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5000 Three Forms of Verb

Forms of Verb starting with Letter O
S.No Base Form or 1st Form or Present or Infinitive Urdu Meaning Past Form or 2nd Form Past Participle or 3rd Form Third Person Singular or S/ES Form Progressive Form or ing Form or Present Participle
2830 Obey حکم کی تعمیل کرنا Obeyed Obeyed Obeys Obeying
2831 Obfuscate حواس باختہ کرنا Obfuscated Obfuscated Obfuscates Obfuscating
2832 Object اعتراض کرنا Objected Objected Objects Objecting
2833 Objure حلف اُٹھانا Objured Objured Objures Objuring
2834 Obligate احسان کرنا Obligated Obligated Obligates Obligating
2835 Oblige شکر گزار کرنا Obliged Obliged Obliges Obliging
2836 Obliterate نام ونشان مٹا دینا Obliterated Obliterated Obliterates Obliterating
2837 Obscure غیر معروف بنا دینا Obscured Obscured Obscures Obscuring
2838 Observe مشاہدہ کرنا Observed Observed Observes Observing
2839 Obsess وہم وخیال کامسلط ہو جانا Obsessed Obsessed Obsesses Obsessing
2840 Obstruct رکاوٹ ڈالنا Obstructed Obstructed Obstructs Obstructing
2841 Obtain حآصل کرنا Obtained Obtained Obtains Obtaining
2842 Obtest التجا کرنا Obtested Obtested Obtests Obtesting
2843 Obtrude خواہ مخواہ دخل دینا Obtruded Obtruded Obtrudes Obtruding
2844 Obtruncate سرقلم کرنا Obtruncated Obtruncated Obtruncates Obtruncating
2845 Obtund سن یاکند کرنا Obtunded Obtunded Obtunds Obtunding
2846 Obturate مہر لگانا Obturated Obturated Obturates Obturating
2847 Obvert معکوس کر دینا Obverted Obverted Obverts Obverting
2848 Obviate دورکرنا Obviated Obviated Obviates Obviating
2849 Occasion موقع پیدا کرنا Occasioned Occasioned Occasions Occasioning
2850 Occlude گیسوں کاجذب کرنا Occluded Occluded Occludes Occluding
2851 Occupy قابض ہونا Occupied Occupied Occupies Occupying
2852 Occur واقع ہونا Occurred Occurred Occurs Occurring
2853 Octuple آٹھ سے ضرب دینا Octupled Octupled Octuples Octupling
2854 Offend ناگوار گزرنا Offended Offended Offends Offending
2855 Offer پیش کرنا Offered Offered Offers Offering
2856 Officiate عارضی کام کرنا Officiated Officiated Officiates Officiating
2857 Oil تیل سے چکنا کرنا Oiled Oiled Oils Oiling
2858 Omit چھوڑدینا Omitted Omitted Omits Omitting
2859 Ooze رسنا/پھوٹ نکلنا Oozed Oozed Oozes Oozing
2860 Open کھولنا Opened Opened Opens Opening
2861 Operate جراحی یاعمل کرنا Operated Operated Operates Operating
2862 Opiate افیم ملانا Opiated Opiated Opiates Opiating
2863 Oppose مخالفت کرنا Opposed Opposed Opposes Opposing
2864 Oppress تشددکرنا Oppressed Oppressed Oppresses Oppressing
2865 Opt اختیار کرنا Opted Opted Opts Opting
2866 Optimize بہتر بنانا Optimized Optimized Optimizes Optimizing
2867 Orate تقریر کرنا Orated Orated Orates Orating
2868 Orchestrate سازینہ مرتب کرنا Orchestrated Orchestrated Orchestrates Orchestrating
2869 Ordain پادری مقررکرنا Ordained Ordained Ordains Ordaining
2870 Order حکم دینا Ordered Ordered Orders Ordering
2871 Organize منظم کرنا Organized Organized Organizes Organizing
2872 Orientate مشرقی بنانا Orientated Orientated Orientates Orientating
2873 Originate وجود مین لانا Originated Originated Originates Originating
2874 Ornament سجانا Ornamented Ornamented Ornaments Ornamenting
2875 Oscillate جھولنا Oscillated Oscillated Oscillates Oscillating
2876 Osculate بوسہ دینا Osculated Osculated Osculates Osculating
2877 Ossify ہڈی میں تبدیل کرنا Ossified Ossified Ossifies Ossifying
2878 Ostracize برادری سےخارج کرنا Ostracized Ostracized Ostracizes Ostracizing
2879 Oust بےدخل کرنا Ousted Ousted Ousts Ousting
2880 Outbid زیادہ بولی لگانا Outbid Outbid Outbids Outbiding
2881 Outbrave زیر کرنا Outbraved Outbraved Outbraves Outbraving
2882 Outbreathe بےدم کر دینا Outbreathed Outbreathed Outbreathes Outbreathing
2883 Outcaste اچھوت قرار دینا Outcasted Outcasted Outcastes Outcasting
2884 Outclass بہت بڑھ کر ہونا Outclassed Outclassed Outclasses Outclassing
2885 Outdazzle بے رونق کر دینا Outdazzled Outdazzled Outdazzles Outdazzling
2886 Outdistance آگے نکل جانا Outdistanced Outdistanced Outdistances Outdistancing
2887 Outdo بہتر کام کرنا Outdid Outdone Outdoes Outdoing
2888 Outface شکست دینا/مقابلہ کرنا Outfaced Outfaced Outfaces Outfacing
2889 Outflow بہہ نکلنا Outflowed Outflowed Outflows Outflowing
2890 Outgrow آگےبڑھ جانا Outgrowed Outgrowed Outgrows Outgrowing
2891 Outlaw غیر قانونی بنانا Outlawed Outlawed Outlaws Outlawing
2892 Outlay الگ رکھنا/خرچ کرنا Outlaid Outlaid Outlays Outlaying
2893 Outline اہم بنانا Outlined Outlined Outlines Outlining
2894 Outlive بعد تک زندہ رہنا Outlived Outlived Outlives Outliving
2895 Outnumber تعدادمٰیں زیادہ ہونا Outnumbered Outnumbered Outnumbers Outnumbering
2896 Outrage حملہ کرنا Outraged Outraged Outrages Outraging
2897 Outrun دوڑنےمیں بڑھنا Outran Outrun Outruns Outruning
2898 Outstretch پھیلنا Outstretched Outstretched Outstretches Outstretching
2899 Outweigh قدروقیمت میں زیادہ ہونا Outweighed Outweighed Outweighs Outweighing
2900 Outwit چالاک نکلنا Outwitted Outwitted Outwits Outwitting
2901 Overact ضرورت سے بڑھ کر کرنا Overacted Overacted Overacts Overacting
2902 Overawe قابو میں رکھنا Overawed Overawed Overawes Overawing
2903 Overbake بہت زیادہ دَم پخت کرنا Overbaked Overbaked Overbakes Overbaking
2904 Overbalance وزنی کرنا Overbalanced Overbalanced Overbalances Overbalancing
2905 Overbear مغلوب کرنا Overbore Overborne Overbears Overbearing
2906 Overbite اوپرکےدانتوں کانیچےکےدانتوں پرچڑھاہونا Overbitt Overbitten Overbites Overbiting
2907 Overblow ہواکے تیزجھکڑ چلنا Overblowed Overblowed Overblows Overblowing
2908 Overboard برتاؤمیں بےباک ہوجانا Overboarded Overboarded Overboards Overboarding
2909 Overboil حدسےزیادہ ابالنا Overboiled Overboiled Overboils Overboiling
2910 Overboost بہت افزائش کرنا Overboosted Overboosted Overboosts Overboosting
2911 Overbound حدسےزیادہ محدودکرنا Overbounded Overbounded Overbounds Overbounding
2912 Overbrim کناروں پرسےچھلک جانا Overbrimed Overbrimed Overbrims Overbriming
2913 Overbuild اُوپرتعمیرکرنا Overbuilt Overbuilt Overbuilds Overbuilding
2914 Overburden زیادہ بوجھ ڈالنا Overburdened Overburdened Overburdens Overburdening
2915 Overbusy حدسےزیادہ مصروف ہونا Overbusied Overbusied Overbusys Overbusying
2916 Overbuy بہت مہنگا خریدنا Overbought Overbought Overbuys Overbuying
2917 Overcalculate زیادہ جمع کرنا Overcalculated Overcalculated Overcalculates Overcalculating
2918 Overcall اُونچی بولی لگانا Overcalled Overcalled Overcalls Overcalling
2919 Overcast بادلوں سے بھر جانا Overcast Overcast Overcasts Overcastting
2920 Overcharge بہت زیادہ قیمت لینا Overcharged Overcharged Overcharges Overcharging
2921 Overclad لباس کےاوپرلباس پہننا Overcladed Overcladed Overclads Overclading
2922 Overclear زیادہ صاف وشفاف کرنا Overcleared Overcleared Overclears Overclearing
2923 Overcloud بادلوں سے ڈھک دینا Overclouded Overclouded Overclouds Overclouding
2924 Overcollect حدسےزیادہ اکٹھےکرنا Overcollected Overcollected Overcollects Overcollecting
2925 Overcome غالب آنا Overcame Overcome Overcomes Overcoming
2926 Overcook حد سے زیادہ پکانا Overcooked Overcooked Overcooks Overcooking
2927 Overcool بہت زیادہ ٹھنڈاکرنا Overcooled Overcooled Overcools Overcooling
2928 Overcount تعدادمیں بڑھ جانا Overcounted Overcounted Overcounts Overcounting
2929 Overcrowd بہت زیادہ بھرنا Overcrowded Overcrowded Overcrowds Overcrowding
2930 Overcut زیادہ چیرنا Overcut Overcut Overcuts Overcutting
2931 Overdecorate حدسےزیادسجانا Overdecorated Overdecorated Overdecorates Overdecorating
2932 Overdevelop پیش آشکاری کرنا Overdeveloped Overdeveloped Overdevelops Overdeveloping
2933 Overdirect ضرورت سےزیادہ ہدایت دینا Overdirected Overdirected Overdirects Overdirecting
2934 Overdo پیش عملی کرنا Overdid Overdone Overdoes Overdoing
2935 Overdraft رقم سےزیادہ نکال دینا Overdrafted Overdrafted Overdrafts Overdrafting
2936 Overdraw زیادہ رقم نکلوالینا Overdrew Overdrawn Overdraws Overdrawing
2937 Overdress بہت ہی بن ٹھن کرآنا Overdressed Overdressed Overdresses Overdressing
2938 Overdrink بہت زیادہ پینا Overdrank Overdrunk Overdrinks Overdrinking
2939 Overdrive حدسےزیادہ تیزگاڑی چلانا Overdrove Overdriven Overdrives Overdriving
2940 Overdub مزیدآوازوں کااضافہ کرنا Overdubbed Overdubbed Overdubs Overdubbing
2941 Overeat بسیار خوری کرنا Overate Overeaten Overeats Overeating
2942 Overelaborate ضرورت سےزیادہ وضاحت کرنا Overelaborated Overelaborated Overelaborates Overelaborating
2943 Overemphasize ناواجب دباؤڈالنا Overemphasized Overemphasized Overemphasizes Overemphasizing
2944 Overestimate زیادہ تخمینہ لگانا Overestimated Overestimated Overestimates Overestimating
2945 Overexcite بہت زیادہ جوش دلانا Overexcited Overexcited Overexcites Overexciting
2946 Overexpose بہت زیادہ عام کرنا Overexposed Overexposed Overexposes Overexposing
2947 Overfeed حدسےزیادہ کھلانا Overfed Overfed Overfeeds Overfeeding
2948 Overfill ضرورت سےزیادہ بھرنا Overfilled Overfilled Overfills Overfilling
2949 Overflow کناروں سے باہر آنا Overflowed Overflowed Overflows Overflowing
2950 Overfly معینہ حدسےزیادہ دورتک پروازکرنا Overflew Overflown Overflies Overflying
2951 Overfreight حدسے زیادہ بھر دینا Overfreighted Overfreighted Overfreights Overfreighting
2952 Overglance سرسری نگاہ ڈالنا Overglanced Overglanced Overglances Overglancing
2953 Overgo سبقت لے جانا Overwent Overgone Overgoes Overgoing
2954 Overgrow بڑھنےمیں پیچھےچھوڑدینا Overgrew Overgrown Overgrows Overgrowing
2955 Overhand ہاتھ کاندھوں سےاوپرلےجانا Overhanded Overhanded Overhands Overhanding
2956 Overhang سرپرمنڈلانا Overhanged Overhanged Overhangs Overhanging
2957 Overhaul کھول کر ٹھیک کرنا Overhauled Overhauled Overhauls Overhauling
2958 Overhear چُھپ کر سننا Overheard Overheard Overhears Overhearing
2959 Overheat بہت زیادہ گرم کرنا Overheated Overheated Overheats Overheating
2960 Overindulge بےاعتدال ہونا Overindulged Overindulged Overindulges Overindulging
2961 Overjoy بہت ہی خوش ہونا Overjoyed Overjoyed Overjoys Overjoying
2962 Overlap اوپر چڑھنا /پُرجوشی کر نا Overlapped Overlapped Overlaps Overlapping
2963 Overlay ڈھانپ دینا/گلا گھوٹنا Overlaid Overlaid Overlays Overlaying
2964 Overleap نظراندازکرنا Overleaped Overleaped Overleaps Overleaping
2965 Overload زیادہ بوجھ لادنا Overloaded Overloaded Overloads Overloading
2966 Overlook اُوپرسے دیکھ سکنا Overlooked Overlooked Overlooks Overlooking
2967 Overmatch کوئی جوڑنہ ہونا Overmatched Overmatched Overmatches Overmatching
2968 Overpass درگزرکرنا Overpassed Overpassed Overpasses Overpassing
2969 Overpay اجرت سے زیادہ دینا Overpaid Overpaid Overpays Overpaying
2970 Overpay زیادہ ادائیگی کرنا Overpaid Overpaid Overpays Overpaying
2971 Overpitch مبالغہ آرائی کرنا Overpitched Overpitched Overpitches Overpitching
2972 Overpower غالب آنا Overpowered Overpowered Overpowers Overpowering
2973 Overprint زیادہ پرنٹ نکالنا Overprinted Overprinted Overprints Overprinting
2974 Overprotect ضرورت سےزیادہ تحفظ دینا Overprotected Overprotected Overprotects Overprotecting
2975 Overrule مسترد کر دینا Overruled Overruled Overrules Overruling
2976 Overrun چڑھ دوڑنا Overran Overrun Overruns Overrunning
2977 Oversee نگرانی کرنا Oversaw Overseen Oversees Overseeing
2978 Overshadow آب وتاب میں بڑھ جانا Overshadowed Overshadowed Overshadows Overshadowing
2979 Oversleep بہت زیادہ سونا Overslept Overslept Oversleeps Oversleeping
2980 Overspread تمام سطح پرپھیل جانا Overspread Overspread Overspreads Overspreading
2981 Overstate بڑھا چڑھا کر بیان کرنا Overstated Overstated Overstates Overstating
2982 Overstep حدسے تجاوزکرنا Overstepped Overstepped Oversteps Overstepping
2983 Oversupply زیادہ مقدارمہیاکرنا Oversupplied Oversupplied Oversupplies Oversupplying
2984 Overtake آگے نکل جانا Overtook Overtaken Overtakes Overtaking
2985 Overtask سخت کام لینا Overtasked Overtasked Overtasks Overtasking
2986 Overthink ضرورت سےزیادہ سوچنا Overthought Overthought Overthinks Overthinking
2987 Overthrow شکست دینا Overthrew Overthrown Overthrows Overthrowing
2988 Overturn اُلٹ دینا Overturned Overturned Overturns Overturning
2989 Overwater بہت زیادہ پانی دینا Overwatered Overwatered Overwaters Overwatering
2990 Overwhelm چھاجانا/گھیرے میں لینا Overwhelmed Overwhelmed Overwhelms Overwhelming
2991 Overwork بساط سےزیادہ کام کرنا Overworked Overworked Overworks Overworking
2992 Overwrite لکھےکےاوپرلکھنا Overwrote Overwritten Overwrites Overwriting
2993 Owe مقروض ہونا Owed Owed Owes Owing
2994 Own مان لینا Owned Owned Owns Owning
2995 Oxidize رنگ کرنایالگانا Oxidized Oxidized Oxidizes Oxidizing