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5000 Three Forms of Verb

Forms of Verb Starting with Letter U
S.No Base Form or 1st Form or Present or Infinitive Urdu Meaning Past Form or 2nd Form Past Participle or 3rd Form Third Person Singular or S/ES Form Progressive Form or ing Form or Present Participle
4734 Ulcerate ناسورزدہ کرنا Ulcerated Ulcerated Ulcerates Ulcerating
4735 Unarm اسلحہ چھین لینا Unarmed Unarmed Unarms Unarming
4736 Unbalance توازن خراب کرنا Unbalanced Unbalanced Unbalances Unbalancing
4737 Unbar کھولنا Unbarred Unbarred Unbars Unbarring
4738 Unbend بےتکلف ہونا Unbent Unbent Unbends Unbending
4739 Unbolt چٹخنی کھولنا Unbolted Unbolted Unbolts Unbolting
4740 Unbosom ظاہرکردینا Unbosomed Unbosomed Unbosoms Unbosoming
4741 Unbuckle اتارنا Unbuckled Unbuckled Unbuckles Unbuckling
4742 Unbutton بٹن کھولنا Unbuttoned Unbuttoned Unbuttons Unbuttoning
4743 Uncase ڈھکن اتارنا Uncased Uncased Uncases Uncasing
4744 Unchain زنجیرکھول دینا Unchained Unchained Unchains Unchaining
4745 Unclothe کپڑےاتارنا Unclothed Unclothed Unclothes Unclothing
4746 Uncork بوتل کھولنا Uncorked Uncorked Uncorks Uncorking
4747 Uncover ظاہرکرنا Uncovered Uncovered Uncovers Uncovering
4748 Undeceive غلط فہمی دورکرنا Undeceived Undeceived Undeceives Undeceiving
4749 Underbid کم بولی لگانا Underbid Underbid Underbids Underbiding
4750 Undercharge کم قیمت لگانا Undercharged Undercharged Undercharges Undercharging
4751 Undercut نیچےسےکاٹنا Undercut Undercut Undercuts Undercuting
4752 Underestimate حقیرجاننا/غلط اندازہ لگانا Underestimated Underestimated Underestimates Underestimating
4753 Undergo مشکلات میں سےگزرنا Underwent Undergone Undergoes Undergoing
4754 Underlie نیچےہونا Underlay Underlain Underlies Underling
4755 Underline نیچےخط کھینچنا Underlined Underlined Underlines Underlining
4756 Undermine اندرہی اندرنقصان پہچانا Undermined Undermined Undermines Undermining
4757 Underrate گھٹانا Underrated Underrated Underrates Underrating
4758 Undersell کم قیمت پربیچنا Undersold Undersold Undersells Underselling
4759 Undersign نیچےدستخط کرنا Undersigned Undersigned Undersigns Undersigning
4760 Understand سمجھنا Understood Understood Understands Understanding
4761 Understate کم تربیان کرنا Understated Understated Understates Understating
4762 Undertake بیڑا اُٹھانا Undertook Undertaken Undertakes Undertaking
4763 Undervalue کم قدری کرنا Undervalued Undervalued Undervalues Undervaluing
4764 Undo کئےپوئےکوالٹنا Undid Undone Undoes Undoing
4765 Undress لباس اتارنا Undressed Undressed Undresses Undressing
4766 Unearth کھودکرنکالنا Unearthed Unearthed Unearths Unearthing
4767 Unfasten کھولنا Unfastened Unfastened Unfastens Unfastening
4768 Unfold انکشاف کرنا Unfolded Unfolded Unfolds Unfolding
4769 Unfurl پھیلانا Unfurled Unfurled Unfurls Unfurling
4770 Ungird کمربندکھولنا Ungirded Ungirded Ungirds Ungirding
4771 Unhand چھوڑدینا Unhanded Unhanded Unhands Unhanding
4772 Unhinge اکھاڑنا Unhinged Unhinged Unhinges Unhinging
4773 Unify یکساں کرنا Unified Unified Unifies Unifying
4774 Unite متحدکرنا United United Unites Uniting
4775 Unlace تسمہ کھولنا Unlaced Unlaced Unlaces Unlacing
4776 Unleash جانےدینا Unleashed Unleashed Unleashes Unleashing
4777 Unload سامان اتارنا Unloaded Unloaded Unloads Unloading
4778 Unlock فقل کھولنا Unlocked Unlocked Unlocks Unlocking
4779 Unloose ڈھیلا کرنا Unloosed Unloosed Unlooses Unloosing
4780 Unman انسانی صفات سےمحروم کرنا Unmanned Unmanned Unmans Unmanning
4781 Unmask نقاب اُٹھانا Unmasked Unmasked Unmasks Unmasking
4782 Unnerve اوسان خطا کردینا Unnerved Unnerved Unnerves Unnerving
4783 Unpack کھولنا Unpacked Unpacked Unpacks Unpacking
4784 Unravel پالینا Unraveled Unraveled Unravels Unraveling
4785 Unroll لپٹی ہوئی چیزکاکھلتےجانا Unrolled Unrolled Unrolls Unrolling
4786 Unsay الفاظ واپس لینا Unsaid Unsaid Unsays Unsaying
4787 Unseat ممبری سے ہٹانا Unseated Unseated Unseats Unseating
4788 Unsettle غیریقینی بنانا Unsettled Unsettled Unsettles Unsettling
4789 Untie گرہ کھولنا Untied Untied Unties Unting
4790 Unveil بےنقاب کرنا Unveiled Unveiled Unveils Unveiling
4791 Unwind آرام کرنا/ بل کھولنا Unwound Unwound Unwinds Unwinding
4792 Unwrap کاغذاتارنا Unwrapped Unwrapped Unwraps Unwrapping
4793 Unyoke جداکرنا Unyoked Unyoked Unyokes Unyoking
4794 Unzip زپ کھولنا Unzipped Unzipped Unzips Unzipping
4795 Up اچک پڑنا Upped Upped Ups Upping
4796 Upbraid جھاڑجھپاڑکرنا Upbraided Upbraided Upbraids Upbraiding
4797 Update تجدیدکرنا Updated Updated Updates Updating
4798 Upgrade اعلی درجےپرلانا Upgraded Upgraded Upgrades Upgrading
4799 Upheave زورسےاٹھانا Upheaved Upheaved Upheaves Upheaving
4800 Uphold پکڑےرکھنا Upheld Upheld Upholds Upholding
4801 Upholster پردےوغیرہ لگانا Upholstered Upholstered Upholsters Upholstering
4802 Uplift اٹھانا Uplifted Uplifted Uplifts Uplifting
4803 Uproot جڑسےاُکھاڑنا Uprooted Uprooted Uproots Uprooting
4804 Upset درہم برہم کردینا Upset Upset Upsets Upsetting
4805 Upstage توجہ کاباعث بننا Upstaged Upstaged Upstages Upstaging
4806 Urbanize شہرت پیداکرنا Urbanized Urbanized Urbanizes Urbanizing
4807 Urge زوردینا Urged Urged Urges Urging
4808 Urinate پیشاب کرنا Urinated Urinated Urinates Urinating
4809 Use استعمال کرنا Used Used Uses Using
4810 Usher ملاقات کرانا Ushered Ushered Ushers Ushering
4811 Usurp غصب کرنا Usurped Usurped Usurps Usurping
4812 Utilize استعمال میں لانا Utilized Utilized Utilizes Utilizing
4813 Utter بولنا Uttered Uttered Utters Uttering