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5000 Three Forms of Verb

Forms of Verb Starting with Letter Y and Z
S.No Base Form or 1st Form or Present or Infinitive Urdu Meaning Past Form or 2nd Form Past Participle or 3rd Form Third Person Singular or S/ES Form Progressive Form or ing Form or Present Participle
4981 Yak فضول باتیں کرنا Yakked Yakked Yaks Yakking
4982 Yank جھٹکادےکرکھینچنا Yanked Yanked Yanks Yanking
4983 Yap بھونکنا Yapped Yapped Yaps Yapping
4984 Yawn جمائی لینا Yawned Yawned Yawns Yawning
4985 Yean جننا Yeaned Yeaned Yeans Yeaning
4986 Yearn آرزومندہونا Yearned Yearned Yearns Yearning
4987 Yell Yell Yelled Yelled Yells Yelling
4988 Yelp بھونکنا Yelped Yelped Yelps Yelping
4989 Yield جھک جانا یاحوالےکرنا Yielded Yielded Yields Yielding
4990 York یورکرپھینکنا Yorked Yorked Yorks Yorking
4991 Yowl کتےکی طرح رونا Yowled Yowled Yowls Yowling
4992 Zap حملہ کرنا Zapped Zapped Zaps Zapping
4993 Zig کسی سمت کو مڑنا Zigged Zigged Zigs Zigging
4994 Zincify جست شامل کرنا Zincified Zincified Zincifies Zincifying
4995 Zing بجتی آوازکےساتھ حرکت کرنا Zinged Zinged Zings Zinging
4996 Zip زپ/زنجیری بندکرنا Zipped Zipped Zips Zipping
4997 Zizz غنودگی میں جانا Zizzed Zizzed Zizzes Zizzing
4998 Zone خطوں میں تقسیم کرنا Zoned Zoned Zones Zoning
4999 Zonk ضرب لگانا Zonked Zonked Zonks Zonking
5000 Zoom تیزی سےاوپراٹھنا Zoomed Zoomed Zooms Zooming