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Optative Sentences

Definition:-  Sentences showing prayer, curse and wish are called optative sentences.

Model Sentences
Direct Speech Indirect Speech
1. My sister said to me,"May you be happy ever!" My sister prayed for me that I might be happy ever.  (Pray)
2. He said to her,"May you overcome every difficulty!" He prayed for her that she might overcome every difficulty.
3. The saint said to sinner, "May you go to hell and face the wrath of God!" The saint cursed sinner that he might go to hell and face the wrath of God.    (Cursed)
4. They said,"would that we had known her name and address!" They wished that they had known her name and address.    (Wish)
5. Mother said to me,"God bless you!" Mother prayed for me that God might bless me.

Rules of Conversion:-  To convert these sentences into indirect narration following instructions must be observed.

  • Change said into prayed, cursed and wished according to the sense of sentence.
  • Replace inverted commas with conjunction that.
  • Change pronouns of reported speech according to rules stated in change of pronouns lesson.
  • Change tenses of reported speech according to rules stated in change of tenses lesson.
  • Use might in every sentence even if may is not used in reported speech. (Sentence No.6)
  • Delete would that from sentences of wish.
  • Reported speech will be changed into positive /affirmative sense.
  • Replace Exclamation Mark with Full Stop.
How to prepare IELTS for 8+ bands
Exercise No.12
Change the voice.
  • He said to me,"May you secure top position in final exams!"
  • She said to me,"God bless me with the son!"
  • His grandmother said to him,"May you live long!"
  • She said,"God reward him success for his goodness!"
  • He said,"May I get through my exam with good marks!"
  • The mother said to his son,"May you be safe and protected from danger!"
  • The saint said to the needy boy,"May you live happy, prosper and peaceful life!"
  • She said to the patient,"May you be healthly and strong!"
  • My mother said to me,"May you succeed in the test!"
  • You said to me,"May you find your lost camera!"
  • Ali said to me,"May you complete your journey successfully!"
  • The old man said to the boy,"May Kashmir become the part of Pakistan!"
  • The teacher said to the student,"May you pass the examination with the flying colors!"
  • The father said to his son,"God bless you with good health!"
  • He said to me,"May you receive blessings of God!"
How to prepare IELTS for 8+ bands
Advance exercise No.13
Change the voice.
  • The patient said,"May God forgive me my misdeeds!"
  • The poet said,"O that I were a child!"
  • He said to boy,"May you live the rest of your days in jail!"
  • I said to him,"Would that you were here at that time!"
  • The doctor said to the patient,"May I see you healthy tomorrow!"
  • The opponent said,"May he lose his stamina in game!"
  • We said to them,"May Alla save you from danger!"
  • The child said,"O that I had the wings of birds!"
  • They said to him,"May you stay forever young!"
  • The beggar said,"Would that I were rich!"
  • The enemy said,"May she face big difficulties in her life!"
  • People said after the funeral,"May his soul rest in peace!"
  • She said to her son,"May Allah Almighty help you in the tragedy!"
  • They said,"Would that the developments had been so easy!"
  • The poor boy said,"I wish I were born of an elite family!"
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