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5000 Three Forms of Verb

Forms of Verb starting with Letter N
S.No Base Form or 1st Form or Present or Infinitive Urdu Meaning Past Form or 2nd Form Past Participle or 3rd Form Third Person Singular or S/ES Form Progressive Form or ing Form or Present Participle
2778 Nab اچانک پکڑ لینا Nabbed Nabbed Nabs Nabbing
2779 Nag جھاڑجھپاڑکرنا Nagged Nagged Nags Nagging
2780 Nail کیل لگانا Nailed Nailed Nails Nailing
2781 Name نام رکھنا Named Named Names Naming
2782 Nap ہلکی نیندسونا Napped Napped Naps Napping
2783 Narrate بیان کرنا Narrated Narrated Narrates Narrating
2784 Narrow تنگ کرنا Narrowed Narrowed Narrows Narrowing
2785 Nationalize قومی ملکیت میں لینا Nationalized Nationalized Nationalizes Nationalizing
2786 Naturalize حقوق شہریت عطاکرنا Naturalized Naturalized Naturalizes Naturalizing
2787 Nauseate جی متلانا Nauseated Nauseated Nauseates Nauseating
2788 Navigate جہازرانی کرنا Navigated Navigated Navigates Navigating
2789 Neal تپانا Nealed Nealed Neals Nealing
2790 Near نزدیک آنا Neared Neared Nears Nearing
2791 Necessitate ضروری بنانا/مجبورکرنا Necessitated Necessitated Necessitates Necessitating
2792 Need درکاریامطلوب ہونا Needed Needed Needs Needing
2793 Needle مخالفت کرنا Needled Needled Needles Needling
2794 Negate نفی کرنا Negated Negated Negates Negating
2795 Neglect نظراندازکرنا Neglected Neglected Neglects Neglecting
2796 Negotiate گفت وشنیدکرنا Negotiated Negotiated Negotiates Negotiating
2797 Neigh گھوڑے کا ہنہنانا Neighed Neighed Neighs Neighing
2798 Neologize دین میں عقلیت پرچلنا Neologized Neologized Neologizes Neologizing
2799 Nest گھونسلہ بنانا Nested Nested Nests Nesting
2800 Nestle ساتھ لگ کر بیٹھنا Nestled Nestled Nestles Nestling
2801 Net پھانسنا/خالص نفع کمانا Netted Netted Nets Netting
2802 Nettle چھیڑنا/اشتعال دلانا Nettled Nettled Nettles Nettling
2803 Network جال سابچھادینا Networked Networked Networks Networking
2804 Neutralize غیر جانبدار بنادینا Neutralized Neutralized Neutralizes Neutralizing
2805 Nibble کترنا Nibbled Nibbled Nibbles Nibbling
2806 Nick تردید یا ظاہر کرنا Nicked Nicked Nicks Nicking
2807 Nickname چھوٹا نام دینا Nicknamed Nicknamed Nicknames Nicknaming
2808 Nictate آنکھ جھپکنا Nictated Nictated Nictates Nictating
2809 Nidificate آشیاں بنانا Nidificated Nidificated Nidificates Nidificating
2810 Niggle معمولی باتوں پر زوردینا Niggled Niggled Niggles Niggling
2811 Nip چُٹکی لینا Nipped Nipped Nips Nipping
2812 Nobble سازبازکرکےاپناطرف داربنا لینا Nobbled Nobbled Nobbles Nobbling
2813 Nod سر آگے کوہلانا Nodded Nodded Nods Nodding
2814 Nog کھونٹیوں سے جڑنا Nogged Nogged Nogs Nogging
2815 Nominate نامزدکرنا Nominated Nominated Nominates Nominating
2816 Nonplus حیران/پریشان کردینا Nonplused Nonplused Nonpluses Nonplusing
2817 Normalize معمول کے مطابق بنانا Normalized Normalized Normalizes Normalizing
2818 Nose احتیاط سے آگے بڑھنا Nosed Nosed Noses Nosing
2819 Note درج کرنا Noted Noted Notes Noting
2820 Notice باضابطہ اطلاع کرنا Noticed Noticed Notices Noticing
2821 Notify اعلان کرنا Notified Notified Notifies Notifying
2822 Nudge کہنی مارنا Nudged Nudged Nudges Nudging
2823 Nullify کالعدم قرار دینا Nullified Nullified Nullifies Nullifying
2824 Numb نم دارکرنا Numbed Numbed Numbs Numbing
2825 Number تعدادمعلوم کرنا Numbered Numbered Numbers Numbering
2826 Nurse تیمارداری/ پرورش کرنا Nursed Nursed Nurses Nursing
2827 Nurture پرورش کرنا Nurtured Nurtured Nurtures Nurturing
2828 Nutate لڑھک جانا Nutated Nutated Nutates Nutating
2829 Nuzzle سونگھنا یا ناک رگڑنا Nuzzled Nuzzled Nuzzles Nuzzling