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5000 Three Forms of Verb

Forms of Verb Starting with Letter V
S.No Base Form or 1st Form or Present or Infinitive Urdu Meaning Past Form or 2nd Form Past Participle or 3rd Form Third Person Singular or S/ES Form Progressive Form or ing Form or Present Participle
4814 Vacate خالی کرنا Vacated Vacated Vacates Vacating
4815 Vaccinate کسی بیماری سےبچاؤکاٹیکہ لگانا Vaccinated Vaccinated Vaccinates Vaccinating
4816 Vacillate ڈگمگانا Vacillated Vacillated Vacillates Vacillating
4817 Validate جائزقراردینا Validated Validated Validates Validating
4818 Valorize قیمت مقررکرنا Valorized Valorized Valorizes Valorizing
4819 Value قیمت لگانا/اندازہ لگانا Valued Valued Values Valuing
4820 Vandalize توڑپھوڑکرنا Vandalized Vandalized Vandalizes Vandalizing
4821 Vanish غائب ہوجانا Vanished Vanished Vanishes Vanishing
4822 Vanquish نیچادکھانا Vanquished Vanquished Vanquishes Vanquishing
4823 Vaporize بخارات بن جانا Vaporized Vaporized Vaporizes Vaporizing
4824 Varnish لیپاپوتی کرنا Varnished Varnished Varnishes Varnishing
4825 Vary تبدیل کرنا Varied Varied Varies Varying
4826 Vault محراب داربنانا Vaulted Vaulted Vaults Vaulting
4827 Vaunt ہانکنا Vaunted Vaunted Vaunts Vaunting
4828 Veer رُخ بدلنا Veered Veered Veers Veering
4829 Vegetate اگنا/کچھ نہ کرنا Vegetated Vegetated Vegetates Vegetating
4830 Venerate بڑااحترام کرنا Venerated Venerated Venerates Venerating
4831 Vent بھڑاس نکالنا Vented Vented Vents Venting
4832 Ventilate ہواداربنانا Ventilated Ventilated Ventilates Ventilating
4833 Venture جان جوکھوں میں ڈالنا Ventured Ventured Ventures Venturing
4834 Verbalize تحریرمیں لانا Verbalized Verbalized Verbalizes Verbalizing
4835 Verge کنارہ بنانا/قریب پہنچنا Verged Verged Verges Verging
4836 Verify تصدیق کرنا Verified Verified Verifies Verifying
4837 Versify منظوم کرنا Versified Versified Versifies Versifying
4838 Vest اختیارسونپنا Vested Vested Vests Vesting
4839 Vet جانورکاطبی معائنہ کرنا Vetted Vetted Vets Vetting
4840 Veto حق استرداداستعمال کرنا Vetoed Vetoed Vetoes Vetoing
4841 Vex پریشان کرنا Vexed Vexed Vexes Vexing
4842 Vibrate ارتعاش پیداکرنا Vibrated Vibrated Vibrates Vibrating
4843 Victimize پھانس لینا Victimized Victimized Victimizes Victimizing
4844 Vie مقابلہ کرنا Vied Vied Vies Vieing
4845 View نگاہ ڈالنا Viewed Viewed Views Viewing
4846 Vignette منظرکی نیم تصویربنانا Vignetted Vignetted Vignettes Vignetting
4847 Vilify بدنام کرنا Vilified Vilified Vilifies Vilifying
4848 Vindicate بےگناہ ثابت کرنا Vindicated Vindicated Vindicates Vindicating
4849 Violate خلاف ورزی کرنا Violated Violated Violates Violating
4850 Visit ملاقات کرنا Visited Visited Visits Visiting
4851 Visualize ذہن میں تصویرلانا Visualized Visualized Visualizes Visualizing
4852 Vitalize جان ڈالنا Vitalized Vitalized Vitalizes Vitalizing
4853 Vitiate بےاثربنادینا Vitiated Vitiated Vitiates Vitiating
4854 Vitrify شیشےمیں تبدیل کرنا Vitrified Vitrified Vitrifies Vitrifying
4855 Vituperate برابھلاکہنا Vituperated Vituperated Vituperates Vituperating
4856 Vivify زندہ کرنا Vivified Vivified Vivifies Vivifying
4857 Vivisect جانوروں کی چیڑپھاڑکرنا Vivisected Vivisected Vivisects Vivisecting
4858 Vociferate گلاپھاڑنا Vociferated Vociferated Vociferates Vociferating
4859 Voice اظہاریابیان کرنا Voiced Voiced Voices Voicing
4860 Void نکالنا Voided Voided Voids Voiding
4861 Volley بوچھاڑکرنا Volleyed Volleyed Volleys Volleying
4862 Volunteer رضاکارانہ پیش کرنا Volunteered Volunteered Volunteers Volunteering
4863 Vomit قےکرنا Vomited Vomited Vomits Vomiting
4864 Vote ووٹ دینا Voted Voted Votes Voting
4865 Vouch ذمےدارہونا Vouched Vouched Vouches Vouching
4866 Vouchsafe ضمانت دینا Vouchsafed Vouchsafed Vouchsafes Vouchsafing
4867 Vow قسم کھانا Vowed Vowed Vows Vowing
4868 Vulcanize گندھک ملاکرربڑکوسخت کرنا Vulcanized Vulcanized Vulcanizes Vulcanizing