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5000 Three Forms of Verb

Forms of Verb starting with Letter F
S.No Base Form or 1st Form or Present or Infinitive Urdu Meaning Past Form or 2nd Form Past Participle or 3rd Form Third Person Singular or S/ES Form Progressive Form or ing Form or Present Participle
1760 Fabricate گھڑنا Fabricated Fabricated Fabricates Fabricating
1761 Face سامناکرنا Faced Faced Faces Facing
1762 Facilitate سہولت پیداکرنا Facilitated Facilitated Facilitates Facilitating
1763 Fag تھکادینا Fagged Fagged Fages Fagging
1764 Fade مرجھانا Faded Faded Fades Fading
1765 Fail ناکام ہونا Failed Failed Fails Failing
1766 Faint بےہوش ہونا Fainted Fainted Faints Fainting
1767 Fake جعلسازی کرنا Faked Faked Fakes Faking
1768 Fall گرنا Fell Fallen Falls Falling
1769 Falsify جھٹلانا Falsified Falsified Falsifies Falsifying
1770 Falter ہچکچانا Faltered Faltered Falters Faltering
1771 Familiarize مشہورکرنا Familiarized Familiarized Familiarizes Familiarizing
1772 Famish بھوکوں مرنا Famished Famished Famishes Famishing
1773 Fan پنکھاجھلنا Fanned Fanned Fans Faning
1774 Fancy تصورکرنا Fancied Fancied Fancies Fancing
1775 Fare بیتنا Fared Fared Fars Faring
1776 Farm کاشت کرنا Farmed Farmed Farms Farming
1777 Farrow جھول نکالنا Farrowed Farrowed Farrows Farrowing
1778 Fascinate موہ لینا Fascinated Fascinated Fascinates Fascinating
1779 Fashion ڈھالنا Fashioned Fashioned Fashions Fashioning
1780 Fasten باندھنا Fastened Fastened Fastens Fastening
1781 Fathom گہرائی ناپنا Fathomed Fathomed Fathoms Fathoming
1782 Fatigue تھکادینا Fatigued Fatigued Fatigues Fatiguing
1783 Fatten موٹاکرنا Fattened Fattened Fattens Fattening
1784 Fault عیب نکالنا Faulted Faulted Faults Faulting
1785 Favour ہمدردی کرنا Favoured Favoured Favours Favouring
1786 Fawn چاپلوسی کرنا Fawned Fawned Fawnes Fawning
1787 Fax فیکس کرنا Faxed Faxed Faxes Faxing
1788 Fear خوف کھانا Feared Feared Fears Fearing
1789 Feather پروں سےآراستہ کرنا Feathered Feathered Feathers Feathering
1790 Feature خاکہ تیارکرنا Featured Featured Features Featuring
1791 Fecundate باآوربنانا Fecundated Fecundated Fecundates Fecundating
1792 Federate وفاقی حکومت بنانا Federated Federated Federates Federating
1793 Fee فیس دینا Feed Feed Fees Feeing
1794 Feed کھلانا Fed Fed Feeds Feeding
1795 Feel محسوس کرنا Felt Felt Feels Feeling
1796 Feign حیلہ کرنا Feigned Feigned Feigns Feigning
1797 Felicitate مبارکباددینا Felicitated Felicitated Felicitates Felicitating
1798 Fell کاٹ کر گرانا Felled Felled Fells Felling
1799 Feminize نسوانی خواص اختیار کرنا Feminized Feminized Feminizes Feminizing
1800 Fence حمایت کرنا Fenced Fenced Fences Fencing
1801 Fend حفاظت کرنا Fended Fended Fends Fending
1802 Feoff جاگیر دینا Feoffed Feoffed Feoffs Feoffing
1803 Ferment خمیراٹھنا Fermented Fermented Ferments Fermenting
1804 Ferry ناؤچلانا Ferried Ferried Ferries Ferring
1805 Fertilize زرخیزکرنا Fertilized Fertilized Fertilizes Fertilizing
1806 Fester پیپ پڑجانا Festered Festered Festers Festering
1807 Fetch جا کرلانا Fetched Fetched Fetches Fetching
1808 Fiddle سارنگی بجانا Fiddled Fiddled Fiddles Fiddling
1809 Fidget بےچین ہونا Fidgeted Fidgeted Fidgets Fidgeting
1810 Field فیلڈنگ کرنا Fielded Fielded Fields Fielding
1811 Fight لڑنا Fought Fought Fights Fighting
1812 Figure شکل بنانا Figured Figured Figures Figuring
1813 Filch چھوٹی چھوٹی چوری کرنا Filched Filched Filches Filching
1814 File دائرکرنا Filed Filed Files Filing
1815 Fill بھرنا Filled Filled Fills Filling
1816 Fillip اکسانا Filliped Filliped Fillips Filliping
1817 Film فلم بنانا Filmed Filmed Films Filming
1818 Flag ڈھیلا چھوڑنا Flagged Flagged Flags Flaging
1819 Filter ٹپکانا Filtered Filtered Filters Filtering
1820 Filtrate صاف کرنا Filtrated Filtrated Filtrates Filtrating
1821 Finalize حتمی صورت دینا Finalized Finalized Finalizes Finalizing
1822 Find پانا/ہاتھ لگنا Found Found Finds Finding
1823 Fine جرمانہ کرنا Fined Fined Fines Fining
1824 Finger انگلی سےچھونا Fingered Fingered Fingers Fingering
1825 Finish ختم کرنا Finished Finished Finishes Finishing
1826 Fire آگ جلانا/جوش دلانا Fired Fired Fires Firing
1827 Firm مضبوط کرنا Firmed Firmed Firms Firming
1828 Fish مچھلی پکڑنا Fished Fished Fishes Fishing
1829 Fit ٹھیک کرنا Fitted Fitted Fits Fitting
1830 Fix جڑنا/مقررکرنا Fixed Fixed Fixes Fixing
1831 Fizzle ناکام رہنا Fizzled Fizzled Fizzles Fizzling
1832 Flagellate کوڑےماڑنا Flagellated Flagellated Flagellates Flagellating
1833 Flame جل اٹھنا Flamed Flamed Flames Flaming
1834 Flank بازوپُرہونا Flanked Flanked Flanks Flanking
1835 Flap پھڑپھڑانا Flapped Flapped Flaps Flapping
1836 Flare جھلملانا Flared Flared Flares Flaring
1837 Flash بھڑک اٹھنا Flashed Flashed Flashes Flashing
1838 Flatten ہموارکرنا Flattened Flattened Flattens Flattening
1839 Flatter چاپلوسی کرنا Flattered Flattered Flatters Flattering
1840 Flaunt اتراکرچلنا Flaunted Flaunted Flaunts Flaunting
1841 Fleck دھبہ ڈالنا Flecked Flecked Flecks Flecking
1842 Fledge اُڑنےکےلائق کرنا Fledged Fledged Fledges Fledging
1843 Flee فرارہونا Fled Fled Flees Fleeing
1844 Fleer ہنسی اڑانا Fleered Fleered Fleers Fleering
1845 Fleet تیزی سےگزرجانا Fleeted Fleeted Fleets Fleeting
1846 Flex خم کرنا Flexed Flexed Flexes Flexing
1847 Flick ضرب لگانا Flicked Flicked Flicks Flicking
1848 Flicker جھلملانا Flickered Flickered Flickers Flickering
1849 Flinch پیچھے ہٹنا Flinched Flinched Flinches Flinching
1850 Fling پٹخنا Flung Flung Flings Flinging
1851 Flip اُچھالنا Flipped Flipped Flips Flipping
1852 Flirt نازنخرےکرنا Flirted Flirted Flirts Flirting
1853 Flit اچھلنا/نقل مکانی کرنا Flitted Flitted Flits Fliting
1854 Flitch ٹکرےکاٹنا Flitched Flitched Flitches Flitching
1855 Float تیرنا Floated Floated Floats Floating
1856 Flock نڑی تعداد میں اکھٹے ہونا Flocked Flocked Flocks Flocking
1857 Flog کوڑےلگانا Flogged Flogged Flogs Floging
1858 Flood سیلاب آنا Flooded Flooded Floods Flooding
1859 Flop بھدی چال سےچلنا Flopped Flopped Flops Floping
1860 Floriate پھول بنا کرآرائش کرنا Floriated Floriated Floriats Floriating
1861 Flounder بیکارہاتھ پاؤں مارنا Floundered Floundered Flounders Floundering
1862 Flourish سرسبز ہونا/ترقی کرنا Flourished Flourished Flourishes Flourishing
1863 Flout حقارت سےدیکھنا Flouted Flouted Flouts Flouting
1864 Flow بہنا Flowed Flowed Flows Flowing
1865 Flower پھول کھلنا Flowered Flowered Flowers Flowering
1866 Fluctuate بدلتےرہنا Fluctuated Fluctuated Fluctuates Fluctuating
1867 Flume نالی بنانا Flumed Flumed Flumes Fluming
1868 Flummox بدحواس کردینا Flummoxed Flummoxed Flummoxes Flummoxing
1869 Flush پانی سےصاف کرنا Flushed Flushed Flushes Flushing
1870 Fluster مضطرب کردینا Flustered Flustered Flusters Flustering
1871 Flutter اُوپرنیچےہونا Fluttered Fluttered Flutteres Fluttering
1872 Fly اُڑنا Flew Flown Flies Flying
1873 Fob دھوکہ دینا Fobbed Fobbed Fobs Fobing
1874 Focus مرتکز کرنا Focused Focused Focuses Focusing
1875 Foil ناکام بنانا Foiled Foiled Foils Foiling
1876 Fold تہہ کرنا Folded Folded Folds Folding
1877 Foliate بیل کرورق بنانا Foliated Foliated Foliates Foliating
1878 Finance رقم لگانا Financed Financed Finances Financing
1879 Follow عمل کرنا Followed Followed Follows Following
1901 Format ترتیب بندی کرنا Formatted Formatted Formats Formatting
1902 Formulate قانون بنانا Formulated Formulated Formulates Formulating
1903 Forsake چھوڑدینا Forsook Forsaken Forsakes Forsaking
1904 Forswear حلفیہ تردید کرنا Forswore Forsworn Forswears Forswearing
1905 Fortify مستحکم کرنا Fortified Fortified Fortifies Fortifying
1906 Forward آگے بھیجنا Forwarded Forwarded Forwards Forwarding
1907 Foster پالنا Fostered Fostered Fosters Fostering
1908 Foul میلا کرنا Fouled Fouled Fouls Fouling
1909 Found بنیاد رکھنا Founded Founded Founds Founding
1910 Fracture ہڈی ٹوٹنا Fractured Fractured Fractures Fracturing
1911 Fragment ریزہ ریزہ کرنا Fragmented Fragmented Fragments Fragmenting
1912 Frame ڈھانچہ بنانا Framed Framed Frames Framing
1913 Free آزادکرنا Freed Freed Frees Freeing
1914 Freeze برف بن جانا Froze Frozen Freezes Freezing
1915 Freight مال بھرنا Freighted Freighted Freights Freighting
1916 Frequent اکثرآناجانا Frequented Frequented Frequents Frequenting
1917 Fret گھسانا Fretted Fretted Frets Fretting
1918 Frighten خوفزدہ کرنا Frightened Frightened Frightens Frightening
1919 Frisk کودتےجانا Frisked Frisked Frisks Frisking
1920 Fronted مقابلہ کرنا Fronted Fronted Fronts Fronting
1921 Frost جم جانا Frosted Frosted Frosts Frosting
1922 Frown تیوری چڑھانا Frowned Frowned Frowns Frowning
1923 Fructify بارآور ہونا Fructified Fructified Fructifies Fructifying
1924 Frustrate مایوس کرنا Frustrated Frustrated Frustrates Frustrating
1925 Fry تلنا Fried Fried Fries Frying
1926 Fuddle مخمورکرنا Fuddled Fuddled Fuddles Fuddling
1927 Fudge جھوٹی کہانی کہنا Fudged Fudged Fudges Fudging
1928 Fuel ایندھن مہیا کرنا Fueled Fueled Fuels Fueling
1929 Fulfil پوراکرنا Fulfiled Fulfiled Fulfils Fulfiling
1930 Full کلف دینا Fulled Fulled Fulls Fulling
1931 Fulminate کوسنا Fulminated Fulminated Fulminates Fulminating
1932 Fumble ٹٹولنا Fumbled Fumbled Fumbles Fumbling
1933 Fume غصے ہونا Fumed Fumed Fumes Fuming
1934 Function فرض انجام دینا Functioned Functioned Functions Functioning
1935 Fund چندہ جمع کرنا Funded Funded Funds Funding
1936 Furbish جلا دینا Furbished Furbished Furbishes Furbishing
1937 Furcate دوشاخہ بنانا Furcated Furcated Furcates Furcating
1938 Furl لپیٹنا Furled Furled Furls Furling
1939 Furnish مہیا کرنا/آراستہ کرنا Furnished Furnished Furnishes Furnishing
1940 Furrow نالیاں بنانا Furrowed Furrowed Furrows Furrowing
1941 Further ترقی دینا Furthered Furthered Furthers Furthering
1942 Fuse پگھلانا Fused Fused Fuses Fusing
1943 Fuss شوروغل کرنا Fussed Fussed Fusses Fussing
1944 Fustigate ڈنڈےلگانا Fustigated Fustigated Fustigates Fustigating