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Kinds of Essay or Essay writing

Information of different types is provided in the essays and every type of information has its own structure and way of presentation. For example some essays provide information about particular person and place, some provide analysis on a problem, some present arguments, some draw comparisons and contrasts etc. So according to the information being provided into the essay they are divided in several kinds discussed below.

Narrative Essays

A narrative essay or narrative writing describes successive related events occurring in a specific time period. Writer gives information about a person, event, thing or an imaginary event of present, future, past or distant past. There is an element of description in these essays but it's secondary, main aim of the writer is to recite events as they occure one after another. Along with essays, fiction, biography, history and a considerable part of poetry is also written in narrative form. Narrative essays have a slight reflection of short stories as they require at least one character i.e (any object, person or place), plot and unity of time in the events etc to be built up.

Descriptive Essays

Descriptive essay or descriptive writing depicts or presents a picture of a material object, a mental state, person, place, experience etc. Main purpose of a descriptive essay is to give detailed description and portray a picture of a particular object in readers' minds. In descriptive essays there is nothing to do with events like narrative essays so plot is nowhere in these essays, character also does not exist but narrative view point (mostly first person and sometimes second and third person) is necessary for description. Descriptive approach is used less than narrative in literature. Some glimpses of descriptive approach can be seen in opening chapters of a novel or in some poetic works. They include summaries of poems, novels and synopsis of films, dramas and informative pamphlets.

Persuasive Essays

A persuasive essay or persuasive writing tries to convince the readers on some idea, opinion, belief or theory. In persuasive writing writer presents facts and figures, stats, validity, reliability and legitimacy of his idea or opinion to take the readers on his side. Mainly political and literary criticisms, reviews about books, journals, movies, advertisements and business brochures use persuasive writing. Sometimes first paragraph of an essay is written in persuasive style of writing to make the readers read whole essay and mostly they are written in 1st person.

Expository or Reflective Essays

Word expository is derived from expose and to expose means to show something clearly. Therefore expository essay exposes, describes, clarifies and portrays an idea, opinion or topic and forms an unbiased analysis on that topic. In expository essay writer does not form an opinion rather gives a focused views and clear verdict. Mostly it is written in 3rd person and gives detailed information about the topic. It does not leave the writer to form an opinion in the favour or against the topic rather it conveys factual evidences about it. Report writing, business essays, columns, editorials, news writing and scientific articles are mostly written in expository writing.

Humorous Essays

Humorous essays as the name suggests create and provoke laughter and amuse the readers with witty and sharp comparisons, contrasts, paradoxes and hyperboles. In humorous essays we do not form an opinion, give verdict, analyse a problem, describe a person and place or give factual information, it tends to create humour and laughter. Humour mostly depends on the instinct of the writer and it reveals naturally, to create artificial humour is something difficult so quality humorous essays are less in numbers. Sometimes writers use humour as a vehicle to reform the follies and vices of society along with satire in prose and poetry.

Argumentative Essays

An argumentative essay generally focuses on determining the truth or falsity of a hypothesis or proposition. They are generally written to approve or disapprove an opinion or proposition through arguments. To write an argumentative essay writer has to backup his claim with examples, research findings, stats, evidences and references from authentic sources. The success of argumentative essay lies on the authenticity and credibility of the arguments given in the essay. An argument is considered good when information given in the argument is testified with facts and true for a long time and likely to remain true in the future.

Explanatory Essays

Explanatory essay tends to explain some concept, hypothesis or proposition In explanatory essay writer answers how, why, where, when and what of a concept, in other words it is an explanation of some happening, concept, fact or a real situation. Agreement or disagreement of the writer has nothing to do with these essays. Dictionaries, encyclopedia, scientific research journals and explanatory replies in offices are some prominent areas where explanatory essays are used.

Analytical Essays

An analytical essay presents an in depth analysis of a topic which is purely based on the writer's opinion. Literary criticism is one of the best examples of analytical essays where writer gives his opinion about literary works. Politics, philosophy, economy, art and many other topics are included in analytical writing. In analytical essay writer does not want the readers to take his side or go against him. In fact they are necessary for both readers and writer. Analytical essay about any work of art can give a handful information to the author about his work.

Personal Essays

A personal essay describes events, aims, ambitions etc from writer's personal life experiences. Personal essays are also called personal statements and are always written in 1st person view point. In a personal essay readers create a connection with writer's personal life, feelings and experiences. Sometimes students write them in admission tests for admissions in the universities and writers use them to share their life experiences. Autobiographies and personal life experiences like success, failures, mistakes, aims and objectives are mainly written in the form of personal essays. They are always so simple and easygoing that mostly students start their writing skills from personal essay.