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5000 Three Forms of Verb

Forms of Verb starting with Letter G
S.No Base Form or 1st Form or Present or Infinitive Urdu Meaning Past Form or 2nd Form Past Participle or 3rd Form Third Person Singular or S/ES Form Progressive Form or ing Form or Present Participle
1945 Gab تیزطراری سے بولنا Gabbed Gabbed Gabs Gabbing
1946 Gabble چڑچڑکرنا Gabbled Gabbled Gabbles Gabbling
1947 Gad اِدھراُدھر پھرنا Gadded Gadded Gads Gadding
1948 Gag زبان بندی کرنا Gaged Gaged Gags Gaging
1949 Gain حاصل کرنا Gained Gained Gains Gaining
1950 Gainsay انکارکرنا Gainsaid Gainsaid Gainsays Gainsaying
1951 Gall تنگ کرنا Galled Galled Galls Galling
1952 Gallivant آوارہ پھرنا Gallivanted Gallivanted Gallivants Gallivanting
1953 Gallop دوڑانا Galloped Galloped Gallops Galloping
1954 Galvanize ہیجان پیدا کرنا Galvanized Galvanized Galvanizes Galvanizing
1955 Gamble جواکھیلنا Gambled Gambled Gambles Gambling
1956 Gammon شکست یادھوکہ دینا Gammoned Gammoned Gammons Gammoning
1957 Gang اکٹھےکرنا/سر جھکانا Ganged Ganged Gangs Ganging
1958 Gape ہکابکارہنا Gaped Gaped Gapes Gaping
1959 Garble چن لینا Garbled Garbled Garbles Garbling
1960 Gargle غرارہ کرنا Gargled Gargled Gargles Gargling
1961 Garner ذخیرہ کرنا Garnered Garnered Garners Garnering
1962 Garnish سجانا Garnished Garnished Garnishes Garnishing
1963 Gasp ہچکیاں لینا Gasped Gasped Gasps Gasping
1964 Gather اکھٹا کرنا Gathered Gathered Gathers Gathering
1965 Gauffer چنٹ ڈالنا Gauffered Gauffered Gauffers Gauffering
1966 Gauge جانچنا Gauged Gauged Gauges Gauging
1967 Gaze گھورنا Gazed Gazed Gazes Gazing
1968 Gear تیارکرنا Geared Geared Gears Gearing
1969 Geld خصی کرنا Gelded Gelded Gelds Gelding
1970 Geminate جوڑےبنانا Geminated Geminated Geminates Geminating
1971 Generalize اصول قراردینا Generalized Generalized Generalizes Generalizing
1972 Generate برق پیداکرنا Generated Generated Generates Generating
1973 Germinate پھوٹنا Germinated Germinated Germinates Germinating
1974 Gesticulate اشاروں سےباتیں کرنا Gesticulated Gesticulated Gesticulates Gesticulating
1975 Gesture اشارہ کرنا Gestured Gestured Gestures Gesturing
1976 Get پانا/حاصل کرنا Got Got Gets Getting
1977 Gibber مہمل باتیں کرنا Gibbered Gibbered Gibbers Gibbering
1978 Gibe مذاق اُڑانا Gibed Gibed Gibes Gibing
1979 Gift تحفہ دینا Gifted Gifted Gifts Gifting
1980 Giggle کھسیانی ہنسی ہنسنا Giggled Giggled Giggles Giggling
1981 Gild طمع کرنا Gilded Gilded Gilds Gilding
1982 Gird باندھنا Girded Girded Girds Girding
1983 Girdle گھیرنا Girdled Girdled Girdles Girdling
1984 Give دینا Gave Given Gives Giving
1985 Gladden خوش کرنا Gladdened Gladdened Gladdens Gladdening
1986 Glamour موہ لینا Glamoured Glamoured Glamours Glamouring
1987 Glance طائرانہ نظر ڈالنا Glanced Glanced Glances Glancing
1988 Glare چوندھیا دینا Glared Glared Glares Glaring
1989 Glaze روغن کرنا Glazed Glazed Glazes Glazing
1990 Gleam جھلک دکھانا Gleamed Gleamed Gleams Gleaming
1991 Glean چننا Gleaned Gleaned Gleans Gleaning
1992 Glide پھسلنا Glided Glided Glides Gliding
1993 Glimpse جھلک دیکھنا Glimpsed Glimpsed Glimpses Glimpsing
1994 Glisten چمکنا Glistened Glistened Glistens Glistening
1995 Glitter چمکنا/دمکنا Glittered Glittered Glitters Glittering
1996 Gloat فخروناز سےدیکھنا Gloated Gloated Gloats Gloating
1997 Glorify حمدکرنا Glorified Glorified Glorifies Glorifying
1998 Gloss لیپ کرنا Glossed Glossed Glosses Glossing
1999 Glow دَمکنا/سرخ کرنا Glowed Glowed Glows Glowing
2000 Glue چپکانا Glued Glued Glues Gluing
2001 Gnash دانت پیسنا Gnashed Gnashed Gnashes Gnashing
2002 Gnaw کترنا Gnawed Gnawed Gnaws Gnawing
2003 Go جانا/حرکت کرنا went Gone Goes Going
2004 Goad آنکھیں مارنا/اکسانا Goaded Goaded Goads Goading
2005 Gobble ہڑپ کرجانا Gobbled Gobbled Gobbles Gobbling
2006 Goggle آنکھیں گھمانا Goggled Goggled Goggles Goggling
2007 Gossip گپ شپ کرنا Gossiped Gossiped Gossips Gossiping
2008 Gouge دباکرنکالنا Gouged Gouged Gouges Gouging
2009 Govern تسلط قائم کرنا Governed Governed Governs Governing
2010 Grab چھین لینا Grabbed Grabbed Grabs Grabing
2011 Grace دلکش بنانا Graced Graced Graces Gracing
2012 Grade درجہ بندی کرنا Graded Graded Grades Grading
2013 Graduate سند دینا Graduated Graduated Graduates Graduating
2014 Graft قلم یا پیوند لگانا Grafted Grafted Grafts Grafting
2015 Grant منظوری دینا Granted Granted Grants Granting
2016 Grapple تھامنا Grappled Grappled Grapples Grappling
2017 Grasp پکڑنا Grasped Grasped Grasps Grasping
2018 Grate چھیلنا/رگڑنا Grated Grated Grates Grating
2019 Gratify تسکین کرنا Gratified Gratified Gratifies Gratifying
2020 Gratulate خوشی کااظہارکرنا Gratulated Gratulated Gratulates Gratulating
2021 Grave تارکول لگانا Graved Graved Graves Graving
2022 Gravitate مرکزکی کشش سےکھینچنا Gravitated Gravitated Gravitates Gravitating
2023 Graze گھاس چرنا Grazed Grazed Grazes Grazing
2024 Grease چکناکرنا Greased Greased Greases Greasing
2025 Greet سلام کرنا Greeted Greeted Greets Greeting
2026 Gride سوراخ کرنا Grided Grided Grides Griding
2027 Grieve رنجیدہ ہونا Grieved Grieved Grieves Grieving
2028 Grill بھناجانا/ایذادینا Grilled Grilled Grills Grilling
2029 Grimace بدصورت بنانا Grimaced Grimaced Grimaces Grimacing
2030 Grin کھسیانی ہنسی ہنسنا Grinned Grinned Grins Grinning
2031 Grind پیسنا Ground Ground Grinds Grinding
2032 Grip مضبوط پکڑنا Griped Griped Grips Griping
2033 Gripe خفایازچ کرنا Griped Griped Gripes Griping
2034 Grit کرکرانا Gritted Gritted Grits Griting
2035 Groan کراہنا Groaned Groaned Groans Groaning
2036 Groom چرانا/دلہا بنانا Groomed Groomed Grooms Grooming
2037 Grope ٹٹولنا Groped Groped Gropes Groping
2038 Ground قائم کرنا Grounded Grounded Grounds Grounding
2039 Group گروپ بندی کرنا Grouped Grouped Groups Grouping
2040 Grow اگانا/بڑھانا Grew Grown Grows Growing
2041 Growl گرج کر کہنا Growled Growled Growls Growling
2042 Grub کھودنا Grubbed Grubbed Grubs Grubbing
2043 Grudge دریغ کرنا Grudged Grudged Grudges Grudging
2044 Grumble شکایت کرنا Grumbled Grumbled Grumbles Grumbling
2045 Grunt غُرانا/بُڑبڑانا Grunted Grunted Grunts Grunting
2046 Guarantee ضمانت دینا Guaranteed Guaranteed Guarantees Guaranteeing
2047 Guard حفاظت کرنا Guarded Guarded Guards Guarding
2048 Guess قیاس لگانا Guessed Guessed Guess Guessing
2049 Guide راہنمائی کرنا Guided Guided Guides Guiding
2050 Gull دھوکہ دینا Gulled Gulled Gulls Gulling
2051 Gulp پڑپ کرنا/نگلنا Gulped Gulped Gulps Gulping
2052 Gurgle گڑگڑکرنا Gurgled Gurgled Gurgles Gurgling
2053 Gush زور سےنکلنا Gushed Gushed Gushes Gushing
2054 Gut بھسم کرنا Gutted Gutted Guts Gutting
2055 Guzzle کھا پی کےبرابر کرنا Guzzled Guzzled Guzzles Guzzling
2056 Gyrate چکر کھانا/گھومنا Gyrated Gyrated Gyrates Gyrating