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Interrogative Sentences
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Model Sentences
Direct Speech Indirect Speech
1. The man said to me,"Are you going to meet me tonight after dinner?" The man asked me if I was going to meet him tonight after dinner.
2. The man said,"Am I contesting general elections?" The man asked if he was contesting general elections.
3. Rehman said to Nasima,"Are you fighting with your brother over a trifle?" Rehman asked Nasima if she was fighting with her brother over a trifle.
4. He said to medical practitioner,"Will you treat this patient?" He asked medical practitioner if he would treat that patient.
5. Arif said to his old servant,"Do you want my help in your old age?" Arif asked his old servants if he wanted his help in his old age.
6. I said to them,"May you have to face dangerous consequences?" I asked them if they might have to face dangerous consequences.
7. Mother said to my younger sister,"Had you finished domestic chores?" Mother asked my younger sister if she had finished domestic chores.

Rules of Conversion:-  To convert these sentences into indirect narration following instructions must be observed.

  • Change say to ask, says to asks and said to asked.
  • Conjunction If or whether will be written in the place of inverted commas.
  • Change pronouns of reported speech according to rules stated in change of pronouns lesson.
  • Change tenses of reported speech according to rules stated in change of tenses lesson.
  • Reported speech will be written in positive /affirmative sense.
Exercise No.6
Change the voice.
  • She says,"Am I looking?"
  • He said,"Was I not looking handsome?"
  • Ali said to me,"Will you attend staff meeting in your office?"
  • We said to her,"Can you solve this puzzle?"
  • Summan said to Emaan,"Does she know everything about him?"
  • She said to Ali,"Did I not telephone you in the morning?"
  • Author said to me,"Have you learnt difficult questions from my book on Mathematics?"
  • General Manager said to Supervisor,"Is it fine if I transfer you to Lahore?"
  • Arslan said to his father in the party,"Were you serious about our immediate marriage?"
  • Teacher said to the students,"Do we have a belief in God and religious teachings?"
  • Teacher interrogated the students,"Do you like math, is it your favourite subject or you feel solving questions a dull practice?"
  • Teacher said to the students in the class,"Will anyone participate in Annual Intercollegiate Sports Festival?"
  • Doctor said to the patient,"Are you still feeling anxiety or getting better with the passage of time? If you are not, I can give you further treatment."
  • My friend said to me,"Did you go to the college and attended your classes properly? Why did you not show good results?"
  • Ahmad said to his teacher,"Will you visit our village? Will you give us pleasure of hosting you? We shall look forward to your visit to our village eagerly."
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