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5000 Three Forms of Verb

Forms of Verb starting with Letter L
S.No Base Form or 1st Form or Present or Infinitive Urdu Meaning Past Form or 2nd Form Past Participle or 3rd Form Third Person Singular or S/ES Form Progressive Form or ing Form or Present Participle
2403 Label چٹ کرنا Labeled Labeled Labels Labeling
2404 Labour مشقت کرنا Laboured Laboured Labours Labouring
2405 Lace تسمہ باندھنا Laced Laced Laces Lacing
2406 Lacerate سخت صدمہ پہنچانا Lacerated Lacerated Lacerates Lacerating
2407 Lack قلت ہونا Lacked Lacked Lacks Lacking
2408 Lade اسباب بھرنا Laded Laded Lades Lading
2409 Lag پیچھے رہ جانا Lagged Lagged Lags Laging
2410 Lam مارنا/پیٹنا Lamed Lamed Lams Laming
2411 Lament ماتم کرنا Lamented Lamented Laments Lamenting
2412 Laminate ورق چڑھانا Laminated Laminated Laminates Laminating
2413 Land اتارنا Landed Landed Lands Landing
2414 Landscape منظرکشی کرنا Landscaped Landscaped Landscapes Landscaping
2415 Languish نڈھال ہونا Languished Languished Languishes Languishing
2416 Lap آغوش میں لینا Lapped Lapped Lapps Lapping
2417 Lapidate پتھر مارنا Lapidated Lapidated Lapidates Lapidating
2418 Lapidify پتھر بنا دینا Lapidified Lapidified Lapidifies Lapidifying
2419 Lapse غلطی کرنا Lapsed Lapsed Lapses Lapsing
2420 Lash کوڑے مارنا Lashed Lashed Lashes Lashing
2421 Last جاری رہنا Lasted Lasted Lasts Lasting
2422 Latch باندھنا Latched Latched Latches Latching
2423 Lath تختہ بندی کرنا Lathed Lathed Laths Lathing
2424 Laud تعریف کرنا Lauded Lauded Lauds Lauding
2425 Laugh ہنسنا Laughed Laughed Laughs Laughing
2426 Launch جاری کرنا Launched Launched Launches Launching
2427 Launder دھلائی کرنا Laundered Laundered Launders Laundering
2428 Lave طہارت کرنا Laved Laved Laves Laving
2429 Lavish فضول خرچی کرنا Lavished Lavished Lavishes Lavishing
2430 Lay رکھنا/ انڈے دینا Laid Laid Lays Laying
2431 Layer تہہ بنانا Layered Layered Layers Layering
2432 Leach پانی ٹپکانا Leached Leached Leaches Leaching
2433 Lead رہنمائی کرنا Led Led Leads Leading
2434 Leak رسنا یا ٹپکنا Leaked Leaked Leaks Leaking
2435 Lean سہارا لینا Leaned Leaned Leans Leaning
2436 Leap اچھلنا Leaped Leaped Leaps Leaping
2437 Learn سیکھنا Learned Learned Learns Learn
2438 Lease پٹے پر لینا Leased Leased Leases Leasing
2439 Leash ڈوری سے باندھنا Leashed Leashed Leashes Leashing
2440 Leave چھوڑنا Left Left Leaves Leaving
2441 Lecture تقریر کرنا Lectured Lectured Lectures Lecturing
2442 Leer بُری نظر سے دیکھنا Leered Leered Leers Leering
2443 Legalize قانونی صورت دینا Legalized Legalized Legalizes Legalizing
2444 Legislate قانون سازی کرنا Legislated Legislated Legislates Legislating
2445 Lend مستعاددینا Lent Lent Lends Lending
2446 Lengthen طول دینا Lengthened Lengthened Lengthens Lengthening
2447 Lessen کم کرنا Lessened Lessened Lessens Lessening
2448 Let اجازت دینا Let Let Lets Leting
2449 Levant پیس دینا Levanted Levanted Levants Levanting
2450 Level ہموارکرنا Leveled Leveled Levels Leveling
2451 Levigate پیس دینا Levigated Levigated Levigates Levigating
2452 Levitate ہوامیں اُٹھنا Levitated Levitated Levitates Levitating
2453 Levy جبرا وصولی کرنا Levied Levied Levies Levying
2454 Libel رسواکرنا Libeled Libeled Libels Libeling
2455 Liberate جھومنا Liberated Liberated Liberates Liberating
2456 Librate جھومنا Librated Librated Librates Librating
2457 License اجازت دینا Licensed Licensed Licenses Licensing
2458 Lick چاٹنا Licked Licked Licks Licking
2459 Lie لیٹنا Lay Lain Lies lying
2460 Lie جھوٹ بولنا Lied Lied Lies Lying
2461 Lift بلند کرنا Lifted Lifted Lifts Lifting
2462 Light روشن کرنا Lighted Lighted Lights Lighting
2463 Lighten ہلکاکرنا Lightened Lightened Lightens Lightening
2464 Lignify لکڑی بنادینا Lignified Lignified Lignifies Lignifying
2465 Like پسندکرنا Liked Liked Likes Liking
2466 Liken مشابہ کرنا Likened Likened Likens Likening
2467 Limber ورزش کرنا Limbered Limbered Limbers Limbering
2468 Limit حد مقرر کرنا Limited Limited Limits Limiting
2469 Limn نقاشی کرنا Limned Limned Limns Limning
2470 Limp لنگڑانا Limped Limped Limps Limping
2471 Line نشان لگانا Lined Lined Lines Lining
2472 Linger جانے میں دیر لگانا Lingered Lingered Lingers Lingering
2473 Link منسلک کرنا Linked Linked Links Linking
2474 Liquate دھات پگھلانا Liquated Liquated Liquates Liquating
2475 Liquefy تحلیل کرنا Liquefied Liquefied Liquefies Liquefying
2476 Liquidate قرض ادا کرنا Liquidated Liquidated Liquidates Liquidating
2477 List فہرست بنانا Listed Listed Lists Listing
2478 Listen سننا Listened Listened Listens Listening
2479 Litigate مقدمہ دائر کرنا Litigated Litigated Litigates Litigating
2480 Litter پھیلانا/گندا کرنا Littered Littered Litters Littering
2481 Live زندہ رہنا Lived Lived Lives Living
2482 Liven جان ڈالنا Livened Livened Livens Livening
2483 Lixiviate نتھارنا Lixiviated Lixiviated Lixiviates Lixiviating
2484 Load بوجھ لادنا Loaded Loaded Loads Loading
2485 Loan ادھار لینا Loaned Loaned Loans Loaning
2486 Loathe نفرت کرنا Loathed Loathed Loathes Loathing
2487 Loave آوارہ گھومنا Loaved Loaved Loaves Loaving
2488 Lob سست چلنا Lobed Lobed Lobs Lobbing
2489 Lobby قانون منظور کروانا Lobbied Lobbied Lobbies Lobbying
2490 Localize مقامی بنانا Localized Localized Localizes Localizing
2491 Locate تلاش کرنا Located Located Locates Locating
2492 Lock جکڑنا /داخلہ بند کرنا Locked Locked Locks Locking
2493 Locomote نقل مقام کرنا Locomoted Locomoted Locomotes Locomoting
2494 Lodge کرایہ دار بن کر رہنا Lodged Lodged Lodges Lodging
2495 Log چیر کر کندے بنا لینا Logged Logged Logs Logging
2496 Loll زبان کا لٹکنا Lolled Lolled Lolls Lolling
2497 Long تمنا کرنا Longed Longed Longs Longing
2498 Look دیکھنا Looked Looked Looks Looking
2499 Loom دھندلا دکھائی دینا Loomed Loomed Looms Looming
2500 Loop حلقہ بنانا Looped Looped Loops Looping
2501 Loose کھودینا Loosed Loosed Looses Loosing
2502 Loosen ڈھیلا کرنا Loosened Loosened Loosens Loosening
2503 Loot لوٹنا Looted Looted Loots Looting
2504 Lop درخت کوچھاٹنا Lopped Lopped Lops Loping
2505 Lope چھلانگیں بھرنا Loped Loped Lopes Loping
2506 Loricate غلاف چڑھانا Loricated Loricated Loricates Loricating
2507 Lose کھونا Lost Lost Loses Losing
2508 Lounge مٹر گشت کرنا Lounged Lounged Lounges Lounging
2509 Love گہرالگاؤرکھنا Loved Loved Loves Loving
2510 Lower نیچاکرنا Lowered Lowered Lowers Lowering
2511 Lubricate چکناکرنا Lubricated Lubricated Lubricates Lubricating
2512 Lucubrate چراغ کےسامنے پڑھنا Lucubrated Lucubrated Lucubrates Lucubrating
2513 Lug گھسیٹنا Lugged Lugged Lugs Lugging
2514 Lull تھپک کرسلانا Lulled Lulled Lulls Lulling
2515 Lump ناگوار سمجھنا Lumped Lumped Lumps Lumping
2516 Lunch دوپہر کا کھانا کھانا Lunched Lunched Lunches Lunching
2517 Lunge گھوڑےکو سدھانا/جھپٹنا Lunged Lunged Lunges Lunging
2518 Lurch ساتھ چھوڑنا Lurched Lurched Lurches Lurching
2519 Lure ورغلانا Lured Lured Lures Luring
2520 Lurk گھاٹ میں بیٹھنا Lurked Lurked Lurks Lurking
2521 Lustrate پاک کرنا Lustrated Lustrated Lustrates Lustrating
2522 Luxate ہڈی یاجوڑ اکھاڑ دینا Luxated Luxated Luxates Luxating
2523 Luxuriate جی بھر کے لطف اُٹھانا Luxuriated Luxuriated Luxuriates Luxuriating