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5000 Three Forms of Verb

Forms of Verb starting with Letter J
S.No Base Form or 1st Form or Present or Infinitive Urdu Meaning Past Form or 2nd Form Past Participle or 3rd Form Third Person Singular or S/ES Form Progressive Form or ing Form or Present Participle
2351 Jab گھونسا مارنا Jabbed Jabbed Jabs Jabbing
2352 Jaculate چھوڑنا Jaculated Jaculated Jaculates Jaculating
2353 Jail قیدخانے میں ڈالنا Jailed Jailed Jails Jailing
2354 Jam جکڑنا Jammed Jammed Jams Jamming
2355 Jangle جھنجھنانا Jangled Jangled Jangles Jangling
2356 Jar تکرارکرنا Jarred Jarred Jars Jarring
2357 Jazz شوروغل کرنا Jazzed Jazzed Jazzes Jazzing
2358 Jeer مذاق اُڑانا Jeered Jeered Jeers Jeering
2359 Jeopardize خطرےمیں ڈالنا Jeopardized Jeopardized Jeopardizes Jeopardizing
2360 Jerk جھٹک دینا Jerked Jerked Jerks Jerking
2361 Jest مذاق کرنا Jested Jested Jests Jesting
2362 Jib مچل جانا Jibbed Jibbed Jibs Jibbing
2363 Jig حرکت کرنا Jigged Jigged Jigs Jigging
2364 Jiggle ہلکےجھٹکےدینا Jiggled Jiggled Jiggles Jiggling
2365 Jog جنجھوڑنا Jogged Jogged Jogs Jogging
2366 Joggle جھٹکےدینا Joggled Joggled Joggles Joggling
2367 Join جوڑنا Joined Joined Joins Joining
2368 Joke ہنسی اڑانا Joked Joked Jokes Joking
2369 Jollify مست کر دینا Jollified Jollified Jollifies Jollifying
2370 Jolt ہچکولے کھانا Jolted Jolted Jolts Jolting
2371 Jostle ٹکرانا Jostled Jostled Jostles Jostling
2372 Jot جلدی سےلکھنا Jotted Jotted Jots Jotting
2373 Journey مسافت طے کرنا Journeyed Journeyed Journeys Journeying
2374 Joust تلواروں سے لڑنا Jousted Jousted Jousts Jousting
2375 Jubilate خوشی منانا Jubilated Jubilated Jubilates Jubilating
2376 Judge اندازہ لگانا Judged Judged Judges Judging
2377 Juggle شعبدہ بازی کرنا Juggled Juggled Juggles Juggling
2378 Jugulate ہلاک کرنا Jugulated Jugulated Jugulates Jugulating
2379 Jumble گڈمڈکرنا Jumbled Jumbled Jumbles Jumbling
2380 Jump چھلانگ لگانا Jumped Jumped Jumps Jumping
2381 Junk ٹکرےٹکرے کرنا Junked Junked Junks Junking
2382 Justify جواز پیش کرنا Justified Justified Justifies Justifying
2383 Jut باہر کو جُھکنا Jutted Jutted Juts Jutting
2384 Juxtapose آمنےسامنےرکھنا Juxtaposed Juxtaposed Juxtaposes Juxtaposing