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Imperative Sentences

Definition:-  Such sentences in which command, order or advice is found are called Imperative Sentences.

Model Sentences
Direct Speech Indirect Speech
1. The teacher said to the students,"Open your note books and revise your lesson." The teacher ordered the students to open their notebooks and write their lesson.  (Order)
2. He said to the boys,"Don't misbehave with your parents." He advised the boys not to misbehave with their parents.  (Advise)
3. Principal of our college said to me,"Do not waste your time." Principal of our college forbade me to waste my time.
Principal of our college advised me not to waste my time.
4. The teacher said to me,"Please don't elaborate your answers unnecessarily." The teacher requested me not to elaborate my answers unnecessarily.    (Request)
5. Father said to his son,"Don't quarrel." Father advised his son not to quarrel.
6. He said to me,"Wait here till I return." He ordered me to wait here till he returned.

Rules of Conversion:-  To convert these sentences into indirect narration following instructions must be observed.

  • Change said into ordered, requested, forbade, warned, threatened, urged, begged, implore or advised according to the sense of sentence.
  • Write 'to' in the place of inverted commas.
  • Change pronouns of reported speech according to rules stated in change of pronouns lesson.
  • Do not change tense of reported speech.
  • Change 'Do not' into 'not to' in reported speech in negative sentences.
Exercise No.8
Change the voice.
  • He said to me,"Don't stay here anymore."
  • The poor man said to me,"Please help me."
  • The teacher said to the students,"Respect elders"."
  • He said to the customer,"Come in please"."
  • The superintendent of jail said to the prisoners,"Do not fight in the prison."
  • Class Representative(CR) said to the class fellows,"Do not make a noise."
  • The teacher said to Ali,"Stand up on the bench."
  • She said to her friend,"Please speak truth."
  • Seema said to her husband,"Do not tell a lie."
  • She said to Arisha,"Please give me a glass of water."
  • Faizan said to Neha,"Have a glass of milk."
  • Captain said,"Follow me."
  • The gardener said to children,"Don't play hockey and football in the garden again."
  • Neelam said to her group lead,"Please grant me leave for three days and salary in advance. "
  • Dietician said to a patient,"Change your life style, eating habits and follow my diet plan."
Advance exercise No.9
Change the voice.
  • Ali said to me,"Take care of yourself and write me off and on."
  • Policemen said to the rioters,"Finish your protest otherwise we shall have to enforce law."
  • Mother said to him,"Shut the main door as it is raining heavily outside."
  • He said to the boy,"Do not lose my leather jacket which I gave you in Murree."
  • Teachers said to the boys,"Be there at five because I like punctuality"."
  • The doctor wrote for patients in his pamphlet,"Clean your teeth twice a day regularly."
  • I said to him,"Please be quiet in the class' "
  • Mother said to you,"Please look at the door and feed the beggar."
  • Asim said to me,"Please wait for me here as long as I return."
  • Teacher said to me,"Make strictly sure at every cost that you have completed your classwork."
  • The invigilator instructed the students,"Please write fast, do not cheat and finish your paper on time."
  • The saint said to the poeple,"Please be cruel to the dishonest, be good to honest, be gentle to the children and be kind to the old."
  • The principal said to the student,"Complete your summer vacation task by 20th July otherwise you will have to pay fine."
  • My beautician said to me,"Wear your gold bracelet, earrings and nose ring with this make up and dress for the party."
  • Owner said to the servant,"Stop feeding your puppies from my kitchen and keep them inyour house."
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