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5000 Three Forms of Verb

Forms of Verb starting with Letter H
S.No Base Form or 1st Form or Present or Infinitive Urdu Meaning Past Form or 2nd Form Past Participle or 3rd Form Third Person Singular or S/ES Form Progressive Form or ing Form or Present Participle
2057 Hack سختی سےکاٹنا Hacked Hacked Hacks Hacking
2058 Hade نشیب کی طرف مائل ہونا Haded Haded Hades Hading
2059 Haggle قیمت پرجھگڑاکرنا Haggled Haggled Haggles Haggling
2060 Hail ژالہ باری ہونا Hailed Hailed Hails Hailing
2061 Hallow پاک کرنا Hallowed Hallowed Hallows Hallowing
2062 Halt روکنا Halted Halted Halts Halting
2063 Halve نصف کرنا Halved Halved Halves Halving
2064 Hammer کوٹنا/ٹھوکنا Hammered Hammered Hammers Hammering
2065 Hamper روکاوٹ ڈالنا Hampered Hampered Hampers Hampering
2066 Hand دستی مددکرنا Handed Handed Hands Handing
2067 Handcuff ہتھکڑی لگانا Handcuffed Handcuffed Handcuffs Handcuffing
2068 Handicap روکاوٹ ڈالنا Handicapped Handicapped Handicaps Handicapping
2069 Handle ہاتھ میں لینا Handled Handled Handles Handling
2070 Handwrite ہاتھ سےتحریرکرنا Handwrote Handwritten Handwrites Handwriting
2071 Hang پھانسی دینا Hanged Hanged Hangs Hanging
2072 Hang لٹکانا Hanged Hanged Hangs Hanging
2073 Hanker آرزومندہونا Hankered Hankered Hankered Hankering
2074 Happen پیش آنا/ہونا Happened Happened Happens Happening
2075 Harass زچ کرنا/ستانا Harassed Harassed Harasses Harasing
2076 Harbour ذہن میں رکھنا Harboured Harboured Harbours Harbouring
2077 Harden سخت کرنا Hardened Hardened Hardens Hardening
2078 Hark سننا/کان دھرنا Harked Harked Harks Harking
2079 Harm نقصان پہچانا Harmed Harmed Harms Harming
2080 Harness گھوڑےجوتنا Harnessed Harnessed Harnesses Harnessing
2081 Harrow تاراج کرنا Harrowed Harrowed Harrows Harrowing
2082 Harvest فصل کاٹنا Harvested Harvested Harvests Harvesting
2083 Hasten جلدی کرنا/تیز کرنا Hastened Hastened Hastens Hastening
2084 Hatch انڈےسینا Hatched Hatched Hatches Hatching
2085 Hatchel صاف کرنا Hatchelled Hatchelled Hatchels Hatcheling
2086 Hate نفرت کرنا Hated Hated Hates Hating
2087 Haul کھینچنا Hauled Hauled Hauls Hauling
2088 Haunt چھاجانا Haunted Haunted Haunts Haunting
2089 Head سب سے آگےآنا Headed Headed Heads Heading
2090 Heal صحت یاب کرنا Healed Healed Heals Healing
2091 Heap ڈھیر لگانا Heaped Heaped Heaps Heaping
2092 Hear سننا/اطلاع پانا Heard Heard Hears Hearing
2093 Heat گرم کرنا Heated Heated Heats Heating
2094 Heave آہ بھرنا Heaved Heaved Heaves Heaving
2095 Heckle مُداخلت کرنا Heckled Heckled Heckles Heckling
2096 Hedge باڑلگانا Hedged Hedged Hedges Hedging
2097 Heed توجہ کرنا Heeded Heeded Heeds Heeding
2098 Heighten اُونچا کرنا Heightened Heightened Heightens Heightening
2099 Help مدد کرنا Helped Helped Helps Helping
2100 Hem سنجاف لگانا Hemmed Hemmed Hems Heming
2101 Herald منادی کرنا Heralded Heralded Heralds Heralding
2102 Herd خاص سمت میں چلنا Herded Herded Herds Herding
2103 Hesitate ہچکچانا Hesitated Hesitated Hesitates Hesitating
2104 Hew کاٹ کر بنانا Hewed Hewed Hews Hewing
2105 Hibernate جاڑےمیں سوتے رہنا Hibernated Hibernated Hibernates Hibernating
2106 Hiccup ہچکی آنا Hiccupped Hiccupped Hiccups Hiccupping
2107 Hide چھپانا Hid Hidden Hides Hiding
2108 Higgle حجت کرنا Higgled Higgled Higgles Higgling
2109 Highlight نمایاں یاواضح کرنا Highlighted Highlighted Highlights Highlighting
2110 Hijack زبردستی لوٹ لینا Hijacked Hijacked Hijacks Hijacking
2111 Hike پیدل سفرکرنا Hiked Hiked Hikes Hiking
2112 Hinder حائل پونا Hindered Hindered Hinders Hindering
2113 Hinge چول لگانا Hinged Hinged Hinges Hinging
2114 Hint اشارہ دینا Hinted Hinted Hints Hinting
2115 Hire کرائےپرلینا Hired Hired Hires Hiring
2116 Hiss سوں سوں کرنا/پھنکارنا Hissed Hissed Hisses Hissing
2117 Hit ضرب لگانا Hit Hit Hits Hitting
2118 Hitch پھنس جانا Hitched Hitched Hitches Hitching
2119 Hoard ذخیرہ کرنا Hoarded Hoarded Hoards Hoarding
2120 Hobble رک رک کر بولنا Hobbled Hobbled Hobbles Hobbling
2121 Hobnob بے تکفی کی باتیں کرنا Hobnobbed Hobnobbed Hobnobs Hobnobbing
2122 Hock گروی رکھوانا Hocked Hocked Hocks Hocking
2123 Hoist اُونچاکرنا Hoisted Hoisted Hoists Hoisting
2124 Hold پکڑنا Held Held Holds Holding
2125 Hollow کھوکھلا کرنا Hollowed Hollowed Hollows Hollowing
2126 Hone بڑبڑانا/آرزورکھنا Honed Honed Hones Honing
2127 Honor عزت دینا Honored Honored Honors Honoring
2128 Hook گھیراڈالنا Hooked Hooked Hooks Hooking
2129 Hoot نعرےلگانا Hooted Hooted Hoots Hooting
2130 Hop اُچھلنا Hopped Hopped Hops Hopping
2131 Hope آس لگانا Hoped Hoped Hopes Hoping
2132 Horrify دہشت زدہ کرنا Horrified Horrified Horrifies Horrifying
2133 Hospitalize ہسپتال بھیجنا Hospitalized Hospitalized Hospitalizes Hospitalizing
2134 Host میزبان بننا Hosted Hosted Hosts Hosting
2135 Hound جان نہ چھوڑنا Hounded Hounded Hounds Hounding
2136 House مکان رکھنا Housed Housed Houses Housing
2137 Hover منڈلاتے پھرنا Hovered Hovered Hovers Hovering
2138 Howl چیخنا Howled Howled Howls Howling
2139 Huddle بےترتیب انبارلگانا Huddled Huddled Huddles Huddling
2140 Hug گلےلگانا Hugged Hugged Hugs Hugging
2141 Hum بھنبھنانا Hummed Hummed Hums Humming
2142 Humble خاکساری کرنا Humbled Humbled Humbles Humbling
2143 Humiliate ذلیل کرنا Humiliated Humiliated Humiliates Humiliating
2144 Hunch خم پیداکرنا/کہنی مارنا Hunched Hunched Hunches Hunching
2145 Hunt شکارکرنا Hunted Hunted Hunts Hunting
2146 Hurl زور سےپھینکنا Hurled Hurled Hurls Hurling
2147 Hurry جلدی کرنا Hurried Hurried Hurries Hurrying
2148 Hurt زخمی کرنا Hurt Hurt Hurts Hurting
2149 Hurtle تیزی سےحرکت کرنا Hurtled Hurtled Hurtles Hurtling
2150 Hush چپ کرانا Hushed Hushed Hushes Hushing
2151 Hustle دھکم دھکاہونا Hustled Hustled Hustles Hustling
2152 Hybridize دو نسلوں کوملانا Hybridized Hybridized Hybridizes Hybridizing
2153 Hydrate پانی ملانا Hydrated Hydrated Hydrates Hydrating
2154 Hypnotize توجہ پیداکرنا Hypnotized Hypnotized Hypnotizes Hypnotizing