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Exercise N0. 2
Practice exercise for change of tenses
Model Sentences
Direct Speech Indirect Speech
She said to me,"I see you in my village." She told me that she saw me in her village.
The students said,"Our team wins this game." The students told that their team won that game.
He said to me,"You are going to my village today." He told me that I was going to his village that day.
You said to me,"I have met him on the way." You told me that you had met him on the way.
Aroosh said to Zaniha,"She can take part in the final rehearsal." Aroosh told Zaniha that she could take part in the final rehearsal.
She said to her mother,"I shall serve my country selflessly." She told her mother that she would serve her country selflessly.
The old man said,"Union is strength." (Universal truth) The old man told that union is strength.

Rules of conversion:-  To convert these sentences into indirect narration following instructions must be observed.

  • Change say to tell, says to tells and said to told.
  • Use conjunction that in the place of inverted commas.
  • Change pronouns of reported speech according to rules stated in lesson change of pronouns.
  • Change tense of reported speech according to rules stated in lesson change of tense.
  • .
Exercise for the change of tenses
Change the voice.
  • He said to me,"He is ill."
  • He said,"I have had a blue guitar."
  • She said,"She sings a song on her birthday."
  • You said to him,"I have visited London."
  • They said to the coach,"They are taking exercise."
  • Teacher said to the students,"Honesty is the best policy."
  • We said to him,"You go for a walk every day with your pet dogs."
  • You said to Ali,"You may have gone to Karachi."
  • He said to me,"My friend has been taking regular classes IELTS with me for two months."
  • Aslam said to him."I have been waiting for you since your return from South Africa."
  • Students said to teacher,"We have completed our summer task according to your instructions."
  • She said to Ali,"I buy a book and share it with my sister to improve her reading skills."
  • They said to me,"We are celebrating Eid with our parents and relatives in our native village."
  • Customer said to the shopkeeper,"He cannot stay for a long time with heavy load on his head."
  • Ahmad said to his teacher,"Your visit will be a great source of pleasure to all of us. We shall look forward to your visit to our village eagerly."
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