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What is an Essay and Its Definition

Introduction and Importance of Essay

Essays are as old as prose itself. They have been an improtant source of imparting information on every topic from generation to generation down to the present day from early ages. However a french writer Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592) first introduced term essay for his written works. Essays are most improtant branch of prose along with short story, novel, novella etc. In an essay paragraph is a basic element, it serves same as verse in poetry and dialogue in drama. Poeple use this medium to narrate their experiences, to describe some particular situations, to throw their feelings, to present their analysis on different problems, to show their insights into the philosophical concepts, and to give their arguments etc.

Definition of Essay

To define essay is difficult as it has close resemblence with letter, a paprer, an article and a short story. Still the attempt of defining an essay will go some such way. An essay is a short literary piece of writing in prose on a particular theme, topic or subject with different tones like analytical, narrative, descriptive etc without having any hard and fast rules of composition.

How to write an Essay

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Qualities of a Good Essay

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Kinds of an Essay

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Parts of an Essay

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