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5000 Three Forms of Verb

Forms of Verb Starting with Letter W
S.No Base Form or 1st Form or Present or Infinitive Urdu Meaning Past Form or 2nd Form Past Participle or 3rd Form Third Person Singular or S/ES Form Progressive Form or ing Form or Present Participle
4869 Wabble جھولنا Wabbled Wabbled Wabbles Wabbling
4870 Wad دباکرشکل دینا Wadded Wadded Wads Wadding
4871 Waddle بطخ کی چال چلنا Waddled Waddled Waddles Waddling
4872 Wade پانی میں سے گزرنا Waded Waded Wades Wading
4873 Waft اُڑکریابہاکرپہنچانا Wafted Wafted Wafts Wafting
4874 Wag ہلنا ہلانا Wagged Wagged Wags Wagging
4875 Wage گروی رکھنا Waged Waged Wages Waging
4876 Waggle مٹکتےہوئےچلنا Waggled Waggled Waggles Waggling
4877 Wail شکوہ کرنا/کراہنا Wailed Wailed Wails Wailing
4878 Wait انتظارکرنا Waited Waited Waits Waiting
4879 Waive چھوڑدینا Waived Waived Waives Waiving
4880 Wake غفلت سےبیدارہونا Waked Waked Wakes Waking
4881 Waken جگانا Wakened Wakened Wakens Wakening
4882 Walk چلنا Walked Walked Walks Walking
4883 Wall دیوارکرنا Walled Walled Walls Walling
4884 Wallop کوڑےلگانا Walloped Walloped Wallops Walloping
4885 Wallow خشک ہوکرلٹک جانا Wallowed Wallowed Wallows Wallowing
4886 Wander ماراماراپھرنا Wandered Wandered Wanders Wandering
4887 Wane زوال پزیر ہونا Waned Waned Wanes Waning
4888 Want ضرورت ہونا Wanted Wanted Wants Wanting
4889 Warble سریلی آوازنکالنا Warbled Warbled Warbles Warbling
4890 Ward دیکھ بھال کرنا Warded Warded Wards Warding
4891 Warm گرم کرنا Warmed Warmed Warms Warming
4892 Warn متنبہ یا خبردارکرنا Warned Warned Warns Warning
4893 Warp خم دینا Warped Warped Warps Warping
4894 Warrant جوازپیش کرنا Warranted Warranted Warrants Warranting
4895 Wash دھونا Washed Washed Washes Washing
4896 Waste ضائع کرنا Wasted Wasted Wastes Wasting
4897 Watch پہریداری کرنا Watched Watched Watches Watching
4898 Water پانی دینا Watered Watered Waters Watering
4899 Waterlog پانی کوبھرکرجہازکوبےقابوکرنا Waterlogged Waterlogged Waterlogs Waterlogging
4900 Wave لہلہانا Waved Waved Waves Waving
4901 Waver تھرتھرانا Wavered Wavered Wavers Wavering
4902 Wax بڑھنا Waxed Waxed Waxes Waxing
4903 Waylay راستےمیں روکنا Waylaid Waylaid Waylays Waylaying
4904 Weaken کمزور کرنا Weakened Weakened Weakens Weakening
4905 Wean دودھ چھڑانا Weaned Weaned Weans Weaning
4906 Wear پہنا یا گھس جانا Wore Worn Wears Wearing
4907 Weather مشکلات میں سے ہوکرنکلنا Weathered Weathered Weathers Weathering
4908 Weave بُننا Weaved Weaved Weaves Weaving
4909 Wed شادی کرنا Wed Wed Weds Wedding
4910 Wedge محدودجگہ میں ٹھونس دینا Wedged Wedged Wedges Wedging
4911 Weed گھاس پھوس کھودکرالگ کرنا Weeded Weeded Weeds Weeding
4912 Ween سوچنا Weened Weened Weens Weening
4913 Weep رونا Wept Wept Weeps Weeping
4914 Weigh وزن کرنا Weighed Weighed Weighs Weighing
4915 Welcome خیرمقدم کرنا Welcomed Welcomed Welcomes Welcoming
4916 Weld تپاکرجوڑنا Welded Welded Welds Welding
4917 Welk سوکھ جانا Welked Welked Welks Welking
4918 Welsh وعدہ پورا نہ کرنا Welshed Welshed Welshes Welshing
4919 Welt چمڑےکی مغزی لگانا Welted Welted Welts Welting
4920 Welter لتھرانا Weltered Weltered Welters Weltering
4921 Wend راہ لینا Wended Wended Wends Wending
4922 Whack کسی چیزسےپیٹنا Whacked Whacked Whacks Whacking
4923 Wheedle خوشامدسےکام لینا Wheedled Wheedled Wheedles Wheedling
4924 Wheel گھومنا Wheeled Wheeled Wheels Wheeling
4925 Wheeze خرخراہٹ کےساتھ سانس لینا Wheezed Wheezed Wheezes Wheezing
4926 Whelm غرق کرنا Whelmed Whelmed Whelms Whelming
4927 Whet تیز کرنا Whetted Whetted Whets Whetting
4928 While وقت یونہی کاٹ دینا Whiled Whiled Whiles Whiling
4929 Whimper منہ بسورنا Whimpered Whimpered Whimpers Whimpering
4930 Whine روکرشکایت کرنا Whined Whined Whines Whining
4931 Whip چابک مارنا Whipped Whipped Whips Whipping
4932 Whirl تیزگھومنا Whirled Whirled Whirls Whirling
4933 Whisk تیزی سےہٹالینا Whisked Whisked Whisks Whisking
4934 Whisper سرگوشی کرنا Whispered Whispered Whispers Whispering
4935 Whistle سیٹی بجانا Whistled Whistled Whistles Whistling
4936 Whiten سفید کرنا Whitened Whitened Whitens Whitening
4937 Whitewash سفیدی کرنا Whitewashed Whitewashed Whitewashes Whitewashing
4938 Whittle چھیلنا Whittled Whittled Whittles Whittling
4939 Whizz سُن کی سی آوازپیداکرنا Whizzed Whizzed Whizzes Whizzing
4940 Whop مارنا Whopped Whopped Whops Whopping
4941 Widen وسیع کرنا Widened Widened Widens Widening
4942 Wield بروئےکارلانا Wielded Wielded Wields Wielding
4943 Wiggle لہراتی چال سےچلنا Wiggled Wiggled Wiggles Wiggling
4944 Will مرضی یاارادہ کرنا Willed Willed Wills Willing
4945 Wilt ہمت ہاردینا Wilted Wilted Wilts Wilting
4946 Wimple نقاب ڈالنا Wimpled Wimpled Wimples Wimpling
4947 Win جیتنا Wined Wined Wins Wining
4948 Wince چُونک اُٹھنا/جھرجھری آنا Winced Winced Winces Wincing
4949 Wind چابی دینا Winded Winded Winds Winding
4950 Wink آنکھ جھپکنا Winked Winked Winks Winking
4951 Winnow الگ کرنا Winnowed Winnowed Winnows Winnowing
4952 Wipe پُونجھنا Wiped Wiped Wipes Wiping
4953 Wire تار سےباندھنا Wired Wired Wires Wiring
4954 Wish آرزوکرنا Wished Wished Wishes Wishing
4955 Withdraw پٹانا/واپس لینا Withdrew Withdrawn Withdraws Withdrawing
4956 Wither مرجھانا Withered Withered Withers Withering
4957 Withhold روک لینا Withheld Withheld Withholds Withholding
4958 Withstand ڈٹ کرمقابلہ کرنا Withstood Withstood Withstands Withstanding
4959 Witness شہادت دینا Witnessed Witnessed Witnesses Witnessing
4960 Wive بیوی بنانا Wived Wived Wives Wiving
4961 Wobble ڈگمگانا Wobbled Wobbled Wobbles Wobbling
4962 Wonder حیران ہونا Wondered Wondered Wonders Wondering
4963 Woo معاشقہ کرنا Wooed Wooed Wooes Wooing
4964 Word بات کرنا Worded Worded Words Wording
4965 Work کام کرنا Worked Worked Works Working
4966 Worry پریشان کرنا Worried Worried Worries Worrying
4967 Worsen بدترکرنا Worsened Worsened Worsens Worsening
4968 Worship عبادت/پرستش کرنا Worshiped Worshiped Worships Worshiping
4969 Wound گھائل کرنا Wounded Wounded Wounds Wounding
4970 Wrap لپیٹنا Wrapped Wrapped Wraps Wrapping
4971 Wreak غصہ نکالنا Wreaked Wreaked Wreaks Wreaking
4972 Wreck تباہ کرنا Wrecked Wrecked Wrecks Wrecking
4973 Wrench زورکاجھٹکادینا Wrenched Wrenched Wrenches Wrenching
4974 Wrest جھٹکادےکرچھین لینا Wrested Wrested Wrests Wresting
4975 Wrestle کُشتی کرنا Wrestled Wrestled Wrestles Wrestling
4976 Wriggle بل پڑنایاعیاری کرنا Wriggled Wriggled Wriggles Wriggling
4977 Wring نچوڑنا Wringed Wringed Wrings Wringing
4978 Wrinkle شنکن ڈالنا Wrinkled Wrinkled Wrinkles Wrinkling
4979 Write لکھنا Wrote Written Writes Writing
4980 Writhe تشنج ہونا Writhed Writhed Writhes Writhing