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Qualities of a Good Essay

Features a Good Essay must Have

As far as student essays it is necessary to take care of each and every technical point as it is examined by the examiner. For literary essays there is some margin of playing with essay as its main aim is to grasp the attention of readers. The following some qualities every essay must have.


Easy words, phrases, expressions, vocabulary and language should be used. Too much ornamental language, excessive use of adjectives and different expressions must be avoided. Complex sentences and constructions would bar the readers from comprehending your content.

Complete and Clear Thesis Statement

Thesis statement is essence of the essay and whole essay you are going to write, you build around it. Thesis statement is not only necessary for readers as it gives clear idea about main idea or topic but it is also necessary for the writer as it gives him clear vision to write his essay.

Purity of Language

Language used in the essay must be pure means there should not be presence of foreign words, colloquial phrases, slang expressions and informal style. Foreign words, phrases, sentences and constructions must be translated into English language if they are necessary to use for some reasons.

Presence of Quotations and Hooks

Hooks are some twistful and curiosity creating sentences which arise the readers to find the answer of that twist and a bond is created between readers and essay. Quotations on the other hand give readers a pleasure and relevence to the topic of essay.

Accuracy in Supporting Details

Essay must be written within the boundary of the topic, to go beyond the topic and to jumble the information make things difficult for the readers to understand. Supporting details like facts and figures, examples, references from the past etc must be accurate and relevant to the main idea or topic of essay.

Conciseness of Language

Language must be brief, concise and witty. Long and powerful ideas or arguments should be packed in less number of words. Reproduction of same thought or argument time and again would leave a bad impact on the essay.

Unity of Thought in Paragraphs

Sentences building a paragraph should express a single thought or argument. One paragraph should be used to prove or refute a single argument or logic. More than one argument in a single paragraph will confuse the readers.

Unity of Form

Unity of the form of the essay must be preserved. If the essay being written is narrative it must narrate some incident, if it is descriptive then it must describe some person, place or thing and if it is reflective it must reflect serious thinking on some abstract idea. Change in the form of essay will confuse the reader and also leave a bad impact.

Order or Sequence of Information

The information being imparted in the essay must be in a logical sequence or order. For example if youe are writing a reflective essay on some abstract topic like unemployment first you must put forth the damages done by unemployment then causes of unemployment and then suggestions or solutions of unemployment. It will be a smooth going for readers and whole essay will serve the purpose at once.

Reflective Conlusion

The conclusion should reflect the whole essay in one paragraph. It is like a short collection or summary of all arguments and points discussed in the essay. In conclusion a writer generally lashes out his verdict in the favour or against his topic.