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Revision Exercise Interrogative Sentences
Exercise No.7
Change the voice.
  • He said to me,"Would you like cookies or bananas for dessert?"
  • He said to you,"Is she showing sanity or playing tricks with the friends?"
  • The son said to his father,"Why do you think I should go home or stay a little longer ?"
  • I said to him,"Is the dog fine or should we go to the hospital?"
  • The wife said to her husband,"Will you be home soon or should I eat without you?"
  • The driver said to the passenger,"What does it matter if you miss the train?"
  • I said to him,"Was she so hungry yesterday?"
  • Officer said to peon,"Where did you drop garbage yesterday?"
  • They said,"Whose socks are these?"
  • They said to me,"Does Alia leave so late?"
  • Ali said to me,"What is the right trick to solve this knotty problem?"
  • He said to me,"Is the blue sky looking beautiful and pleasant with white birds flying in it?"
  • Farmer said to peasant,"What are the best days to sow and harvest wheat and rice?"
  • Father said to child,"Do you want to go to bed?"
  • The patient inquired from the doctor,"At what time did he go to operation theatre to be operated upon?"
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