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5000 Three Forms of Verb

Forms of Verb starting with Letter Q
S.No Base Form or 1st Form or Present or Infinitive Urdu Meaning Past Form or 2nd Form Past Participle or 3rd Form Third Person Singular or S/ES Form Progressive Form or ing Form or Present Participle
3376 Quack قیں قیں کرنا Quacked Quacked Quacks Quacking
3377 Quadruple چوکنا ہونا Quadrupled Quadrupled Quadruples Quadrupling
3378 Quaff غٹ غٹ پی جانا Quaffed Quaffed Quaffs Quaffing
3379 Quake کانپنا Quaked Quaked Quakes Quaking
3380 Qualify قابلیت حاصل کرنا Qualified Qualified Qualifies Qualifying
3381 Quantify تعدادبیان کرنا Quantified Quantified Quantifies Quantifying
3382 Quarrel جھگڑا کرنا Quarreled Quarreled Quarrels Quarreling
3383 Quarter چار حصے کرنا Quartered Quartered Quarters Quartering
3384 Quarterback تار پیچھے سے ہلاتے رہنا Quarterbacked Quarterbacked Quarterbacks Quarterbacking
3385 Quash فیصلہ کالعدم قرار دینا Quashed Quashed Quashes Quashing
3386 Quaver کپکپانا Quavered Quavered Quavers Quavering
3387 Quell دبا دینا Quelled Quelled Quells Quelling
3388 Quench پیاس یا آگ بجھانا Quenched Quenched Quenches Quenching
3389 Query سوال کر کےمعلوم کرنا Queried Queried Queries Querying
3390 Question سوال کرنا Questioned Questioned Questions Questioning
3391 Queue قطارباندھنا Queued Queued Queues Queuing
3392 Quicken تیز کرنا/ابھارنا Quickened Quickened Quickens Quickening
3393 Quiet چُپ کرنا Quieted Quieted Quiets Quieting
3394 Quill چنٹ ڈالنا / لپیٹنا Quilled Quilled Quills Quilling
3395 Quilt رضائی اوڑھنا Quilted Quilted Quilts Quilting
3396 Quip طنزکرنا Quipped Quipped Quips Quipping
3397 Quit چھوڑدینا Quit Quit Quits Quiting
3398 Quiver کپکپی طاری کرنا Quivered Quivered Quivers Quivering
3399 Quiz امتحان لینا Quizzed Quizzed Quizzes Quizzing
3400 Quote حوالہ دینا/دہرانا Quoted Quoted Quotes Quoting