enframing
1584 Engage مشغول کرنا/منگنی کرنا Engaged Engaged Engages Engaging
1585 Engender باعث ہونا Engendered Engendered Engenders Engendering
1586 Engineer منظم کرنا Engineered Engineered Engineers Engineering
1587 Engraft پیوندلگانا Engrafted Engrafted Engrafts Engrafting
1588 Engrain دبانا Engrained Engrained Engrains Engraining
1589 Engrave نقش کرنا Engraved Engraved Engraves Engraving
1590 Engross منہمک کرنا Engrossed Engrossed Engrosses Engrossing
1591 Engulf گھیرلینا Engulfed Engulfed Engulfs Engulfing
1592 Enhance زیادہ کرنا Enhanced Enhanced Enhances Enhancing
1593 Enjoin ہدایت کرنا Enjoined Enjoined Enjoins Enjoining
1594 Enjoy لظف اندوزہونا Enjoyed Enjoyed Enjoys Enjoying
1595 Enkindle روشن کرنا/جلانا Enkindled Enkindled Enkindles Enkindling
1596 Enlace باندھنا Enlaced Enlaced Enlaces Enlacing
1597 Enlarge بڑھانا Enlarged Enlarged Enlarges Enlarging
1598 Enlighten روشنی ڈالنا Enlightened Enlightened Enlightens Enlightening
1599 Enlist بھرتی کرنا Enlisted Enlisted Enlists Enlisting
1600 Enliven جان ڈالنا Enlivened Enlivened Enlivens Enlivening
1601 Enmesh پھانسنا Enmeshed Enmeshed Enmeshes Enmeshing
1602 Ennoble ممتاز کرنا Ennobled Ennobled Ennobles Ennobling
1603 Enounce اعلان کرنا Enounced Enounced Enounces Enouncing
1604 Enquire پوچھنا Enquired Enquired Enquires Enquiring
1605 Enrage غصہ دلانا Enraged Enraged Enrages Enraging
1606 Enrange ترتیب واردینا Enranged Enranged Enranges Enranging
1607 Enrank صف میں ترتیب دینا Enranked Enranked Enranks Enranking
1608 Enrapture وجد میں لانا Enraptured Enraptured Enraptures Enrapturing
1609 Enravish باغ باغ کرنا Enravished Enravished Enravishes Enravishing
1610 Enregister فہرست میں لکھنا Enregistered Enregistered Enregisters Enregistering
1611 Enrich مالا مال کرنا Enriched Enriched Enriches Enriching
1612 Enrobe پوشاک پہنانا Enrobed Enrobed Enrobes Enrobing
1613 Enroll بھرتی کرنا Enrolled Enrolled Enrolls Enrolling
1614 Enroot گاڑنا Enrooted Enrooted Enroots Enrooting
1615 Enshrine زیارت گاہ میں رکھنا Enshrined Enshrined Enshrines Enshrining
1616 Enshroud ڈھانپنا/کفن میں لپیٹنا Enshrouded Enshrouded Enshrouds Enshrouding
1617 Enslave غلام بنانا Enslaved Enslaved Enslaves Enslaving
1618 Ensnare پھنسانا Ensnared Ensnared Ensnares Ensnaring
1619 Ensue نتیجہ ظاہر ہونا Ensued Ensued Ensues Ensuing
1620 Ensure یقینی صورت دینا Ensured Ensured Ensures Ensuring
1621 Entail وراثت محدود کرنا Entailed Entailed Entails Entailing
1622 Entangle الجھانا Entangled Entangled Entangles Entangling
1623 Enter داخل ہونا Entered Entered Enters Entering
1624 Enterprise قصدکرنا Enterprised Enterprised Enterprises Enterprising
1625 Entertain مہمان نوازی کرنا Entertained Entertained Entertains Entertaining
1626 Enthrall گرویدہ کرنا Enthralled Enthralled Enthralls Enthralling
1627 Enthrone تخت نشین کرنا Enthroned Enthroned Enthrones Enthroning
1628 Entice ورغلانا Enticed Enticed Entices Enticing
1629 Entitle عنوان دینا Entitled Entitled Entitles Entitling
1630 Entomb دفن کرنا Entombed Entombed Entombs Entombing
1631 Entrammel پھندےمیں ڈالنا Entrammeled Entrammeled Entrammels Entrammeling
1632 Entrap جال میں پکڑنا Entrapped Entrapped Entraps Entrapping
1633 Entreat التماس کرنا Entreated Entreated Entreats Entreating
1634 Entrench خندق کھودنا Entrenched Entrenched Entrenches Entrenching
1635 Entrust سپردکرنا Entrusted Entrusted Entrusts Entrusting
1636 Entwist موڑدینا Entwisted Entwisted Entwists Entwisting
1637 Enumerate شمارکرنا Enumerated Enumerated Enumerates Enumerating
1638 Enunciate تلفظ کرنا Enunciated Enunciated Enunciates Enunciating
1639 Envelop ڈھانپنا Enveloped Enveloped Envelops Enveloping
1640 Envenom عداوت پیدا کرنا Envenomed Envenomed Envenoms Envenoming
1641 Environ گھیرلینا Environed Environed Environs Environing
1642 Envisage غورکرنا Envisaged Envisaged Envisages Envisaging
1643 Envy رشک کرنا Envied Envied Envies Envying
1644 Enwrap لپیٹنا Enwrapped Enwrapped Enwraps Enwrapping
1645 Epitomize مختصر کرنا Epitomized Epitomized Epitomizes Epitomizing
1646 Equal یکساں ہونا Equaled Equaled Equals Equaling
1647 Equalize برابر کرنا Equalized Equalized Equalizes Equalizing
1648 Equate برابردرجہ دینا Equated Equated Equates Equating
1649 Equilibrate ہم وزن کرنا Equilibrated Equilibrated Equilibrates Equilibrating
1650 Equip لیس کرنا Equipped Equipped Equips Equipping
1651 Equivocate گول مول بات کرنا Equivocated Equivocated Equivocates Equivocating
1652 Eradicate جڑ سےاکھاڑنا Eradicated Eradicated Eradicates Eradicating
1653 Erase چھیل ڈالنا/مٹانا Erased Erased Erases Erasing
1654 Erect تعمیرکرنا Erected Erected Erects Erecting
1655 Erode کاٹ ڈالنا Eroded Eroded Erodes Eroding
1656 Err غلطی کرنا Erred Erred Errs Erring
1657 Erupt وبا کاپھوٹنا Erupted Erupted Erupts Erupting
1658 Escalate سیڑیاں لگا کر چڑھنا Escalated Escalated Escalates Escalating
1659 Escape بچ نکلنا Escaped Escaped Escapes Escaping
16160 Escarp ڈھال بنانا Escarped Escarped Escarps Escarping
16161 Escheat ضبط کرلینا Escheated Escheated Escheats Escheating
1662 Eschew پرہیز کرنا Eschewed Eschewed Eschews Eschewing
1663 Escort ساتھ جانا Escorted Escorted Escorts Escorting
1664 Espouse شادی کرنا Espoused Espoused Espouses Espousing
1665 Espy نظردوڑانا Espied Espied Espies Espying
1666 Essay کوشش کرنا Essayed Essayed Essays Essaying
1667 Establish قائم کرنا Established Established Establishes Establishing
1668 Esteem احترام کرنا Esteemed Esteemed Esteems Esteeming
1669 Estimate تخمینہ لگانا Estimated Estimated Estimates Estimating
1670 Estrange بیگانہ کرنا Estranged Estranged Estranges Estranging
1671 Etch تیزابی نقش بنانا Etched Etched Etches Etching
1672 Evacuate چھوڑآنا /نکالنا Evacuated Evacuated Evacuates Evacuating
1673 Evade بچ نکلنا Evaded Evaded Evades Evading
1674 Evaluate قیمت کا اندازہ لگانا Evaluated Evaluated Evaluates Evaluating
1675 Evaporate بخارات بنانا Evaporated Evaporated Evaporates Evaporating
1676 Eventuate بخارات بنانا Eventuated Eventuated Eventuates Eventuating
1677 Evict بےدخل کرنا Evicted Evicted Evicts Evicting
1678 Evidence گواہی دینا Evidenced Evidenced Evidences Evidencing
1679 Evince ثبوت مہیا کرنا Evinced Evinced Evinces Evincing
1680 Eviscerate آنتیں نکالنا Eviscerated Eviscerated Eviscerates Eviscerating
1681 Evolve جواب حاصل کرنا Evolved Evolved Evolves Evolving
1682 Exacerbate غصہ بھڑکانا Exacerbated Exacerbated Exacerbates Exacerbating
1683 Exact جبراَ وصول کرنا Exacted Exacted Exacts Exacting
1684 Exaggerate مبالغہ کرنا Exaggerated Exaggerated Exaggerates Exaggerating
1685 Exalt حمدوثنا کرنا/وقعت بڑھانا Exalted Exalted Exalts Exalting
1686 Examine مشاہدہ کرنا Examined Examined Examines Examining
1687 Exarticulate واضح کرنا Exarticulated Exarticulated Exarticulates Exarticulating
1688 Exasperate اشتعال دلانا Exasperated Exasperated Exasperates Exasperating
1689 Excamb آپس میں بدلنا Excambed Excambed Excambs Excambing
1690 Excavate کھودنا Excavated Excavated Excavates Excavating
1691 Exceed حدسےبڑھنا Exceeded Exceeded Exceeds Exceeding
1692 Excel بازی لےجانا Exceled Exceled Excels Exceling
1693 Except مستثنی کرنا Excepted Excepted Excepts Excepting
1694 Excerpt انتخاب کرنا Excerpted Excerpted Excerpts Excerpting
1695 Exchange مبادلہ کرنا Exchanged Exchanged Exchanges Exchanging
1696 Excise چاک کرنا Excised Excised Excises Excising
1697 Excite ابھارنا Excited Excited Excites Exciting
1698 Exclaim پکاراٹھنا Exclaimed Exclaimed Exclaims Exclaiming
1699 Exclude خارج کرنا Excluded Excluded Excludes Excluding
1700 Excogitate تدبیر سوچنا Excogitated Excogitated Excogitates Excogitating
1701 Excommunicate حقہ پانی بند کرنا Excommunicated Excommunicated Excommunicates Excommunicating
1702 Excoriate کھال کھینچنا Excoriated Excoriated Excoriates Excoriating
1703 Excrete غلاظت نکالنا Excreted Excreted Excretes Excreting
1704 Excruciate ایذا دینا Excruciated Excruciated Excruciates Excruciating
1705 Exculpate بری الذمہ قرار دینا Exculpated Exculpated Exculpates Exculpating
1706 Excuse معذرت کرنا Excused Excused Excuses Excusing
1707 Execrate لعنت بھیجنا Execrated Execrated Execrates Execrating
1708 Execute عمل میں لانا Executed Executed Executes Executing
1709 Exemplify نمونہ بننا Exemplified Exemplified Exemplifies Exemplifying
1710 Exempt مشتثنی قرار دینا Exempted Exempted Exempts Exempting
1711 Exercise مشق کرنا Exercised Exercised Exercises Exercising
1712 Exert مشقت کرنا Exerted Exerted Exerts Exerting
1713 Exfoliate چھلکےاتارنا Exfoliated Exfoliated Exfoliates Exfoliating
1714 Exhale سانس باہر نکالنا Exhaled Exhaled Exhales Exhaling
1715 Exhaust تھکادینا Exhausted Exhausted Exhausts Exhausting
1716 Exhibit نمائش کرنا Exhibited Exhibited Exhibits Exhibiting
1717 Exhilarate شاگفتہ کرنا Exhilarated Exhilarated Exhilarates Exhilarating
1718 Exhort تاکیدکرنا Exhorted Exhorted Exhorts Exhorting
1719 Exhume قبر کھودکر نکالنا Exhumed Exhumed Exhumes Exhuming
1720 Exile جلا وطن کرنا Exiled Exiled Exiles Exiling
1721 Exist موجودہونا Existed Existed Exists Existing
1722 Exorcize جھاڑ پھونک کرنا Exorcized Exorcized Exorcizes Exorcizing
1723 Expand پھیلانا Expanded Expanded Expands Expanding
1724 Expatiate بےروک ٹوک گھومنا Expatiated Expatiated Expatiates Expatiating
1725 Expatriate جلا وطن کرنا Expatriated Expatriated Expatriates Expatriating
1726 Expect توقع کرنا Expected Expected Expects Expecting
1727 Expedite جلدی کرنا Expedited Expedited Expedites Expediting
1728 Expel نکال باہر کرنا Expeled Expeled Expels Expeling
1729 Expend خرچ کرنا Expended Expended Expends Expending
1730 Experience معلوم یاتجربہ کرنا Experienced Experienced Experiences Experiencing
1731 Experiment تجربہ کرنا Experimented Experimented Experiments Experimenting
1732 Expiate کفارہ اداکرنا Expiated Expiated Expiates Expiating
1733 Expire ختم ہونا Expired Expired Expires Expiring
1734 Explain وضاحت کرنا Explained Explained Explains Explaining
1735 Explicate واضح کرنا Explicated Explicated Explicates Explicating
1736 Explode دھماکےسےپھٹنا Exploded Exploded Explodes Exploding
1737 Exploit ناجائز فائدہ اٹھانا Exploited Exploited Exploits Exploiting
1738 Explore سیاحت کرنا Explored Explored Explores Exploring
1739 Export برآمد کرنا Exported Exported Exports Exporting
1740 Expose بےنقاب کرنا Exposed Exposed Exposes Exposing
1741 Expostulate Expostulated Expostulated Expostulates Expostulating
1742 Expound سمجھنا Expounded Expounded Expounds Expounding
1743 Express اظہار کرنا Expressed Expressed Expresses Expressing
1744 Expropriate بے دخل کرنا Expropriated Expropriated Expropriates Expropriating
1745 Expurgate اخراج کرنا Expurgated Expurgated Expurgates Expurgating
1746 Extend وسیع کرنا Extended Extended Extends Extending
1747 Extenuate ہلکاکرنا Extenuated Extenuated Extenuates Extenuating
1748 Exterminate اکھاڑ پھینکنا Exterminated Exterminated Exterminates Exterminating
1749 Extinguish بجھانا Extinguished Extinguished Extinguishes Extinguishing
1750 Extirpate جڑ سےاکھاڑنا Extirpated Extirpated Extirpates Extirpating
1751 Extol تعریف کےپل باندھنا Extoled Extoled Extols Extoling
1752 Extort دھمک سےلینا Extorted Extorted Extorts Extorting
1753 Extract رس نکالنا Extracted Extracted Extracts Extracting
1754 Extradite حوالےکرنا Extradited Extradited Extradites Extraditing
1755 Extricate مشکلات سےنکالنا Extricated Extricated Extricates Extricating
1756 Extrude نکال دینا Extruded Extruded Extrudes Extruding
1757 Exude پسینہ نکلنا Exuded Exuded Exudes Exuding
1758 Exult بہت خوش ہونا Exulted Exulted Exultes Exulting
1759 Eye نظرآنا Eyed Eyed Eyes Eying