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5000 Three Forms of Verb

Forms of Verb Starting with Letter T
S.No Base Form or 1st Form or Present or Infinitive Urdu Meaning Past Form or 2nd Form Past Participle or 3rd Form Third Person Singular or S/ES Form Progressive Form or ing Form or Present Participle
4506 Tabefy لاغر کردینا Tabefied Tabefied Tabefies Tabefying
4507 Table جدول میں درج کرنا Tabled Tabled Tables Tabling
4508 Taboo ممنوع قراردینا Tabooed Tabooed Taboos Tabooing
4509 Tabulate مرتب کرنا Tabulated Tabulated Tabulates Tabulating
4510 Tack منسلک کرنا Tacked Tacked Tacks Tacking
4511 Tackle سلجھانا Tackled Tackled Tackles Tackling
4512 Tag جوڑنا Tagged Tagged Tags Tagging
4513 Tail تعاقب کرنا Tailed Tailed Tails Tailing
4514 Tailor درزی گری کرنا Tailored Tailored Tailors Tailoring
4515 Taint خراب کرنا Tainted Tainted Taints Tainting
4516 Take لینا/اختیارکرنا Took Taken Takes Taking
4517 Talc ابرق چڑھانا Talced Talced Talces Talcing
4518 Talk گفتگوکرنا Talked Talked Talks Talking
4519 Tally حساب ملانا Tallied Tallied Tallies Tallying
4520 Tame سدھانا/چبھونا Tamed Tamed Tames Taming
4521 Tamp سڑک کےپتھرکوٹنا Tamped Tamped Tamps Tamping
4522 Tamper تحریف کرنا Tampered Tampered Tampers Tampering
4523 Tan چمڑارنگنا Tanned Tanned Tans Tanning
4524 Tangle اُلجھنا Tangled Tangled Tangles Tangling
4525 Tantalize ترسانا Tantalized Tantalized Tantalizes Tantalizing
4526 Tap تھپکی دینا Tapped Tapped Taps Tapping
4527 Tape فیتہ باندھنا/ریکارڈچلانا Taped Taped Tapes Taping
4528 Taper باریک تربنانا Tapered Tapered Tapers Tapering
4529 Target علامت دینا Targeted Targeted Targets Targeting
4530 Tarnish چمک ختم کرنا Tarnished Tarnished Tarnishes Tarnishing
4531 Tarry قیام کرنا/سستی کرنا Tarried Tarried Tarries Tarrying
4532 Tassel پھندنا Tasseled Tasseled Tassels Tasseling
4533 Taste چکھنا Tasted Tasted Tastes Tasting
4534 Tatter پھاڑنا Tattered Tattered Tatters Tattering
4535 Tattle فضول بولنا Tattled Tattled Tattles Tattling
4536 Taunt طعنہ دینا Taunted Taunted Taunts Taunting
4537 Taw گولیاں کھیلنا Tawed Tawed Taws Tawing
4538 Tax محصول لگانا Taxed Taxed Taxes Taxing
4539 Taxi ٹیکسی میں جانا Taxied Taxied Taxies Taxing
4540 Teach پڑھانا Taught Taught Teaches Teaching
4541 Team ٹولی بنانا Teamed Teamed Teams Teaming
4542 Tear پھاڑنا/چیرنا Tore Torn Tears Tearing
4543 Tease دق کرنا Teased Teased Teases Teasing
4544 Ted پھیلانا Tedded Tedded Teds Tedding
4545 Teem بہت بڑی تعداد میں ہونا Teemed Teemed Teems Teeming
4546 Teethe دانت نکلنا Teethed Teethed Teethes Teething
4547 Telegraph تارپرپیغام بھیجنا Telegraphed Telegraphed Telegraphs Telegraphing
4548 Telephone ٹیلیفون پربات کرنا Telephoned Telephoned Telephones Telephoning
4549 Televise لاسلکی کےذریعےمنتقل کرنا Televised Televised Televises Televising
4550 Tell بتانا/اثررکھنا Told Told Tells Telling
4551 Temper پختہ کرنا Tempered Tempered Tempers Tempering
4552 Temporize تاخیرکرنا Temporized Temporized Temporizes Temporizing
4553 Tempt اکسانا Tempted Tempted Tempts Tempting
4554 Tend میلان ہونایاخبرگیری کرنا Tended Tended Tends Tending
4555 Tender پیشکش کرنا Tendered Tendered Tenders Tendering
4556 Tenon چول تراشنا Tenoned Tenoned Tenons Tenoning
4557 Tense کھینچنا/تاننا Tensed Tensed Tenses Tensing
4558 Tepefy نیم گرم کرنا Tepefied Tepefied Tepefies Tepefying
4559 Term موسوم کرنا Termed Termed Terms Terming
4560 Terminate ختم کرنا/حدلگانا Terminated Terminated Terminates Terminating
4561 Terrify ڈرانا Terrified Terrified Terrifies Terrifying
4562 Terrorize دہشت زدہ کرنا Terrorized Terrorized Terrorizes Terrorizing
4563 Test جانچنایاآزمائش کرنا Tested Tested Tests Testing
4564 Testify Testified Testified Testifies Testifying
4565 Tether رسی سے باندھنا Tethered Tethered Tethers Tethering
4566 Thank شکریہ اداکرنا Thanked Thanked Thanks Thanking
4567 Thatch چھپر چھپانا Thatched Thatched Thatches Thatching
4568 Thaw پگھانا Thawed Thawed Thaws Thawing
4569 Theorize نظریات قائم کرنا Theorized Theorized Theorizes Theorizing
4570 Thicken گاڑھاکرنا Thickened Thickened Thickens Thickening
4571 Thieve چوری کرنا Thieved Thieved Thieves Thieving
4572 Thin پتلا کرنا Thinned Thinned Thins Thinning
4573 Think سوچنا Thought Thought Thinks Thinking
4574 Thrash کوڑےکی سخت ماردینا Thrashed Thrashed Thrashes Thrashing
4575 Thread دھاگاڈالنا/راستہ بنانا Threaded Threaded Threads Threading
4576 Threaten دھمکی دینا Threatened Threatened Threatens Threatening
4577 Thrill جھرجھری پیداکرنا Thrilled Thrilled Thrills Thrilling
4578 Thrive پھلناپُھولنا Thrived Thrived Thrives Thriving
4579 Throb دھڑکنا Throbbed Throbbed Throbs Throbbing
4580 Throng بھیڑلگ جانا Thronged Thronged Throngs Thronging
4581 Throttle گلاگھونٹنا Throttled Throttled Throttles Throttling
4582 Throw پھینکنا Threw Thrown Throws Throwing
4583 Thrust دھکیلنا Thrust Thrust Thrusts Thrusting
4584 Thud دھب سےگزرنا Thudded Thudded Thuds Thudding
4585 Thumb انگوٹھےسےچھونا Thumbed Thumbed Thumbs Thumbing
4586 Thump زورسےہاتھ مارنا Thumped Thumped Thumps Thumping
4587 Thunder گرجنا Thundered Thundered Thunders Thundering
4588 Thwart ناکام کردینا Thwarted Thwarted Thwarts Thwarting
4589 Tick نشان لگانا Ticked Ticked Ticks Ticking
4590 Tickle گدگدانا Tickled Tickled Tickles Tickling
4591 Tide جواربھاٹےکےساتھ بہنا Tided Tided Tides Tiding
4592 Tie باندھنا Tied Tied Ties Ting
4593 Tighten کسنا Tightened Tightened Tightens Tightening
4594 Tile ٹائلوں سے ڈھکنا Tiled Tiled Tiles Tiling
4595 Till کاشت کرنا Tilled Tilled Tills Tilling
4596 Tilt ٹیڑھاکرنا Tilted Tilted Tilts Tilting
4597 Time وقت کاتعین کرنا Timed Timed Times Timing
4598 Tinge ہلکاسارنگ دینا Tinged Tinged Tinges Tinging
4599 Tingle جھنجھاہٹ محسوس کرنا Tingled Tingled Tingles Tingling
4600 Tinker بےڈھنگےپن سےمرمت کرنا Tinkered Tinkered Tinkers Tinkering
4601 Tinkle ٹن ٹن کی آوازیں نکالنا Tinkled Tinkled Tinkles Tinkling
4602 Tinsel سستی چیزوں سےسجاوٹ کرنا Tinseled Tinseled Tinsels Tinseling
4603 Tint رنگ ہلکا کرنا Tinted Tinted Tints Tinting
4604 Tip ترچھاکرنا Tipped Tipped Tips Tipping
4605 Tipple نشےکاعادی ہونا Tippled Tippled Tipples Tippling
4606 Tiptoe پنجوں کےبل کھڑےہونا Tiptoed Tiptoed Tiptoes Tiptoing
4607 Tire تھکادینا Tired Tired Tires Tiring
4608 Titillate گدگدانا Titillated Titillated Titillates Titillating
4609 Title عنوان دینا Titled Titled Titles Titling
4610 Titter کھسیانی ہنسی ہنسنا Tittered Tittered Titters Tittering
4611 Toast آگ میں تاپنا Toasted Toasted Toasts Toasting
4612 Toddle چھوٹےقدم اُٹھانا Toddled Toddled Toddles Toddling
4613 Toil سخت محنت کرنا Toiled Toiled Toils Toiling
4614 Tolerate براشت کرنا Tolerated Tolerated Tolerates Tolerating
4615 Toll حرص دلانا Tolled Tolled Tolls Tolling
4616 Tone لہجےمیں ترمیم کرنا Toned Toned Tones Toning
4617 Top بالائی حصہ لگانا Topped Topped Tops Topping
4618 Topple ڈگمگاکرگرنا Toppled Toppled Topples Toppling
4619 Torment کوفت پہنچانا Tormented Tormented Torments Tormenting
4620 Torrify آگ سےجلانا Torrified Torrified Torrifies Torrifying
4621 Torture تشددکرنا Tortured Tortured Tortures Torturing
4622 Toss اچھالنا Tossed Tossed Tosses Tossing
4623 Total میزان لگانا Totaled Totaled Totals Totaling
4624 Totter لڑکھڑاتےہوئےچلنا Tottered Tottered Totters Tottering
4625 Touch چھونا/اثرکرنا Touched Touched Touches Touching
4626 Tour سیاحت کرنا Toured Toured Tours Touring
4627 Tousle نوچنایابکھیردینا Tousled Tousled Tousles Tousling
4628 Tout تلاش کرنا Touted Touted Touts Touting
4629 Tow رسےسےکھینچنا Towed Towed Tows Towing
4630 Tower بہت اُونچاہونا Towered Towered Towers Towering
4631 Toy کھیلنا Toyed Toyed Toys Toying
4632 Trace کھوج لگانا Traced Traced Traces Tracing
4633 Track سراغ لینا Tracked Tracked Tracks Tracking
4634 Trade تجارت کرنا Traded Traded Trades Trading
4635 Traduce بدنام کرنا Traduced Traduced Traduces Traducing
4636 Traffic اشیاکامبادلہ کرنا Trafficked Trafficked Traffics Trafficking
4637 Trail گھسٹے آنا Trailed Trailed Trails Trailing
4638 Train تربیت دینا Trained Trained Trains Training
4639 Tramp پیدل چکرلگانا Tramped Tramped Tramps Tramping
4640 Trample روندنا Trampled Trampled Tramples Trampling
4641 Tranquilize پُرسکون بنانا Tranquilized Tranquilized Tranquilizes Tranquilizing
4642 Transact انجام دینا Transacted Transacted Transacts Transacting
4643 Transcend بلندترہونا Transcended Transcended Transcends Transcending
4644 Transcribe نقل کرنا Transcribed Transcribed Transcribes Transcribing
4645 Transfer منتقل کرنا Transferred Transferred Transfers Transferring
4646 Transfigure شکل تبدیل کرنا Transfigured Transfigured Transfigures Transfiguring
4647 Transfix چھیدنا Transfixed Transfixed Transfixes Transfixing
4648 Transform کایاپلٹنا Transformed Transformed Transforms Transforming
4649 Transfuse منتقل کرنا Transfused Transfused Transfuses Transfusing
4650 Transgress خطاکرنا Transgressed Transgressed Transgresses Transgressing
4651 Transit عبورکرنا Transited Transited Transits Transiting
4652 Translate ترجمہ کرنا Translated Translated Translates Translating
4653 Transliterate ایک رسم الخط سےدوسرےمیں لکھنا Transliterated Transliterated Transliterates Transliterating
4654 Translocate منتقل کرنا Translocated Translocated Translocates Translocating
4655 Transmigrate ہجرت کرنا Transmigrated Transmigrated Transmigrates Transmigrating
4656 Transmit منتقل کرنا Transmitted Transmitted Transmits Transmitting
4657 Transmogrify ہیئت بدل دینا Transmogrified Transmogrified Transmogrifies Transmogrifying
4658 Transmute قلب ماہیت کرنا Transmuted Transmuted Transmutes Transmuting
4659 Transpierce آرپارکرنا Transpierced Transpierced Transpierces Transpiercing
4660 Transpire خارج کرنا Transpired Transpired Transpires Transpiring
4661 Transplant ایک جگہ سےاکھاڑکردوسری جگہ لگانا Transplanted Transplanted Transplants Transplanting
4662 Transport سامان ایک جگہ سےدوسری جگہ لےجانا Transported Transported Transports Transporting
4663 Transpose ادل بدل کرنا Transposed Transposed Transposes Transposing
4664 Transship ایک جہازسےدوسرےمیں منتقل کرنا Transshipped Transshipped Transships Transshipping
4665 Transude لغوذکرکرنا Transuded Transuded Transudes Transuding
4666 Trap پھانسنا Trapped Trapped Traps Trapping
4667 Trapes ماراماراپھرنا Trapesed Trapesed Trapeses Trapesing
4668 Travail جدوجہدکرنا Travailed Travailed Travails Travailing
4669 Travel سفرکرنا Travelled Travelled Travels Travelling
4670 Traverse گزرنا Traversed Traversed Traverses Traversing
4671 Trawl جال سےمچھلی پکڑنا Trawled Trawled Trawls Trawling
4672 Tread پیدل چلنا Trod Trod Treads Treading
4673 Treasure سنبھال کررکھنا Treasured Treasured Treasures Treasuring
4674 Treat برتاؤ/علاج کرنا Treated Treated Treats Treating
4675 Tremble کانپنا Trembled Trembled Trembles Trembling
4676 Trench خندق کھودنا Trenched Trenched Trenches Trenching
4677 Trend کوئی خاص رخ ہونا Trended Trended Trends Trending
4678 Trepan پھانسنا Trepanned Trepanned Trepans Trepanning
4679 Trephine عمل جراحی کرنا Trephined Trephined Trephines Trephining
4680 Trespass بےجامداخلت کرنا Trespassed Trespassed Trespasses Trespassing
4681 Triangulate مثلثوں میں تقسیم کرنا Triangulated Triangulated Triangulates Triangulating
4682 Tribute نذرکرنا Tributed Tributed Tributes Tributing
4683 Trice بادبان وغیرہ چڑھانا Triced Triced Trices Tricing
4684 Trick چال چلنا Tricked Tricked Tricks Tricking
4685 Trickle ٹپکنا Trickled Trickled Trickles Trickling
4686 Trifle چھوٹےچھوٹےجھگڑےکرنا Trifled Trifled Trifles Trifling
4687 Trigger کسی عمل یاکاروائی کاآغازکرنا Triggered Triggered Triggers Triggering
4688 Trim تراشنا/کانٹ چھانٹ کرنا Trimmed Trimmed Trims Trimming
4689 Trip نزاکت سےچلنا Tripped Tripped Trips Tripping
4690 Triple تین سےضرب دینا Tripled Tripled Triples Tripling
4691 Tripudiate رقص کرنا Tripudiated Tripudiated Tripudiates Tripudiating
4692 Trisect تین حصوں میں باٹنا Trisected Trisected Trisects Trisecting
4693 Triturate پیس کرسفوف بنانا Triturated Triturated Triturates Triturating
4694 Triumph فتح حاصل کرنا Triumphed Triumphed Triumphs Triumphing
4695 Troll گانا گاتے رہنا Trolled Trolled Trolls Trolling
4696 Trot آہستہ آہستہ دوڑنا Trotted Trotted Trots Trotting
4697 Trouble زحمت دینا Troubled Troubled Troubles Troubling
4698 Trounce بُری طرح مارنا Trounced Trounced Trounces Trouncing
4699 Trow خیال کرنا Trowed Trowed Trows Trowing
4700 Truck مبادلہ کرنا Trucked Trucked Trucks Trucking
4701 Truckle دب دب جانا Truckled Truckled Truckles Truckling
4702 Trudge گرتےپڑتےچلنا Trudged Trudged Trudges Trudging
4703 Truncate سراکاٹنا Truncated Truncated Truncates Truncating
4704 Trundle لڑھکنا Trundled Trundled Trundles Trundling
4705 Truss جکڑنا Trussed Trussed Trusses Trussing
4706 Trust اعتماد/یقین یا سپردکرنا Trusted Trusted Trusts Trusting
4707 Try کوشش کرنایاآزمانا Tried Tried Tries Trying
4708 Tuck آستین چڑھانا Tucked Tucked Tucks Tucking
4709 Tug زورسےجھٹکادینا Tugged Tugged Tugs Tugging
4710 Tumble الٹ کرگرنا Tumbled Tumbled Tumbles Tumbling
4711 Tumefy غرور سےپھول جانا Tumefied Tumefied Tumefies Tumefying
4712 Tune ہم آہنگ کرنا Tuned Tuned Tunes Tuning
4713 Tunnel سُرنگ بنانا Tunneled Tunneled Tunnels Tunneling
4714 Turn گھمانا/اُلٹ پلٹ کرنا Turned Turned Turns Turning
4715 Tut کانوں میں مزدوری کرنا Tutted Tutted Tuts Tutting
4716 Tutor نجی سبق لینا Tutored Tutored Tutors Tutoring
4717 Twaddle فضول سی بات کرنا Twaddled Twaddled Twaddles Twaddling
4718 Twang تن تن کی آواز بجنا Twanged Twanged Twangs Twanging
4719 Tweak جھٹکادیکرکھینچنا Tweaked Tweaked Tweaks Tweaking
4720 Tweedle ٹائیں ٹائیں کرنا Tweedled Tweedled Tweedles Tweedling
4721 Twiddle بےسودکام کرنا Twiddled Twiddled Twiddles Twiddling
4722 Twig مشاہدہ کرنا Twigged Twigged Twigs Twigging
4723 Twine لپیٹنا Twined Twined Twines Twining
4724 Twinge خلش پیداکرنا Twinged Twinged Twinges Twinging
4725 Twinkle ٹمٹمانا/جگمانا Twinkled Twinkled Twinkles Twinkling
4726 Twirl گھومنا Twirled Twirled Twirls Twirling
4727 Twist بل دینا Twisted Twisted Twists Twisting
4728 Twit طعنہ دینا Twitted Twitted Twits Twitting
4729 Twitch پھڑکنا Twitched Twitched Twitches Twitching
4730 Twitter چہچہانا Twittered Twittered Twitters Twittering
4731 Type ٹائپ کرنا Typed Typed Types Typing
4732 Typify علامت یانمونہ ہونا Typified Typified Typifies Typifying
4733 Tyrannize ظلم کرنا Tyrannized Tyrannized Tyrannizes Tyrannizing