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Exercise N0. 3
Practice exercise for change of tenses (Past to Past Perfect)
Model Sentences
Direct Speech Indirect Speech
Kareem said to Raheem,"I drew a nice picture." Kareem told Raheem that he had drawn a nice picture.
Shakeel said,"I came home, took bath and ate my breakfast." Shakeel told that he had come, had taken bath and had eaten his breakfast.
I said to him,"I had met Rehan on my way to school." I told him that I had met Rehan on my way to school.
He said,"Your brother was at my home." He told that his brother had been at his home.
Asad said to me,"The sparrow died last night." Asad told me that the sparrow had died the previous day.
They said,"We had done our duty." They told that they had done their duty.

Rules of Conversion:-  To convert these sentences into indirect narration following instructions must be observed.

  • Change say to tell, says to tells and said to told.
  • Use conjunction that in the place of inverted commas.
  • Change pronouns of reported speech according to rules stated in lesson change of pronouns.
  • Change tense of reported speech according to rules stated in lesson change of tense.
Exercise for the change of tenses
Change the voice.
  • Arslan said,"I would leave for London yesterday."
  • She said,"I visited my college yesterday."
  • They said,"Snow had been falling since morning."
  • He said,"I had had these nice books."
  • She said to me,"Everybody was in the party thrown by me."
  • He said to his father,"You were preparing my lesson."
  • Anwar said to me,"The dove had died due to cold."
  • Arif said,"This was the way to solve this knotty Problem."
  • Imran said to me,"He had been ill since last week."
  • She said to him."I had been waiting for you since you returned from America."
  • Rustam said,"He could not do work yesterday."
  • Raheem said,"I did not play as I was sick due to severe cold."
  • They said to me,"We were throwing a Christmas party and inviting our parents and neighbours in our new bungalow."
  • My friend said to me,"I was just behind you when you were in great distress after the fall of your business."
  • Ahmad said to his teacher,"Your visit would be a great source of pleasure for all of us. We would look forward to your visit to our village eagerly."
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